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Ubrt2300 V4 17

Ubrt2300 V4 17


Ubrt2300 V4 17

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How to test if a variable has changed in a Django template?

I want to avoid a partial update in my template when I change the number_of_recipes in an Ajax request.
So I send the variable with my request and I’m trying to find out in the template if the number_of_recipes has changed.
Is there a way to tell if a variable has changed in a Django template?
Here’s my code:
My Request:
def fetch_data(number_of_recipes, final_number_of_recipes):
if number_of_recipes!= final_number_of_recipes:
return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse(‘index’))
return http.HttpResponseRedirect(reverse(‘add_recipe’))

My Template:

(function() {
$.getJSON(‘/MyApp/fetch_data’, {‘number_of_recipes’: {{ recipes_number_of_recipes }}, ‘final_number_of_recipes’: {{ recipes_final_number_of_recipes }}}, function(data) {

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Ubrt2300 v4 17
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