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Name The trial of witch
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There is a small brother, in the house. He is 11 years old, and thinks that this is his home. They are working on a project which is concealed in the House. You must find the project, and leave the house, so that you never fall asleep. You have a little brother to protect. Help him get out of the house, protect him, and get out safely.


Features Key:

  • Three independent kingdoms (North, East and South) offering you
    nine unique characters.
  • Tons of different units with their own abilities.
  • The ability to play as:
    • Eunuchs
    • Generals
    • Nobles
    • Skirmishers
    • Firefighters
    • Monks
  • Several game mechanic features, such as economy, resource
    management, diplomacy, battle & unit abilities.
  • Colored skies and terrains for an immersive gaming experience.
  • A real turn-based campaign system with daily and weekly


The Trial Of Witch Crack + (LifeTime) Activation Code Free For PC (2022)

Enter the Homeland.

A world in which the ‘terrorists’ and ‘patriots’ are no longer human beings.

A world in which war and hate is replacing peace and compassion.

We live in a bad world.

In this world, women, children and innocents are being forced to live in conflict zones.

This is the reality of today’s war.

The homeland is being threatened by a hostile power. You are the last line of defense.

The God of Destruction.


A world whose perfect hand is wrapped in shiny black gloves.

A world in which evil can destroy all humanity.

A world in which mankind does not have the ability to forgive and forget.

A world that has become a battlefield, and a world in which the power of the state is no longer up for a debate.

In a world that is no longer sane, how will you defend yourself?

Arm yourself, and prepare for the final battle against the God of Destruction.

New Content:
New Weapons

Increased Range of Fire:
View-screen cursor range has been increased for the following weapons:
Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle

New Enemies

Increased Enemy Attack Damage.

New Enemies

Increased Enemy Attack Damage.

New Kill Effect

Increased danger caused by enemy explosions.

New Gameplay:

Player Dash ability has been added

You can now flee enemy fire!

Increased range of dash

New Weapon:

Assault Rifle:

NEW damage type!

scissor spray

User selectable scissor attacks to take out multiple enemies

NOTE: if you are hit by a scissor spray attack from an enemy, you will not take any damage.

New Weapon:


NEW unique weapon

Combined weapon will deal less damage than its parts.

You get extra damage from the parts of the weapon.

New Weapon:


NEW unique weapon

MPK DMR has both the shotgun and the sniper scope.

Increase in healing item effectiveness.

New Weapon:

Pistol M18

NEW unique weapon

Same as the MPK DMR, but deals less damage.

New Weapon:

Pistol M72

New unique


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