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Ru-bi-Ka is a sandbox RPG for the Microsoft Windows platform. Built on a physics simulation engine, the game is centered around rich first person gameplay and fully destructible environments. Without hack and slash combat, you can take on missions of stealth and subterfuge. You play as an ex-soldier given a second chance at life, or as a grown up passing through to find your place in a hostile world and to tell the tale of those who came before.The game features various medieval fantasy races, each with their own unique abilities and motivations. Local and online multiplayer are supported. Each player has their own sandbox with their own randomly generated world and missions. As the story progresses, the world grows more hostile and your choices become more dire. Do you embark on a murder spree or do you decide to hide out and live to fight another day?
Key Features:
• High resolution graphics and fully destructible environments.
• Full physics-based game engine that allows you to take on quests as a commoner or as an overpowered hero.
• As a commoner, you fight with your fists, as an over-powered hero you wield advanced weaponry.
• Character development is the main focus of Ru-bi-Ka. Each character in the game has its own background story and progression.
• Options allow you to increase your stats, turn off painful elements of the game such as blood or increased difficulty.
• Multiplayer features up to 5 players in a single session, or up to 30 players on several servers simultaneously.

System Requirements:
Windows OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10Magnetic resonance imaging of the face in patients with Rett syndrome.
Magnetic resonance imaging has been recently applied to the visual inspection of the skull and facial bones in order to observe intracranial abnormalities in patients with Rett syndrome. The purpose of this study was to illustrate the clinical utility of this technique in patients with Rett syndrome. Eight patients with idiopathic Rett syndrome were examined by magnetic resonance imaging. This was performed after the patients’ parents consented to the procedure, and with the approval of a project review board that approved the use of the technique. Eight patients were examined; two of them were male and six were female. They ranged from 4 to 25 years of age. The scans were performed on 0.5 Tesla (T) superconducting magnet with T1 and T2 weighted spin-echo images. This was done using a special soft surface coil


TRANCE VR Features Key:

  • Play while trying and learning about virtual reality with cartoon like graphics
  • Play levels, retake levels or try to beat your high score with numerical indications on your screen
  • Be nice or see creepy monsters against your face



    Other Requirements:

    • XBOX ONE.

    How to Install:

    1. Download the OpenVR, XBOX ONE version and PS4 version.

    2. Extract both installs the openmw and get into the OpenVR directory and install it.. You won’t need the video drivers.

    3. Open the openmw and look for the directory called OpenVR.

    4. Copy the contents of both the OpenVR and the OpenVR/Maps to OpenVR directory of the game.

    5. Run the game.

    Note: If you already have the OpenVR installed, exit the game.


    • If you have a fear of monsters, you can disable the eye mask : Put |Shadertoy
      with different sizes.
    • If you are running Oculus Rift, you have to change the config file from xboxcontroller and from usercontroller to xboxcontroller 1 and disables the button configs


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    TRANCE VR Activation Code PC/Windows

    “Parallax Rift” is a virtual reality game created by The Pinch, a “multi-disciplinary interactive” company. The author of the book The Pinch, Jeremy Ball, comes to share the news with us of this innovative product of his imagination.

    The Pinch has been creating immersive multimedia experiences for over 10 years. Each of our works uses highly specific interactivity techniques, and we pride ourselves on catering to the needs of a multi-generation clientele. This game, TRANCE VR, is our attempt at creating interactive entertainment for a whole new audience, a new age group.


    In a world where people move from place to place through holographic projections, Camus is the only one who can get away to a secluded world — A virtual reality world! Camus finds peace there and is there when he needs to be. But when someone finds a way to invade his world and read his thoughts, he finds himself drawn into the conspiracy of the three races that have always tried to destroy each other. Who will he choose? What will he do?


    A mystery that will draw you in!

    The game play is in several layers, depending on what you need. It all starts with setting your preferences and the game is set up to work on 3 types of VR headsets: VR ONE, VR TWO, and VR THREE!

    VR ONE:

    – The game runs in a full 360degree field of view, on desktop monitors.

    – After the initial settings, the action is on the head-mounted display.

    – You are not tied to any physical boundaries, and can move through solid walls and furniture.

    VR TWO:

    – The game runs in a full 360 degree field of view, on a flat screen display.

    – The graphics are resizable to fit on any screen, such as a phone or the tablet.

    – The screen scrolls, so you can choose to see what is in front of you, what is behind you, or you can simply turn around.


    – This is a technically difficult game for VR and we can only promise it on the Rift platform, if you would like to use the Rift, you may have to use the trial version.

    – Requires a camera to use the headset.

    – You are not limited to the flat landscape. You can look around and see the scene from any angle.


    TRANCE VR Download [Mac/Win]

    Headset Required
    Nothing compared to flying through the clear skies of the Swiss Alps in your very own plane. Something along the lines of the unbelievable real racing game – “Cobra Racing,” only on virtual reality.
    Battle through challenging race tracks while using the “trifecta” of the Falcon´s engine parts to lay down maximum amounts of speed, rocketing through dangerous turns. Take off in different weather conditions and race with up to 8 people in the co-op mode!
    Key Features
    • Stunning graphics in virtual reality
    • Race on challenging tracks in several game modes
    • Realistic vehicle models
    • Multiple game modes with up to 8 players online
    • Free roaming with checkpoints, power ups and trifecta items
    • 3 game pads included
    Gameplay Minus VR:
    Headset Not Required
    Minus the wings and the power, you will still feel like you are in a top class racing simulator. Just with a different kind of vehicle.
    With “minus VR” you drive on realistic race tracks, collect your speed on dangerous curves and test your cornering abilities. But the only thing missing is the wind in your face. This “minus VR” has no wind!
    The virtual track is completely empty, without any trackside objects. The only thing you get is a full view of the course. It is up to you how you enjoy driving through the deserted track.
    Key Features
    • Realistic race tracks with a max speed of up to 80mph
    • Run and collect points in multiple game modes
    • Highly detailed 3D graphics
    • Practice race and single races with up to 2 players
    • Advanced AI racing opponents, opponents can react on your moves
    Gameplay TRANCE VR:
    Headset Required
    You like racing? You need speed? You want to feel like a real pro driver?
    And you want to feel the power of a real racing game on your head? Then “Trance VR” is just what you are looking for.
    Choose between the first-person cockpit view or the third-person view of the road, pick your favorite car model, feel the thunder of the engine and feel the rush of adrenaline.
    But don’t worry! The “Trance VR” is not limited to the race. You can test your driving skills on a real cross-country race route, play against the AI with various settings and use the in-game camera


    What’s new: