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Name Totally Convenient
Publisher Administrator
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This game is the second part of the popular strategic game series Dictator!
Which was developed and published by Escape Games Australia.
The first part of the series, Dictator is a very popular game of its kind in the market, and it is still amongst the top selling games of Escape Games.
The gameplay in this title is similar to the previous one, and you should be comfortable playing it.
You can now fight in a totally different way.
Using a new arsenal, you can build and buy buildings, factories, armoury, weapons, and so on to build a powerful army.
Vast number of leader’s clothes are available for you.
All types of vehicles are now yours to use as well.
This game features a new and improved diplomacy screen as well, which will help you navigate with ease.
In addition to the benefits already mentioned, this game also offers a competitive multiplayer mode.
This is an online multiplayer mode.
If you want to try this mode, visit the game’s website and download the game.
In conclusion, I Am Dictator is a very popular and entertaining game, and it has a promising future in the market.

High-quality graphics.

*Automatically generated strategy maps.
*Players can choose weather conditions: art or info.
*Realistic physics and gameplay.
*Hundreds of challenging levels and missions.
*Competitions and different types of game play.
*Tons of achievements.
*Random events: mishaps and natural disasters.
*Custom rules and challenges.
*Friendly and destructive AI.
*Successful new and different approach to the genre.
*All types of vehicles: tank, navy, fighting plane, fighter.
*Missions and chapters in a large number.
*A good mix of civilization and military action.
*Patient, challenging gameplay: you should always be prepared for the next turn.
*Extremely realistic graphics.
*A good story and decent ending.
*Very competitive multiplayer mode.
*Online multiplayer mode.
*About more than 300 achievements, each more difficult than the previous one.
*Many achievements.
*Competitions in all types of game modes.
*A comprehensive statistics, showing your results.
*Tons of new features and visual improvements.
*A good full version of game with all the necessary documents.
*Very important!


Features Key:



Totally Convenient

The protagonist of Oknytt is a tiny, seemingly insignificant creature, who without a known place of origin, is found wandering through a dark world that is suspiciously similar to the Nordic Viking world of our ancestors. Like a lost lemming, the little fellow is seeking out a place to belong and its wandering paths present many chances of meeting and encountering.
It’s made possible by a number of design choices that makes the Oknytt experience totally convenient. The game is designed to give you as much clues as possible so that you can figure out what you should do without needing to watch a short tutorial.
The protagonist is equipped with a plethora of items and powers to use to solve puzzles. It’s just a matter of combining them together to progress and make sense of the story.
It’s designed to be experienced, and not watched through and through. Oknytt is an addictive experience that you can just go out and start playing right away.
Oknytt Developed By: Nordic Story Studio


Oknytt follows a point and click gameplay where the player takes the role of the protagonist as an insignificant creature, with a name of Oknytt.
Over the course of the game, you travel through a dark world and experience encounters with various creatures. When an encounter occurs, the player is faced with various characters who can help or hinder your progress. To progress the game, you need to solve puzzles with the help of items at your disposal as well as runes that can be found and activated.
The puzzles are all based on an ‘elemental system’ that uses four runes with different elemental sides to them. Each rune can be activated at any time to change the environment around you to suit the rune’s side. Runes can be used to create items and change the environment in which Oknytt is placed.
The elements used are Wind, Fire, Earth and Water. Objects that have Wind, Fire, Earth or Water as their elemental side will change their properties. This impacts how much they can be used to solve puzzles and change the environment.


The protagonist Oknytt wanders through a medieval world, where it encounters a forest filled with trees that is the source of good fortune. While continuing to travel, it comes across a village. The inhabitants of the village tell him that he was found in the forest and no one knew what to do with him. The village has a building nearby where they keep different creatures in cages.


Totally Convenient Download For Windows

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– 2x (real) gold bars
(Keep in mind this was all we could fit in this DLC)
– A vinyl record of crime drama theme music.
This is an advanced item, it cannot be reset and is not refutable.You will receive a tracking code in your Gamertag email as soon as the game is complete.
Once you have opened the item, it will be sold out and will be unavailable.
You must claim the item before starting to play the game.
You will need to log in to your Origin account to claim the item.
If you don’t have an Origin account, you will need to register to claim this item.
This content requires the base game, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes for PC.
On Steam, this game can be found here:


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