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Guardians of Greyrock is a dice-based boardgame for two to four players that requires courage, strategy, endurance and, of course, dice rolls!
The game was developed by BonusTempus and published by RomePress.
Players take on the role of Guardians in a quest to find the seven demons.
As Guardians, players will be challenged to gather clues and fight to stay alive. As the Guardians approach their ultimate goal, the demons also get closer, leading to a fight to the finish.

The Guardians of Greyrock Kickstarter is now live! Please support the campaign and stay tuned for more details!
This product supports HD Rumble!
-Precious Metal Set: dicePack: Green tiles: Green on Green tiles:

Product Description
As the seven Guardians approach the demons’ inner sanctum, the demons also get closer to the shrine of Hestia. Each player has a certain amount of time to collect clues, climb the mountains, and build up their characters before it is time for a showdown.

• Battle your friends and enemies in a dice-based Board Game.
• Includes both a Board Game and a dice set.
• Includes 5 Clues, 4 Climb cards, and a Mountain set.
• 6 dice set includes several random dice, a triangle die, a 5-sided dice, a 10-sided dice and a mystery dice.
• The Backpack is included.
• 4 Character Dices.
• 2 Mountain tiles.
• 4 Player sheets.
• BonusTempus is a co-operative game where players must work together to solve puzzles and defeat the seven demons and find the missing relics.
It is suitable for ages 10 and up.

Guardians of Greyrock on Facebook:


Features Key:

  • Basic Hack ‘n’ Slash Game
  • Realistic GFX – Toon an it
  • Co-Op Multiplayer Game – Play it with your Friends


  • Explore Ancient Worlds – Search for treasure and gold
  • Hack Enemies – Use your Blade to attack the NPCs and Cut Trees
  • Mines – Dig for precious gems & ores
  • Explore First World in Game of 1 World
  • Ride Reaver & Bowman – Hunt monsters and gain reputation
  • What ever you like.


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Explore the world of Aldrheim’s music history, embark on a musical adventure that ranges from the ever-popular heavy-metal guitar to the exotic Japanese temple flute. As a newly-graduated wizard, try your hand at a variety of music styles, each with their own unique instrument and magickal powers. Explore your musical world, and discover the secrets of Aldrheim’s underground music scene.
1 Heavy Metal Robe
1 Tribal Drummer Robe
1 Saxophone Robe
How to Play:
Select your instrument and open your robe. From there, you will be able to choose your songs or you can get a random one (be careful with this one, as the random song selection gets increasingly raunchy). At the end of each song, you will be graded according to your performance. For better marks, hit those strings louder, hit ’em harder and after that, toss away all the panties you’re holding on to.
Huge thanks go out to the awesome folks over at Happy Cat Games for providing us with this week’s game. Give them a follow on Facebook to keep up with new games and more!


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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


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