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Knife Only is a game where you get to stab other players as hard and as fast as you can.
You can only attack with the knife your character is holding, and you can only hit the person that has the red cross on their back.
What makes the game so fun is that you have to be careful and try to maneuver to get the best kill.
The game is a party game so there’s no controller or keyboard support, but it can be played with keyboard+mouse.
Customizable weapons for each player
Inventory system, global/character
Perfect for groups of friends
Cross platform play (xbox/switch/ps/pc/web/mac/ios/android)
Online player matchmaking with rankings
Online Squad based battle royale
Knife Only Coming Up:
I’m working on adding more Game Modes.
I’m also working on improved graphics, sounds, and a better HUD.
I’m also working on adding the ability to kill multiple targets, cross platform party play, and online matchmaking.
If you’re interested in Knife Only, please follow me on:
Steam Group (Coming Soon)
And also check out my previous game:

Seek Truth, Love and Justice

A political system that’s based off the current Star Trek universe that gives players a chance to vote, job, and more!
“Seek Truth, Love and Justice” is not very far from being finished, but I thought it was time to start a thread for all you Star Trek fans out there. So feel free to share your thoughts and tell me what should I add or change in this new design.
I have a few ideas already about the content, so there might be lots of stuff coming from me this time!
If you want to contribute, feel free to send me an email at

Thanks for reading! Have fun!

About the game:
This is the first in a series of games based on the Star Trek universe. I am going to try and give this game as much content as possible without giving up performance.
– 3 Startrek characters are already included! Captain Kirk, Spock and Uhura!
– Ability to vote, job, and grow
– And more…
– State and federal government
– Amalgamation of countries
– Diplom


Vertigo 2 Features Key:

  • New weapons (energy or plasma)
  • New sounds (radars, lasers, shockwaves, shields, shields deactivating)
  • New animations
  • New melee weapons


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Streaming is everything! It’s a way to earn money and the place where you can become friends with people who watch you. Play your favorite games on your stream and become the best.

Upgrade your Hardware (Without Auto Pay Your Rent)
The more streaming hours you reach, the more money you can get. Purchase more hardware to get more streaming hours. And don’t forget about their weekly rent.
Enjoy your stream world
You can upgrade your players,your computer, the rooms where you play games, your headphones, you will become the best.
Intuitive User Interface
Simple and user-friendly. Let you create your stream world, manage your players, post and moderate comments easily.
Variety of Games and Players
Choose from over 30 games and go crazy in multiplayer. Enjoy your games with your friends online.
Collect Fans
Go crazy in the chat! Show off your best skills and post your best moments.

Manage your time
You need to manage your time to earn money, it is not necessary to manage a whole day. Just start your streaming from 6 AM to 10 PM every day and then stop.
Stream your maximum number of hours and save time. No need to start all the time, just pay for every time you come online.

Manage your fans and comments
Use friendly tools to manage your comments and your fans. Put a random filter in your Chat to get away from spammers.
Make the best of your streamers skills
Get as many skills as you can! The more skills you will get, the more chances to become the best!

Collect your money
Payments are done on Paypal or Debit/Credit card.
Show off your skill in front of your fans! They will appreciate your skill and give you comment to cheer you up.
How To Play:
When you open the application, you can see all your chats. Open one of your chats and select the game you want to play. The more games you play, the more hours you will get. After finishing your game. You will go back to the main menu.
How to support:
If you like the game, visit and give us 5 stars, and if you want give us more support, leave your support here in this thread, and we can talk together. Thanks.


Vertigo 2 (April-2022)

Key FeaturesDraw your Stickman out of the ground and conquer the ancient evil of the ink beneath the dungeons. Choose your weapons and prepare for the fight of your life: dodge enemies, dodge boss attacks, grab health, and earn a number of powerful new abilities to earn your way through the underworld!Alchemy of Parts: An evolving mechanical marvel – Choose a powerful set of parts and watch your Stickman grow! Craft powerful weapons, armor, and accessories with an array of 100 new parts to unlock.New levels, new enemies, new bosses, new abilities: As you play, you will be challenged by a diverse cast of enemies, a new layout of the underworld, and an ever-evolving mechanical marvel.Drawn Below has a brand-new map. That’s the main event. The other new thing? The new game features a brand-new map.There is a reason that these updates have taken so long.It’s no secret that the development team has been working hard to bring this legendary hero to life. We want to reassure you that we are dedicated to bringing Drawn Below to gamers as soon as we can.As soon as possible, Drawn Below will be available on PS4 on Dec 14. You can read our updates here, and follow our progress on twitter @Marvelous_US and @Rocksmithgame.Chris Shortland: I’d definitely put my head down and get it done if I was in his position

Wales international Chris Shortland has admitted it would be a “massive problem” if he was in the position of Jonny Wilkinson and had to rush his return from injury.

The Wales back-three has been out for over six months after tearing his ACL in August and Wilkinson went through the same procedure in June 2011.

Shortland was named in the squad for Wales’ final two matches of the 2015 Six Nations campaign and is likely to be on the bench for the next set of games.

But the 26-year-old admits he has learnt from his countryman’s experience and that Wilkinson’s fast recovery is key to staying in the squad.

“I have known him (Wilkinson) for a few years but I wouldn’t compare myself to him in any way,” Shortland said.

“I’ve got a lot to learn from people who are naturally gifted. If I put my head down and get it done then I can make the squad, but if I keep procrastinating then I could find


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