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The Capsa is an upcoming virtual card game for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC. It features an an incredibly deep deck building mechanic and a vibrant and rich world to explore. The game is based on flags, and the cards will take on the designs of these flags. In Capsa the rules of playing the cards are extremely simple, to the point of being almost un-noticeable. A revolutionary gameplay mechanic that makes Capsa something new in the card game genre is that once you’ve won the round you can immediately play another, in essence trading for a free turn.
Capsa launched in Early Access on Xbox One and PC on the 17th of February. In the following weeks a new player and veteran will be allocated an account and will receive a special pack of cards that they can use to help them start their quest to become a Capsa master.
You will be able to customise your character with a variety of Capsa-themed clothing to show off your Flag affinity!
Character Austrian Patterns
Character Canadian Patterns
Character Czech Patterns
Character Danish Patterns
Character Dutch Patterns
Character Finnish Patterns
Character French Patterns
Character German Patterns
Character Greek Patterns
Character Hungarian Patterns
Character Indian Patterns
Character Irish Patterns
Character Italian Patterns
Character Japanese Patterns
Character Korean Patterns
Character Lebanese Patterns
Character Lithuanian Patterns
Character Luxembourgian Patterns
Character Mexican Patterns
Character New Zealand Patterns
Character Norwegian Patterns
Character Polish Patterns
Character Portuguese Patterns
Character Romanian Patterns
Character Romanian Patterns
Character Slovenian Patterns
Character Spanish Patterns
Character Swedish Patterns
Character Swiss Patterns
Character Taiwanese Patterns
Character Thai Patterns
Character Turkish Patterns
Character UK Patterns
Character Ukrainian Patterns
Character USA Patterns
Product Features:
+ Day Z, A Situated Simulation, An Abundant World
+ Thrive in Nature, Wear and Recreate Culture
+ Relax With Nature and Experience Realism
+ Immersive & Immersion
+ Play With up to three Other Players With Different Flags
+ Super Easy to Pick-Up and Learn
+ Highly Customizable Cards and Heros
+ Play With Up to 48 Cards in a Single Match
+ Global Rules:
+ Shared Hallmarks for the entire world; the player base is the world
+ Localized Sets of Cards with One Unique Card Set for each Country
+ Powerful Multiverse:
+ All Players Playing together can all interact with each other
+ No Network Instance of a Game is required – This means that players from different Console platforms can come


The HeartBeat Features Key:

  • Delivered in a visually stunning presentation, full of intense musical score and explosive special attacks.
  • Skulls, cannons and cannons that blasts powder, and big, explosive katanas.
  • Explore One Piece’s glorious island and have fun defeating your enemies in brutal and anime-inspired gameplay.
  • Globally play with your friends regardless of where you are around the world.
  • Fight with your favourite characters and discover a huge variety of them.


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Yatagarasu AoC is a 2D original fighting game developed by RA-DOON for the PS Vita.
Release Date: June 2nd, 2015
Discount Price: $29.99
Price: $49.99

The information about Yatagarasu AoC is provided by Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc.

Final Fantasy IX is the ninth title in the popular FINAL FANTASY series and the first FINAL FANTASY game to be published by Square Enix. The game was released for the original PlayStation on October 31, 2000. It is the first FINAL FANTASY title to be released on a CD-ROM, and the first FINAL FANTASY title to be released on a PlayStation.
After the events of FINAL FANTASY VIII, a series of catastrophes has been unleashed upon the world, and the once peaceful and prosperous nation of Spira is the target of an invasion by monstrous creatures known as the “Sin”. In desperation, the kingdom has called for aid from the world’s ultimate sorcerers, the legendary heroes, the “Crescent Knights”.
The gameplay of FINAL FANTASY IX has been altered significantly from previous titles in the series to give the story a more serious tone and move away from the turn-based combat of most previous titles.
● Features a brand-new job system: with the inclusion of special classes, characters no longer require a specific combination of statistics to create a character. They may freely create their jobs any way they like.
● Spirit Art (Projecting the image of Fiends, Spirits, or ‘Niflheim’ from within the game and transforming it into a type of art) is added to the new world of Gracesgarden, which is a separate land from Fringale.
● New “Avatars” can be created from the equipment of other characters (Boltz, for example, can become a snow-impregnated version of his character).
● Rather than just the basic Active and Passive abilities of the past games, the character classes will now include Active, Passive, Support, and Flying Abilities.
● Characters can now learn a combination of moves to form their “Mighty Move”.
● New “Quicksave” and “Quickload” commands allow the player to save or reload various game statuses.
● A wide range of new weapons and accessories will be available.
● You can now specify the effect and customizations of most items, thanks to the new “Set Equipment” feature.


The HeartBeat

The gameplay is simple.
You play as an alien Bill, forced to care for an injured baby, while he tries to get home to his mothership. His only driving force is the wish to return home and the hope that his mothership is still there and that he can finally return in one piece.
Bill’s mothership is crash landed into the garden of his neighbour, and it seems that’s where all the questions stop. The only way to get home is to build him a rocket to recover the wrecked spaceship. You’ll need the parts you find lying around, and that’s where you come into the game.
As mentioned above you’ll craft just about everything that is needed to build a rocket, like welding a wing, laser cutting a door or painting your new rocket.
The crafting system is implemented in such a way that everything has the same weight, one might think it’s too much but I actually think this is a really awesome mechanic, you can’t force-feed your baby with the wrong food.
From homebase you can also choose between three different modes. In the first you have to farm, plant and harvest your own vegetables and grow a garden.
In second, you’ll restore or repair the items you find and sell them to get the best prices. The third mode is just to entertain and use the items you find to decorate your home.
Game controls:
The controls are designed in such a way that you can easily perform actions without touching the screen.
Due to the fact that you can move and manipulate items using the touch pad, you just need to hit what you want to do with the stylus and the action will be triggered.
For example, by clicking with the stylus, you can move an item to the same spot where you clicked.
We also gave the developer the possibility to add button controls but they prefer the touchpad because it’s more intuitive. However, you can choose to change the control scheme in the settings menu, which is included in game as well.
Key Features :
– Crafting everything that is needed
– From farming, to restoring devices, to just having fun
– Have a baby alien, deliver the parents and establish a galactic civilization
– Build a spaceship and fly home to his mothership
– Be the farmer of the galaxy
– Decorate your home and call it home
– Sleep, eat well and entertain yourself
– Become a god of the galaxy
– Get to know your neighbours
– Take care of Bill


What’s new in The HeartBeat: