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Fun, fast and educational, FIT Food is a multiplayer card game about food and nutrition, developed especially for schools, companies, universities, hospitals and other institutions that want to encourage, reward and play. It is a real game that you can play by yourself, online and even offline with a friend. With fun sounds, top animations, beautiful graphics, FIT Food will offer hours of entertainment to players of all ages. We use a single note to represent a real food. FIT Food is realistic and sensitive to nutrition because it is based on the French Nutri-Score.
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Watch this short video to learn about the most important Nutri-Score features we just launched in France:

FIT Food is a multiplayer card game with a new battle mode called CUBE RUN. We developed it to make nutritional education at schools, universities, companies, and healthcare organizations fun and engaging.
Tell your teacher and your friends to have fun and learn about food. What impact does it have on health, cost, and the environment? What is a Nutri-Score? You probably know more than you think – but there will be surprises as well.
Play 12 game modes, including an easy BEGINNER mode, PRACTICE solo, the multiplayer CUBE RUN battle, as well as the challenging NO HELP and KNOW-IT-ALL modes. Also, try beating the AI-NPCs. Win a different trophy in each game mode. Collecting all trophies fast makes you the FIT Food Champion.
Also, click on the question marks in the game, you will find lots of additional info and videos.
About The Game FIT Food:
Fun, fast and educational, FIT Food is a multiplayer card game about food and nutrition, developed especially for schools, companies, universities, hospitals and other institutions that want to encourage, reward and play. It is a real game that you can play by yourself, online and even offline with a friend. With fun sounds, top animations, beautiful graphics, FIT Food will offer hours of entertainment to players of all ages. We use a single note to represent a real food. FIT Food is realistic and sensitive to nutrition because it is based on the French Nut


Time Storm Features Key:


Multiplayer gameplay on the original Battlefield and Battlefield 2:

  • More bullets and explosions than ever before.
  • Infinitely re-deployable Command Points for super-fast, head-to-head play.
  • Only in your head: A brand new, FREEX version of the game-breaking “Ammo Spam” mechanic from earlier wars.
  • Dynamic and re-balanced multiplayer combat.

Single player versus 12 of history’s biggest wars:

  • Plus other hot new content and features.


  • Intel i5-3360 dual core, 3.4GHz
  • 4GB RAM
  • ATI/AMD 6670 or better
  • DirectX 11.0 compatible video card


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Players command great ships in a thrilling 1-to-1 action game.
They battle pirate fleets, gather information, trade and create wealth.
To do all of this they must battle through an open sea full of storms, monsters, and other dangers.
Players can also team up and become members of a Merchant Fleet. Together they can work together to build an empire, explore the unknown, and trade to earn treasure.
The game uses a 2 button joystick.
The default ship configurations won’t work for every player. Use the Zeus to re-arrange the ship in any way you like.
Once you build your ship, you can use the Mix and Match to add power, speed, and weapons to your ship.
While navigating, the audio reflects your actions. Lagging isn’t an option.
In the merchant fleets you can view the ships as they move, and track what the are doing.
Give in to your pleasure boat! It will reward you with power-ups.
Eiji Haji: President
Susumu Kojima: General
Yukihito Takeda: Captain
Kishin Shishida: Mate
Mark Ichinose: Additional Services Engineer
Yukio Kakuma: Additional Services Engineer
Tetsuya Asada: Additional Services Engineer
Yutaka Yamasaki: Additional Services Engineer
Yasunari Ogaki: Business Analyst
Shinzo Sakai: Business Analyst
Fumi Takahashi: Business Analyst
Satoshi Miyamoto: Business Analyst
Takao Higashino: Business Analyst
Yasuhisa Yoshida: Business Analyst
Takashi Ishikawa: Business Analyst
Director of Marketing
Director of Graphics
Sound Director
Kenta Kobayashi:
Character Designer
Yusuke Sato:
Character Designer
Etsuji Kondo:
Character Designer
Hiroshi Konishi:
Character Designer
Tsuneo Mori:
Character Designer


Time Storm Free [32|64bit] (April-2022)

This is an extraordinary mix of Match 3 puzzle, Match 3 and Collapse. Help the “Jess” character to dig 7 ancient artifacts!Travel to the tropical island and restore harmony with the local people. Help them to keep their beautiful island paradise!Recover artifacts and protect the volcano from its awakening. Decorate the island from the small islands to big and beautiful mountain. Explore the island and find ancient treasures that can calm the volcano. Play one of 150 amazing levels that will require you to complete unique conditions and puzzle challenges. Collect amulets and jewels, earn trophies and coins to unlock new levels and improve your abilities. Build beautiful buildings and participate in a variety of side quests. Collect other artifacts and items to extend the level “world” and decorate your home. Use your coins to buy new pieces of equipment, build new buildings and upgrade your home.Fairy Tale Fanfiction: “Please, Dad, You Have to Hear the End of the Story”

My final selection for this week’s Fairy Tale Fanfiction is actually a mix of two stories that could potentially go together and I’m pleased to present both of them.

“Please, Dad, You Have to Hear the End of the Story” is a story revolving around a father and son who is losing his memory due to an illness. During his bout of memory loss, he suffers from a common problem that brings him back to his earlier life in the form of a memory from his childhood.

In “Please, Dad, You Have to Hear the End of the Story”, the reader is brought back to the present time through the narrator’s father and the feelings that the man’s deteriorating memory has brought forth in him. Unfortunately, the story includes a twist that I wasn’t expecting and one that I find to be more ironic than I would have hoped.

The illustrations in this story are done in digital ink and they are stunning. It is something that immediately made me feel as if I was immersed in a much more traditional fairy tale world than in most of the more electronic fan-fics I’ve read so far. It’s a wonderful addition to the story.

The story itself makes a certain amount of sense to me, but it is something that I’m not sure many other readers will agree with. I feel as though the story could be told better, but that it is told very well nonetheless. I was


What’s new:

I’m back with another mod that is worth every bit of downloading it takes. Your vehicles won’t get mangled as badly as the truck but they still will be modified to the max with this HIGH QUALITY PACK.


Traffic Chopper Traffic Chopper is a monstrosity of vehicular transit. You’ll be able to fly over any vehicle with ease and be able to rip through any style of wheel so kudos to $n_n_p_ for the great modeling ability. Watch out for being run out of space on the loading bay though!


Street Legal: Microsoft Garage – Garage of the YearA licensed replica of the Microsoft garage cars, Garage of the Year is a collection of cars you will never see in game nor have access to anywhere else (I know this for a fact…).


City Traffic 2000 CITY TRAFFIC 2000 is a total game changer. Ever wished to drive a real garbage truck? Or hear the sounds of real city traffic? Now you can! And this is no random city, to give you an idea of how many cars are included in this pack you can imagine yourself driving non-stop around the world’s largest capital… or at least Seattle’s.



3D Gold Dome Car Pack 3D Gold Dome Car Pack is a new series set just for the 5.56 mod, based on the late 1990’s cars that you can only spot on the city. These cars are the same exact ones that you can find in the game in the Gold Dome, one minute you’ll miss them and the next time you will see them they will all be severely damaged. This collection of cars is totally not meant to be a fun pack, only to give a taste of some nice mods that wouldn’t fit in any other series.


City Surfer City Surfer: Tour de SlurpeeCity Surfer: Tour de Slurpee is a latemod included in the Erev Ballot pack. You’ll be able to drive off course the whole surf life with this one as it contains actual surf spots around the world for you to try.


Street Legal Racing 3-D Street Legal Racing 3D is the most realistic mod for racing available. No more collisions between each other while racing, take advantage of the drift feature that I’ve added in to give you a new exciting experience.






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Red Rooster is a 3d isometric RPG based on turn-based combat with modern graphics. It is an open-ended rpg game, the world is infinite in size and time, and events unfold in many different ways.

The story is about Ahab, a young apprentice to Reikgard, the legendary alchemist, or about a self-proclaimed “Doctor” of Righteousness trying to take over the magic world.

The player will embark on an epic quest while playing as the protagonist Ahab. He will travel the world, go through dungeons, fight ogres and zombies, and kill townsfolk on the way.

The game features a variety of playable characters, each with their own abilities and history. Some of them are possible to play even if they are not your main character. Each character has his own story, his own attributes, and his own weaknesses.

Red Rooster is a very casual game. You will be in a real world instead of a fantasy world. There will be no fantasy king or princess. You will not be in a modern city full of fantasy creatures. You will not be living in the middle of forests. You will not be traveling to some magical regions. You will be traveling to every day locations, with all the things you can expect to encounter in those locations. You will be free to choose what path to take, what items to buy, what traps to prepare or what traps to avoid. You will be travelling in real time, without sleeping or food in the wilderness. You will not be fighting zombies. Your enemies will be normal men and women, not monsters you can make-shift or summon-hatch at a whim.

Red Rooster is a game for people who like video games that are not too challenging for them, for people who are looking for a relaxing RPG experience, without the need to be super-vigilant while fighting dragons, orcs, or zombies.

Key Features:

Unique persistent world with over a hundred unique locations to explore, including towns and dungeons.

Between each game, you will see changes in your character’s abilities, skills, weapons, and the world.

The story will feature non-linear gameplay, allowing you to freely choose different paths and choices throughout the game.

Each playthrough will have a different end, depending on the choices made in the game and the events unfolding in the game.

You will not run out of potions or healing items,


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System Requirements For Time Storm:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8:
CPU: 2.6 GHz
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT or ATI Radeon HD 2600 (or Intel
HD4000+ with 1024 mb VRAM)
DirectX: 9.0
Storage: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
Internet Connection: 1024 Kbps
Known Issue:
Please use the short cut while starting the game.
Mouse may move to the bottom of


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