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– A tile set made for Fantasy Grounds
– Incredible detail!
– 3D models with texture maps, alt-textured, and base-on-top maps
– 3D tilesets, and 3D GRD Maps
– 1 to 24, custom portal, and world map
– 2 Different Shadows storylines
– 2 Epic bosses included
– Hacked NPC Pathways
– Chopper and Hunter Menu
– 3D sprites. (Disclaimer, this is a tile set for Fantasy Grounds, the game you would need to play it through.)

This is one of the first times I’ve ever used a name I created in a game, so it feels good to finally use it in a release!

This is the White Wolf pack for the Shadows of Ashran base adventure – similar to the original White Wolf pack released in April, this pack now contains retextured content.

This is the first major update to the Shadows expansion. Shadows of Ashran is an expansion for Puzzle Strike, focusing on new content & balancing in the new character class, the Hunter. It is also available as a standalone game.

Of course, the expansion does not just contain an entirely new game, but also a bigger Storyline, new Quests, and new Siege features.

You can get the entire game for only $15!

This pack contains the following content:

New character: Hunter

New Adventure: Hunters of Boria

1 new Hunter Ability

1 new Pet

+8 Food

+1 Currency

New Quests: 5 new Quests

New Quests: 5 new Quests

New NPCs

New Skillline

New Description:

– Traps

– Explosive Pup

– Torn Flesh

– Ice Storm

– Arcane Mastery

New Dungeon Theme: Frost

+5 Dungeon Difficulty

New Quest Theme: Survival

+25% Spawn Chance

The Shadows of Ashran content is single player only. This pack is not designed for cooperative multiplayer.

This release also contains the following content in English and German:

And in Arabic:

New Conquest Adventure

New Storyline

New Upgrade: Temperance

New FX

2 New Portals:

– The Prison

– The Boiling Lake

New Skirmish Feature

New Boss:

– The Lich

New Quest


Features Key:

  • Black box clone software that is pre configured for games like “twilight 2000” and all games which have
    the “dos brigade” screen name. These games do not have source code so the more unique the “dos brigade” game
    the better.

  • Antic emulator by kastoff
  • How to: Preconfigure, Several ways to configure
  • Micros based game emulator included with the software.
  • Bait/Hunt Feeder
    Hidden Apparition Site
    Hunter-Spore Menu
    Hunter-Spore Water
    Hunted Creature Feeder 2
    Hunted Creature Claws Feeder 2
    Hunter Spore Bait Feeder 2
    Hunted Game Menu
    eek!’s Terrarium

    What all do we offer

    “GB” so we have read this and have been given permission to run our game


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    In Calamity Cove, you take on the role of an average, struggling marine biologist who is doing his best to lead his faithful Doberman, Lola, to safety in his lifeboat while a devastating storm rages out of control. You’ll be taking on hordes of monsters and solving different puzzles along the way.

    Will you be able to outrun the storm and survive long enough to make it back to the safety of land?

    Calamity Cove is a 2D Platformer with beautifully animated characters that bring some much-needed life to the notoriously bland horror genre. There is no story to speak of, and the gameplay consists of mostly jump-scares, a few weak puzzle elements, and a few other uninteresting minigames. It does feel like it has potential though, so hopefully you can endure it long enough for some truly wonderful levels to present themselves.


    This game’s only real redeeming quality is the incredibly well-animated characters, and even then, there are only a couple of them. If you couldn’t care less about whether Lola or the Shark Man is your favorite, then don’t bother wasting your time or money on this game.

    The rest of the gameplay is run-and-jump style, which is almost always fun if you’re making a little pitstop through a creepy looking side-area of a level, and are looking for a bit of variety in your experience.

    The jump-scares are alright, and generally short. That being said, I experienced less than 30 seconds of a jump-scare during my entire playtime with the game, which I suppose isn’t terrible, but would definitely not be high on my list of things to experience.

    The puzzles in the game are mostly quite simple. There are four different puzzles in total. If you can’t solve them, they just result in you missing a platform. The only other puzzle is simply moving a switch up or down or to the left or right with a block, which is also a pretty easy game. It has a nice design though, and the puzzle is quite fun.

    As for the minigames, they are either an arcade game, a wall bounce-type game, or a level-based match-3 puzzle game. The first two minigames only take a second or two to complete, and I didn’t enjoy either of


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    Play the game “Darknet – Soundtrack” and follow the game story and the game characters as they progress through the game.
    “Darknet” is a free game created with a free software called Unity, your game characters use simple animations which were originally used for Space invaders and Pac Man games. Feel free to download the game and play.
    “Darknet – Soundtrack” does not require a copy of the game. The soundtrack will be available for anyone to download, and it is also available for free.
    If you don’t want to download the soundtrack, then please tell us in the comments of the video what you think. Thanks.
    “Darknet – Soundtrack” is licensed by the Free Software community under the GNU General Public License version 3 or later. You can play “Darknet” in your computer as well as you can play other free games like minecraft, darknet, robots, etc.
    Here are the game features:
    – 2D
    – Easy to play
    – Simple animation
    – Easy graphics
    – Different game levels
    Darknet – Soundtrack Gameplay:
    Darknet – Soundtrack:
    Game Website:

    published:19 Feb 2018


    Darknet is a new and freeOpenSource MMOFPS in development for Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms designed to promote and educate the community around the game.
    Built with FPS in mind, Darknet has become an FPS that plays much more like a MMORPG. It’s a much more intense FPS where skill is in the trigger-finger, not the mouse-clicking.
    The game leverages the Multi Theft Auto (MTA) engine and, through it, any MTA mod is supported, because it’s built on the MTA. All in all, Darknet is the most stable, safest and largest game that requires the MTA engine to be played.
    Darknet will recognize your existing GTAV characters and, since the game is rendered in realtime, you can expect to see them appear in the game somewhere. However, since the game is still under development, expect some minor bugs, such as the new character appearing on the map.
    – Weapons – Guns –


    What’s new: