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published: 16 Jun 2017

Lagos to Lagos 2 – Travel Video

This is the list of Bus we traveled in the evening of 22nd of Nov. 2016 for the trip from Lagos to Lagos (Yaba – Allawah). The total distance of 3.2KM to 3.9KM according to google maps is on water. We used the Bus at Begoro station.
The travel and tourism sector has been identified as one of the most effective means of driving the economic growth of the country.

published: 21 Dec 2016

Yaba Beach Lagos 2 Lagos – Movie Prod.

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Features Key:

  • Story mode Campaign mode Crosswipe free-roaming from planet to planet AI difficulty levels based on player performance
  • 3D Version will be available free on platforms where GBA/GBC games are not available
  • Zoom function Visual feedback on screen correspond to slider on keyboard
  • 3D Player controls Smart move feature Adapts controls to ship and arm movements to help player hold correct movement and orientation
  • Dual Key functionality A single game key can be used to load both platforms aswell as the compatible great gba version or the very fast growing indie version
  • Open world Map System players can venture across the known galaxy. Learn the history of Xenon, discover new worlds, and fight a vast enemy empire that threatens to end existence itself. Campaign mapped on a star map.
  • Shared save menu saves progress across platforms. You can use your save to continue on the other platforms saving across multiple worlds
  • Web Direct Platform via Steam


The Invisible Hand Crack + 2022

A free arcade game with beautiful 3D graphics, where your goal is to blow up the obstacles and pyramids in order to go through the levels.
Blow up the pyramids and other kinds of obstacles.
The game comes with 10 differents levels to unlock.
You can play all the levels as you want, the game is recommended for ages 8 and up.
10 Game Modes :
Classic mode
Time Attack
One wrong move can lead to your death
Reverse mode
Free play
Each level will have 3 difficulty levels
You can upgrade your weapons and blow up more pyramids with to go through the levels faster.
To blow up pyramids you need to have enough energy.
Colors :
*Blue – 5%
*Green – 20%
*Red – 40%
*Yellow – 50%
Weapon Upgrades :
*Bigger Magnification
*Alloy Weapon
Deflectors :
*World Wide Deflectors
*Alloy Deflectors
In each level you need to go through 2 pyramids to unlock the next level.
After making one mistake in a level you can go back and try it again.
Use your arrow keys to move your ship and space to go through the levels.
Hint :
At the beginning of the game, when you make a wrong move, you will lose 1% of your energy. You need to avoid the green spheres and get to the other levels before you run out of energy.
You can blow up the pyramids and clear your way from obstacles.
Use the space or the arrow keys to go through the levels.
Be the best shooter of the world!
Thousands of people are waiting for you!
Let the game begin…
-S UP to aim
-LEFT CLICK to shoot
-SHOOT to blow up
-A to equip the weapon
-EXIT to quit
-G to go to the next level
-R to refill energy when you have gone through a pyramids
-V to show the score
-SHADOW to go through the game with another person on a split screen
-X to show the score


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PST File

JST File

Your game saves will not be cleared with the down load of this file. Click “Confirm” below to continue or “Cancel” to exit. A download manager will open in a new window from where you can download the file.

Unzip the “” file and drop the contents of the folder in to the Data folder of your Illusion4 game. (See the location of the Data folder on page 2 of the DOWNLOADS tab).

* With the down load of this content, you will not receive any promotional items from us, including the Occult Organizer.


What is Hologram Technology?

Hologram technology is a three-dimensional image, or hologram, which is generated by the interference of two light waves.

What is Eye Contact Visualization?

Holograms are not visible with the naked eye – the viewer has to wear a special device (“Glasses”) or a holder which converts the hologram into a three-dimensional image that can be observed by the viewer.

The Eye Contact Visualization Unit (ECV) records the holographic image with a high-speed camera and generates an image on a video monitor, allowing the viewer to make a conversation and see the other person’s eyes and movements.

How do the glasses work?

Optical glasses with an electronic camera and processor that allow the user to view the holographic image directly in front of him. The ECV is attached to the glasses, which are connected to the Hologram’s application. The ECV records the image, which is viewed using the glasses, and uses the images to generate an animation on the video screen. This allows the viewer to hold a conversation with the person in the hologram.

How do the glasses work?

Optical glasses with an electronic camera and processor that allow the user to view the holographic image directly in front of him. The ECV is attached to the glasses, which are connected to the Hologram’s application. The ECV records the image, which is viewed using the glasses, and uses the images to generate an animation on the video screen. This allows the viewer to hold a conversation with the person in the hologram.

How do the glasses work?

Optical glasses with an electronic camera and processor


What’s new:

– Where The Blow Fish Belongs

A bright red fish, with a body color reminiscent of a strawberry flavored Jolly Rancher, the blowfish, belongs to the gobies family.

Blowfish are found throughout the world in tropical regions. Many species live in coral reefs and may be dark or light blue, green, or yellow.

1. A friend of mine has a fish tank with over one hundred different species of fishes in it. Where would you put the blowfish?

A. In a cup
B. On a windowsill
C. In the middle of a crowd
D. Under a rock

2. Blowfish can produce an egg with as many as 75 million sperm at once. How many sperm can he produce?

A. 10 million
B. 1 million
C. 300 million
D. 20 million

3. How quickly can a blowfish breathe underwater?

A. Slow
B. Cold
C. Medium
D. Fast

4. What is the average size of a blowfish’s brain?

A. 400 cubic centimeters
B. 640 cubic centimeters
C. 1200 cubic centimeters
D. 500 cubic centimeters

5. Blowfish control their emotional responses through their eyes, which are the largest of their
torso. How far can they see?

A. 50 paces
B. 50 yards
C. 150 feet
D. 1 mile

6. Blowfish leave their eggs on and under stony surfaces, like rocks, from July to October. Since they have very few bones, the mothers remove the yolks and leave only the nourishing white flesh. How old is an adult blowfish?

A. 25 years
B. 5 years
C. 10 years
D. 15 years

7. The pectoral fins of the blowfish are used to hide themselves after reproduction, but serve no other purpose. How many pectoral fins does the blowfish have?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 20

8. The majority of blowfish species live in warm waters, but some die during long cold winters. What kind of water do they live in?

A. Salt water
B. Fresh water
C. Coral reef water
D. Ocean

9. Blowfish such as the Swimming Blowfish, Clarias, are able to breathe air,


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Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2022 is the ultimate college sports experience. Recruit the next batch of stars with a fully customizable recruiting staff, compete against rival coaches in a plethora of playoff brackets and get ready for the ultimate NCAA Tournament experience. Who will be the first team in league history to win the championship? Can one of your players emerge as a national tournament champion? It’s your choice!
Key Features:
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-New Coach Cards for a deeper experience
-New Camera positioning options in half court, full court and three-quarter court
-Nine new Power Ups for better strategic use of your team
-New Special Stats for deeper analysis of your team
-New Video Highlights for a more fun watching experience
-Play now, pay later! Monthly subscription is available for all users
*Note: The Early Bird bonus will expire on April 5, 2019.
Internet connection required. Once purchased, single-player content is stored on a user’s device. Subscription renews automatically unless canceled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period.
**Team Builder is not available for iOS or Android devices and only available on Windows Phone, Windows and PC
***Team Builder is an in-app purchase available on PC and Mac only

The NHL® 19 Ice Hockey Experience puts you in charge of the best hockey team in the NHL. Choose your style of play, take advantage of an all-new creation kit, and create your own league to take on your friends and everyone else.
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