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The Angry Banana Keygen Crack Setup (2022)

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Name The Angry Banana
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.91 / 5 ( 2309 votes )
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• Some important Features:
– Double control, it’s “flippin’ sweet”, play it a way you want
– Enjoy the violence, there’s a lot of it
– 2 Super Nonsense characters
– Fully responsive game
– No Ads
– Bonus outta your way
– Full English
– “Ole Banana!”
– HUGE universe with many different outfits to design
– Simple to learn, but hard to master
– If you can’t get enough of Angry Banana, you can even unlock it in your phone’s App store.
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The Angry Banana is a short 2D action game with a funny story that’s full of NONSENSE! You go out on a journey to avenge your “family”. But, will you be able to?
You’ll be going through five different levels where you need to pay a LOT of attention to what’s going on around you. In order to survive, know when you should move, and when you shouldn’t. Use your deadly banana peels and your devastating banana kick to destroy different enemies who will try to stop you. If you survive, then maybe…just MAYBE, you’ll be able to get your revenge.
About This Game:
• Some important Features:
– Double control, it’s “flippin’ sweet”, play it a way you want
– Enjoy the violence, there’s a lot of it
– 2 Super Nonsense characters
– Fully responsive game
– No Ads
– Bonus outta your way
– Full English
– “Ole Banana!”
– HUGE universe with many different outfits to design
– Simple to


Features Key:

  • automatic game play
  • revisions to the game
  • playing the levels yourself
  • An Angry Dino

    • use C-M-F-A-Z-D- and C-F-A-B-Z- keys
    • food is yellow

    Anna Lisa

    • use J-K-L-M-Z and the spacebar keys
    • her food is yellow

    Candy Box

    • use the A-B-C-D- and the 1-3-5-7- keys
    • red and yellow candies

    Chicken Run

    • use an arrow key to navigate the screen
    • eat green fruit from neighboring gardens
    • the goal is to collect as many fruits from the green houses of the farms

    Corn Cows

    • use the A-B-C-D- and the 1-3-5-7- keys
    • eat grass from the fields
    • the goal is to eat all of the hay


    • use the arrows and your finger to move the gerbera
    • eat yellow vegetables

      The Angry Banana Keygen Full Version Download

      Adventure, Fighting, Action and Humour. The Angry Banana Full Crack has them all!
      The Angry Banana For Windows 10 Crack is a story about a guy named Frank who has 2 bananas. We know this because in the beginning of the game, you get to choose which character you want to be. Frank is that brownish, kinda round, two-banana guy. It starts off as Frank’s usual life, but then he ends up with the two bananas and he’s not fond of it. His main goal is to get rid of these two bananas and travel to a town that he doesn’t even know about. In the beginning of the game, there are three characters available to play, you can choose which one you want to be. So, choose your character and let’s begin the journey to the unknown lands.
      Help Frank win against the different enemies and obstacles that he encounters on his journey. You have a bunch of different weapons you can use at your disposal such as banana peels, banana kick, leafs and some other stuff. You play the game in 2D on a side-scroller (don’t tell anyone!) where you can move the character, perform a jump, some actions as well as seeing some cool animations. The environment consists of green fields, mountains, forests and some other stuff. The game is simple enough so even the youngest players can easily enjoy it. I recommend you to go for it. You won’t regret it.
      Audio (optional):
      I think The Angry Banana Full Crack could use some tunes. It would help with the atmosphere and would increase the game’s value. So that’s why I’ve added a music option on the options menu. I’ve added some Tiers 1, 2 and 3 songs, but feel free to request any songs you want. They’re all free and public domain so it shouldn’t be a problem. Play whatever you want. Play a Song you liked? Let me know so I can listen to it. If you don’t have any songs, that’s okay, just tell me.
      Terms of Use:
      – You don’t have to complete every level. If you skip a level, it doesn’t matter. But make sure you complete the game.
      – You can donate any amount of money and I’ll be really grateful to you. This is my goal for The Angry Banana Cracked Version, and I’m hoping that this will be enough to create more games with similar stuff. Any donation will help me a LOT. Any amount is acceptable.
      – My game is a fan-


      The Angry Banana Torrent (Activation Code) [Latest] 2022

      Angry Banana: How do you kill somebody with a banana?! In this short story, you have to go on a journey to the place where your family was beheaded by a crazed monkey. Follow the instructions you get and you’ll be able to defeat the enemies. If you don’t, then, well, let’s just say…you might not be able to return home and get your revenge. Don’t forget to have fun!
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      Falling on your butt, You’re shooting a pasty-faced man in the face with an assault rifle. Ouch! You’ve just set off a dynamite bomb down a volcano. What’s next? Come on now! Take a deep breath and blow us all up!
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      A very vicious monster wants to eat you, so you have to run


      What’s new in The Angry Banana:

      By John Buchanan

      Posted 2/24/01 at 9:00 AM (EST)

      A man is standing in front of a Boy Scouts packet of information about what to do when Hitler invades your country with

      Hungarian soldiers. The man picks up his pamphlet and reads it more carefully as the teenager asks him some questions about it.

      C.S.E.B.: “OK, what is written on this page here?”

      The man looks at the page and holds the thin pamphlet to the light. “Well, you see, the Boy Scouts have brought this to all those countries threatened with invasion. If they shoot at you, there are things listed on this sheet. Also, there is a very handy dog whistle on this sheet. If you blow it, your Boy Scouts will come and save you.”

      The old man takes his sunglasses off and then puts them back on. “And do your Boy Scouts like reading?”

      The teenager says, “Oh yes, they like just about everything.”

      The man says, “Well then, I know they’ll like this.” The man picks up the pan from the old man’s porch, gets his biscuits, some milk and a banana, then takes them inside.

      The boy asks, “What is that?”

      The man says, “It’s a banana”.

      And the boy asks, “Why is it angry?”

      The man says, “Well, when this banana was a seed, it was at the bottom of the sea. It was part of a pod. The pod started to rot, and the seeds inside it started rotting. And of course, as time passed, the banana became more and more sour and bitter.

      About two hundred years later, this banana was running for Congress….from the bottom of a barrel, you know. And, he ran against the other candidate in the neighborhood.

      And he says he’ll do anything to win. And he bet on every last race the other candidate ran. And he paid off the judges. And he tells you things that nobody ever told anyone, and he knows that you are his only chance.

      So, he thought up some tricks. First, he buys enough votes to put you in the front, because he wanted to head the ticket. Then, he goes to New Mexico and buys enough of the vote to get you elected to the Senate. And he gets a lawyer in California to get the judge who


      Download The Angry Banana Crack + With License Code


      How To Crack The Angry Banana:

    • Double-click on file to install the game.
    • Then Double-Click on the icon of the game in the game folder you’ve just
      installed it in.
    • Then Play The Game.

    Animated Screenshots:


    Change Log:

    • v.1.4 – 29th September 2011:
      fixed the mega menus on big resolutions. (Fix: 1280×1024)
    • v.1.3 – 29th October 2010:
      Installed as Setup.exe. (first executable installer)
    • v.1.2 – 22nd May 2010:
      Hardening (Fix: 'Some Vista SP2 Installers doesn't run')
    • v.1.1
      Fixed some bugs with the installation of the.9.9 version.
    • v1.0 – 22nd September 2009:
      First Release

    How to Install & Crack Games – The Angry Banana: