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The Boss Crack [Win/Mac] (Updated 2022) 📀







The Boss Crack + PC/Windows

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The Boss Crack + Activation Key Free [March-2022]

The Boss is a software package that monitors, analyzes, and controls Internet activities of users or computers on a local or wide area network. It can be used as a parental control and content filter to monitor, limit, and control the computers on your network including PCs, servers, printers, terminals, and other devices. It helps protect children or family members on-line by restricting access to Internet activities such as email, instant messaging, chat, file transfer, and other activities. The Boss can restrict internet access to specific websites such as pornography, gambling websites, or software repositories, and it can provide access control for staff members such as designated employees, the general public, paid customers, and contractors. It can also monitor content, restrict access to specific websites, and send warnings when the user reaches a safe website. It can be set up for automatic monitoring and management, with time-schedules and rules, according to the user’s specified settings. Other features include webpage screenshots, file duplication, Email inbox, FTP server, web proxy, database management, and access control to limit usage of the bandwidth or to adjust the CPU usage. The program is easy to use and free to download.
The Boss
The Boss features the following features:
Windows Installer: The Boss installer is a standalone setup program that installs the essential components of the software and makes the setup operation simpler.
Real-time Monitoring: the program can monitor, capture, log, and analyze all Internet traffic on an internal network, including computers, servers, printers, and terminals.
Webpage Screenshots: it can snapshot webpages in real time by copying their images, and provide its own web page-viewer that is easy to use.
Document Exchange: it can capture and log file-sharing activities of MSN messenger users. It can copy MSN messenger content, and forward it as a message.
MSN Messaging Log: it can capture and log MSN Messenger activities and forward them as messages.
Recordable MSN Contacts: it can capture and log MSN contacts with time-stamp and forward them as messages.
Multi-Net: The Boss can monitor multiple computers over a single network.
Encrypted Logs: The logs are encrypted and password protected to prevent unauthorized access.
FTP Server: It can capture and log FTP servers.
Confidential Emails: it can capture confidential Emails and send them as regular messages.
Website Screencaps: it can duplicate and monitor websites. It saves the reports of monitored

The Boss For Windows

Organize your offline and online life with The Boss and watch every move in real time. Its real-time stream captures live and offline activities, such as Internet activity logs, listening to music and entertainment programs, access to any web sites, sending and receiving emails and instant messages, web browsing, and streaming videos. The Boss is fully featured and easy to use, yet offers powerful functions and an extremely rich user interface. The Boss is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems.
The Boss Version History:
Version 3.1: Revamped the user interface and added visual effects to the online stream.
Version 3.0: The Boss now captures and logs activities under any Internet browser. You can also capture the screen image of any browser window. Added a remote install feature.
Version 2.0: Can now list, rename, tag, and move any system file or folder. Added a snapshot capture function. Version 1.2: The Boss can now create an offline copy of your web site pages and multimedia files, allowing you to browse the Web when there is no Internet connection. Versions prior to 1.2 required Internet connection to copy web site pages from an Internet server. Version 1.1: The Boss now has several manual configuration options to choose from and allows you to configure program by selecting desired settings from a drop-down list.
Version 1.0: The Boss is a user-friendly program that helps you to keep the family or office computer network under control. The Boss can: Track and record all Internet activities and content; Analyze and compare the time log of a single or multiple computers; Set parental controls for the online behaviors of children; Take snapshots of any area of the Windows screen; Log chat and instant messaging program; View email and FTP logs; Set the desired time-limit for any online activity; Categorize and tag the captured data and take snapshots of web pages
By scanning with the Boss, you can see all of the company or personal communications being carried out on the network computers. Analyze any activity to see how long a particular program or Internet activity has been running, how many times a certain program or Internet activity has run, and the pages accessed. You can easily copy all web pages and multimedia files to your computer.
¦ Plug-and-play. The Boss will work with any Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, or Windows Server 2003 server.
¦ Supports all versions of Internet Explorer

What’s New in the The Boss?

1. Send s, m, d, L, and R schedule records based on time-schedules.
2. Real-time access to users’ Internet access activities: Email, FTP, HTTP, IMAP, EML, Wireless, and more.
3. Duplicate Email and FTP.
4. Tracking Internet traffic and create data log and report.
5. Webpage screenshots and take snapshot of recorded contents.
6. Filtering internet activities with customized Internet rules.
7. Easy to use, taking users step-by-step guides.
8. All the recorded activities can be view by the user and stored on the storage.
9. Automatically loaded and set up.
10. It requires user permission to run, no further installation.
11. Compatible with all computers (Mac/Win).
12. All the above features come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Another advantage of using The Boss is that it will not harm the regular operation of the computer system. It is 100% safe to use, because it only captures the Internet traffic which pass through the computer system. It also does not stay in the system computer itself.

It requires user permission to run, no further installation. With a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Boss Configuration Settings:

In the “Welcome” window, click “Next” to proceed to the settings screen.

Click “Check Results” button to confirm that The Boss is properly installed.

Note: For Windows XP installation, you have to install the checkbox from “Add or Remove Programs” to “The Boss Setup”.

For Windows 2000 installation, you should install the checkbox from the desktop icon.

How To Configure A Windows Server

Just like setting up the windows client, you can do some settings under “Local Users and Groups” -> “properties” -> “computer account” -> “User D…

How To Configure A Ubuntu Server

Open System menu -> Administration menu, then click Server -> Network Config -> interfaces

Select the interfaces that you’d like to be open to the Internet.

How To Configure An XP Router

In the command prompt window, type ipconfig /renew then press Enter.

In the “Summary of the connection” box, check the “Enable DHCP” checkbox, then press “Apply” button to update it.

Press the “Apply” button

System Requirements:

For official support please contact our support desk via the page
– Windows OS
– 2 GB of RAM
– 3 GB of available hard drive space
– Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon x2 5000 series
– OpenGL 3.0 compatible video card
– 64bit of Windows operating system
– Please use our forum, for tips and tricks, questions and answers regarding multiplayer matchmaking. The Support Desk is available on: