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This was the first public game we developed, where we made use of the new Steam content.
Some of the main ideas we used in this game:
STATS (Movement Speed, Jumping, Weapon Damage, etc.)
BALANCE (The character weapon strength and balance with each other)
WEAPON RANGE (The range of the characters weapon)
USE ABILITY (The ability of each characters to use certain types of attacks)
MAGIC EFFECT (The execution speed of a spell)
WEAPON SELECTION (You can select the weapon by pressing buttons or left-clicking)
SPECIAL BOTTOM (Holding the “bottom” button, the character will get into an invisible state, this allows him to dodge enemies and attack them, this state doesn’t exist in the official game)
GOOD VISION (The characters have better vision than they do in the official game)
TURNSPEED (The characters speed has been slightly increased)
HARDSCREEN (This game uses a maximum of 800×600 pixels)
TOUHOU(It’s also the first game we developed with C++, and this game took a lot of time to be released)
Please note that the game is still in early access, so there might be things to be fixed until the release. I hope you like it.

‘Id’ must be unique with Entity Framework

I have the following code:
var query = from c in context.Table
join p in context.Table on c.Id equals p.Id into joined
select new Models.Product
ProductId = c.Id,
ProductName = c.Name,
Active = c.Active,
Description = c.Description,
Price = c.Price,
NrOfItems = c.NrOfItems

context.Table.Select(c => query.Where(p => p.ProductId == c.Id));

But I get the following error:

‘Id’ must be unique.

I really don’t know why, because the table has an Id column. Can anyone help me?


You should add
from p in


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System Requirements For TrickShot:

*Windows 10
*Minimum OS: 64-bit. Mac and Linux are not supported.
*You will need a game key to play. You can download game keys here.
*2. Graphics setting:
4K: Resolution 1440 x 2160,
1080: Resolution 1080 x 1920,
HD: Resolution 720 x 1280,
SD: Resolution 320 x 480.
If your computer can’t run the game at 1080p, you can choose to play with 720p instead.