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That came as a surprise.. The PC I was on had a much older operating system and when I upgraded to windows 10 I was very disappointed.. C:\Program Files\Dcom Animation\Windows Server LT 2019 64-bit\Svchost.exe .The end is near for Tattered Cover

By the time Denver Open Media came around to the massive, chain-store-owned bookstore by Day’s End, they had already ripped out The Organ Grinder, the Hugo-winning indie publication.

But that’s not the end of the story. David Sepulveda and Loren Franzius (the organization’s “newsmare”) just told me via email that the store will remain open past the end of this year, and that they intend to expand and diversify the collections, and on top of that, they still have the original Art Deco building at their disposal.

The building itself is fascinating, not to mention the architect, Lora Colt. It’s one of the more unique Denver buildings, and if there’s anyone in Denver that’d have some ideas for re-configuring it, it’s Sepulveda and Franzius.

So watch this space.Dyarstown

Dyarstown is a village and civil parish in County Cork, Ireland. It is located about 5 miles (8.5 km) southwest of Cork City, and about 5 miles (8.5 km) northeast of Youghal. It is a small village consisting of about 15 houses and a Post Office. Its closest town is Youghal which is about 5 km to the east. There is also a Chapel, St. Joachim’s. The village received its name from two factors. Firstly, the word dyar means something broken, as it can be translated to mean “to make crooked”. There is a story that a soldier named J.A. Dyar landed in this area and built his family a house, which made the walls crooked and eventually had to be rebuilt by his family. Secondly, the area was formerly the headworks of the Ballyoughton River before the bridge was built across the river.


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Category:Civil parishes of County CorkHuman beings have known about the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of probiotic organisms,

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deleting a file with c#

in one of my applications I needed to delete a file which was in the location of a given path. In case of the folder not exists, then I created a file in the above folder and deleted it.
This worked perfectly in all scenarios except one – when the code is running on a different user account.
How should I change this code, so that it deletes the file/folder/file only when it is running on its own account, i.e when the application is running under the context of the logged in user?
Thank you


Use File.Delete()

Creates the specified directory, but only if it does not already exist.

instead of File.Create

It’s been a year since the American Dream Land Dinner Theatre in Britt, Georgia, released the first production of their “Mixed Grill” series. Since then, the American Dream has had fun and surprising things happen that will make your whole season change.

And now, that’s set to happen all over again.

After a year off, the American Dream will be returning to the stage for its third season of “Mixed Grill” shows. This year, the American Dream takes on the