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Undela Crack + Product Key For PC [Updated-2022]

Undela Free Download is a software tool which helps individuals retrieve deleted items from their hard drives or portable storage units, with just a few clicks.
The installation process is typical and after finalizing it, the UI you come face to face with boasts a minimal and user-friendly design. This means that anybody can easily work with it, even people with little to no experience with computers. It consists of a menu bar, several shortcut buttons and a few panels which display detected drives and scan results.
With a multilingual interface, this utility features three types of scans. To be more precise, there is a simple one which you can use when on a hurry, as it enables you to find recently deleted files. The second is a full scan which looks over particular locations more carefully, as it can recover data after formatting or a crash. The latter is an advanced one and can retrieve items from severely damaged systems.
Undela supports many file systems, including NTFS, FAT, XFS and HFS, and can even retrieve information from the Recycle Bin, CDs and DVDs.
Scan results are displayed in the main menu, along with name, size, type, ID and created and modified date. Furthermore, you can preview items, use a complex search tool, view information about drive size and create a virtual RAID disk. File names can be saved to the HDD as a TXT file, for further analysis.
In conclusion, Undela is a powerful and handy piece of software when it comes to recovering deleted files and directories from your PC or removable drives. The interface is intuitive, has a good response time and extensive Help contents.

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In addition to all these great features, the interface of

Undela [Win/Mac]

Undela is a software tool which helps individuals retrieve deleted items from their hard drives or portable storage units, with just a few clicks.

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Undela Keygen Full Version Free

Deleted files can be recovered using Undela, a powerful and easy-to-use utility. Since Undela is based on popular Undelete and Recoverit tools, it scans a drive faster than some manual methods. The tool is able to retrieve files from FAT, NTFS and several other file systems, even if the file was stored on a CD or DVD. Files and folders can be recovered, if possible, even if the software causes problems. The file manager is also equipped with Undelete and Recoverit functions, such as tracking lost objects and recovering deleted files.
Key Features:
• Supports FAT, NTFS, and several other file systems, including HFS, XFS and UFS
• Retrieves files even if they were stored on a CD or DVD
• Supports virtual RAID
• Allows preview and recovery of files
• Can be used on Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
• Stores found data in TXT files
• Has a multilanguage interface
• Easily searches for file names in a list, or if you type a word in the search box
• Provides detailed data on files, such as size, name, modified, created and ID
• Supports saving data in TXT format for further analysis

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What’s New in the Undela?

Undela is a software tool which helps individuals retrieve deleted items from their hard drives or portable storage units, with just a few clicks.

Undela is the next generation disk-cleaning application that scans your Windows hard drive for deleted files and folders. It recovers the deleted files from the hard drive, software, email, drives or from the internet. It then restores the deleted files to a new, known location on your hard drive. It also allows for the selection of the file types to be restored to. Undela will also allow you to make a backup of the file types you would like to keep for your recovery options. It will even allow you to recover items deleted from mail, and deleted files from other applications. Not to mention that you can recover files that are deleted from music players, internet browsers and even certain games. Undela’s interface is user friendly, and it helps the novice recover files in a timely manner. Undela even features a built-in user guide, and includes various tutorials to help you succeed. If you are looking to recover deleted files or folders from any computer make sure to download Undela’s demo version and try it on your computer today.
1. It will scan and restore your hard drive for data that is deleted, damaged, or lost from formatting.
2. It will search and scan for data that has been deleted from any application or computer
3. Recovery of data in a wide variety of storage media including floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, ZIP files, etc.
4. It can scan damaged drives and create a virtual copy of a damaged drive that can be saved on a known location.
5. Allows you to recover deleted files from Microsoft windows, Microsoft office applications, Adobe Acrobat, Windows Media Player, Audacity, Winzip, Vista and other applications
6. Helps you to recover data from the Recycle Bin or if the Recycle Bin is corrupt.
7. Allows you to recover or copy files from the recycle bin, or from a CD or DVD.
8. The backup function is to help you restore files that were deleted from any computer and save them in an organized manner.
9. You can recover files that were deleted from email accounts such as hotmail, yahoo, etc.
10. Undela is able to restore email addresses from deleted emails to your contact list.
11. It will restore your deleted files and folders from USB flash drives, portable drives and external hard drives.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP or later Windows Xp or later Windows XP or later Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent Processor speed: 2.4 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: Intel HD 3000 or equivalent graphics card
Hard Drive: 20 GB
Additional: The latest version of Shockwave Media Manager
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