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– A sci-fi action tower defense game with a nonlinear story – one of the colonies of the Earth Empire, the conflict on which turned into a full-fledged long-term struggle for influence, territory and wealth of the planet.
– Nonlinear story – depending on your choices, different scenarios will be opened with unique levels – besides visual differences (cities, deserts, snow-covered forests), you can take part in a sea battle, escape from enemies on the train through the desert and go on a bomber flight, shooting enemies from all sides.
– Game history unfolds on a remote planet Marina – one of the colonies of the Earth Empire, the conflict on which turned into a full-fledged long-term struggle for influence, territory and wealth of the planet.
– Play as a brave commander who will be put to test in the heat of battle by the decisions taken in the heat of battle. Will you make it out alive, or will the game present you with a sinister finish?
– You are sent to the frontline and you will fight in a nonlinear campaign – different situations will require different strategies and tactics.
– Upgrade your turrets, learn and use the special abilities to prepare for your next encounter.
– Take part in story, check the leaderboards and watch the most impressive videos on YouTube!
– Special abilities – in addition to building guns on the battlefield, in the arsenal of defense there are barricades, slowing down nets, mines, rockets and even a tactical slowdown!
– Heroes – in addition to the player, storyline develops around several persons, who actively participate in both dialogs and combat – each of them can be sent into the battle. Sniper, machine gunner and even a flamethrower tank will aid you with defeating enemies.
– Dynamic environment: from defending evacuation convoys and participating in an ambush to breaking through enemy defenses and fighting giant bosses.
– Dynamic enemies: from infantry, tanks to helicopters, attack squadrons and fighter jets – each enemy type has its own statistics and unique tactics and approaches.
– Dynamic weapons specialsisation – each tower operates best against specific enemies. For example, a machine gun will do nicely against infantry, and cannons will lay waste to enemy tanks.
– Hardcore – this game will make you sweat, but if you want to have some casual fun, you can always select the easy mode.
– Additional information on the website of the developer in the game description.


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Features Key:

  • Action-packed gameplay with more than 30 original levels
  • Harsh prison environment with over-the-top enemies and weapons
  • 3 Game Modes include Survival, Arcade and Endless
  • Key Game Features:

    • Experience room-scale virtual reality as you roam the digital prison and gun down hardened inmates and savage warden
    • Bullet dodging is essential during a shootout as you pull off awesome moves and takedowns
    • Hone your submachine gun skills with dozens of authentic weapons
    • You also have to deal with brutal guards and putrid diseases to add even more peril to your job

    How to activate the key:

    1. Go to: >
    2. Open Beta key
    3. Wait for email with download link to arrive in your inbox

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