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Name The Secret Of Hildegards
Publisher Admin
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Rating 4.18 / 5 ( 3224 votes )
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There have never been so many brilliant platform games. Meet Playrix best-seller – 5 amazing gameplay features:
– Brilliant graphics with hand-drawn scenes
– A variety of additional mini-games
– A lot of secret surprises of the game
– Interesting storyline
– Character-rich story
Playrix – a first-rate platform action.
The year is 2000. The region of the moon Mayis lies under the influence of a powerful, malignant force. It is a country of the Krachenquuod. An evil spirit is exercising massive influence over its people. On the surface of the Moon, there is a very special city where a secret scientific institute is working on a super weapon to destroy this enemy and save humanity.
The people behind the Institute, led by the Professor and Abigail Hildegard, have a big problem. The Institute has been completely destroyed by a secret arm of the enemy. Only the little granddaughter of the leader of the Institute has survived…
This is exactly the situation when Abigail Hildegard (the little girl of the Institute) discovers a secret weapon in her family mansion.
And that’s the beginning of a whole series of puzzles, hidden objects, and exciting mini-games.

Playrix – a platformer with more than 100 draw-by-hand scenes, where the main story of the game is interesting and exciting gameplay. It has been developed specifically for tablets.
The gameplay is very straightforward. The main heroine of the game Abigail Hildegard runs through 100 scenes with a baby, solving a series of puzzles and mini-games along the way. The story is not very detailed – all you need to do is to solve puzzles, collect objects, and complete the main storyline of the game.Computer hardware may include a number of discrete devices packaged together that can communicate with each other to perform a variety of tasks. Hardware devices may include a processor core, memory, and peripherals such as interfaces and networking communications elements. Each device may operate as an independent computing unit, but most often may operate in a coordinated manner as part of a larger system. Computer software may be designed to interact with, and control hardware devices. Software control of hardware devices may include emulating the behavior of a hardware device as a virtual device, such as a virtual processor or memory. it makes more sense that it was the longer ‘Erilith’ or that it was shortened to ‘Elioth’


The Secret Of Hildegards Features Key:

  • +Click the mouse your fingers flies
  • +Breathtaking and exciting 3D environments
  • +Incredible balance and camera angles

Uncover the mystical secrets of Hildegard. Follow the epic tale of the Gnostics and the Arcane Magicians on their mission against the ruthless Inquisition’s dark forces in this award-winning point& click adventure.

The world of Hildegard is a fantastic 3D fantasy, however, it is not easy to discern all the secrets of the world. The secret of Hildegard is a “Quest…
encompasses solving the ultimate mystery of the world, of the great beings and creatures that inhabit the world, and of our existence in the world.

Log into this fascinating and atmospheric world to meet amazing characters and solve interesting puzzles.

Hildegard is not easy game. It is a complicated system of mechanics that require to carefully manage what players are going to do next.

Hildegard Game is an entertaining story, the main elements of which:

  • Impressive 3D graphics and animations.
  • Intriguing plot with unique characters.
  • Innovation and creativity of game design.

It’s time to get ready to play the game of Hildegard.

This game is actually a simulation game, a virtual world in which you have to collect and control objects, and solve typical driving and planning games to make progress and escape to the game’s end.

How to install / play

The game files are divided into 3 files.

You must drag the game file to the installation folder.

The game is not an emulator or virtualization software, so make sure you are going to install the game in a system that supports it.

You can learn about the game environment requirements at the back of the game’s installed instruction folder.

To play Hildegard game, you will need a media player such as:

  • Windows Media Player
  • Emperor Player
  • Ogg®


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The game is designed and written by an experienced developer. Thus, the game has a rich and deep story, the game tells a story with genuine animation. In this game, you need to find and complete the object, the game has single-player, and you can play with your friends. The narrative mainly revolves around the main character and Hildegard, to solve the mystery and defeat the evil Order.
The full game can be downloaded in three languages; English, Spanish, and Russian.

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– One life for each level, if you die in the level.
– Use the gamepad on the left side to move the hero,
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– If you reach level 10 after being stuck, try to fly or with a special power to reach the bottom of the level or finish the level.
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What’s new:


This is and extensive book about the scientific research of one of the most controversial leaders of the twentieth Century. Martians And Haikus by David M. Livingston is a deep research that explains in detail the medical history of a woman named Hildegard and her psychic experiences, medical explanations, and even the behavior of her own autopsy notes. You are the only human on the planet that knows how she really died…or think you know.

12 years ago

By Agony of Choice

I Love this novel it is just beautiful. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. This book is a good fictional history of Hildegard of Bingen, including her life, chronicling her experiments, famous patients and children, and finally the mysterious circumstances of her death. Miss Goad selected this book because she was researching a novel about the witch trials in Salem and was looking for an author with a good reputation on this subject, and so she picked Hildegard. This novel is well researched, has an interesting writing style, and has some wonderful historical sketches. She didn’t bombard you with flowery descriptions, however, along with the awesome fictional history of Hildegard, she also included a history of Hildegard, including her childhood and adult life, and a great detailed outline of her relationship with Rhinelanders. I really enjoyed how she described these characters, namely Raymond and Siegi, and how she revealed the true nature of the relationship with a Medieval looking knight named Heiner. I didn’t expect to enjoy these exta chapters, but I did and truly had a more complete understanding of who Hildegard was. The narrating girl, Erin, was really a nice character, but she just reminded me of myself growing up, so it was pretty realistic. I also did not expect to like this book at all, however I found that it was well written and it’s definitely worth reading. It’s not something that you will read once, however it is something that you will bookmark, and always revisit. This is an awesome book and I recommend reading, even if you don’t enjoy this topic.

9 years ago

By HayGeeks

4.5 stars – would most likely reread as an adult

Which character – as performed by the actor – was your favorite?

Absolutely none. I had a hard time believing that Hildegard actually existed.

Would you be willing to try another one


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How To Crack:

  • 1. Extract the CD or Extract the game zip file after downloading
  • 2. Go To the game directory
  • 3. Copy the tools.ini and then paste in the game directory
  • 4. Then run the setup.exe file.

Please accept the Terms And Conditions Before On Installation & Use:

  • noun.- a document written in plain English that describes the terms and conditions of
    a game, software program, or system of computer hardware.
  • verb.- a condition that must be met for something to happen in a game or software
    program. In game terms, a requirement for obtaining game progress, a reward for game
    play, or a character’s level.

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System Requirements For The Secret Of Hildegards:

Supported OS: Win7/8/8.1/10/10.1/10.2/10.3/Server 2008/2012/2016/2019
Compatible Browser: Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Internet Explorer/Opera/Edge
Important Note:
Safari/Chrome/IE/Edge may experience some issue in
screen resolution, color accuracy and playback
The game features included in:
Team and player stats, live action and fantasy football
Drafting and ranking your team


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