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Heart of the Forest can be considered a small addition to Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and it will even make more sense as you play the game. It is a compilation of tales that make up the current timeline of The World of Darkness. By contrast, it is also a more in-depth look at the timeline, focusing on the setting’s most iconic tales.

Unlike most World of Darkness games, this time around you control the Werewolf. This is a narratively driven, interactive arc of eight quests which combine to tell a story of the past, present and future. While you progress through them, you are also forced to make a decision. You’ll be forced to make moves, kill people and make choices that will impact the story.

The interface, like most World of Darkness games, is not too flashy. All the options are in the menu and are intuitive to use.

Heart of the Forest is set in the present World of Darkness. While the previous game was set in the past, the present setting is very much based around the historical elements of the setting. While there is a time-travel aspect, it mostly involves setting back the time of a character.

Like the previous game, players will be able to make decisions that will impact the story. While you are able to use it in all campaigns, it is strongly recommended to use it in a Story-driven campaign, or you will not be able to progress.

Due to the presence of Story-driven campaign, this game will also be focused on multiplayer content and will not be released until at least late 2014.

Heart of the Forest is currently scheduled for release in early 2015. It is still in early development.Q:

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I’m working with Java and I have an array that looks like this. (each object has a type and a group)
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Features Key:

  • Fullscreen – Game plays in 320×240 or 640×480 widescreen. Graphics have texture quality setting, and particle effects are fully adjustable. Sprites can be fully re-positioned on-screen with nine point controls.
  • Cursor control – Use the keyboard, mouse, joystick, or gamepad to control the widescreen view.
  • Simple controls – Main controls are accessible by mouse, keyboard, joystick, or gamepad. And you can customize them.
  • Mouse control – Move the cursor in eight directions around the screen or use the mouse to select or copy items.
  • Good Keyboard Controls – Simple command keys are listed in your controls. Copy/paste key is always accessible with a single key press.
  • Texture Quality – Tweakable, with quality levels ranging from 4 (lowest) to 9 (highest). All quality settings now use a curve that increases “game quality” as you lose frame rate.
  • Gamepad Support – One controller is supported, but if you have more than one, go to options and assign them to buttons, or joystick controls.
  • Gamepad progress – A progress bar displays the score of gamepad actions.
  • Full HD and movie support – All movies are now in 1080p quality, and the game auto-adjusts to match!


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Retrovirus is a FPS shooter game that uses a N64 controller for the gamepad. The game was developed for the title “Play Game Link” a Nintendo 64 title by WizGames. The game was intended for the Nintendo 64 “Playlink” line of games, which included three games, Pooka’s Muddy Water, Playground Games and Retrovirus.
Retrovirus was available for a brief period of time from the eShop for the Nintendo 64. It was available on the Nintendo eShop for a limited time during the holidays in 2010-2011.
First release: 2001
Platforms: Nintendo 64,
Censorship: No

A really superb FPS, and blessedly a six-axis one, made intricate through some really genuinely smart weapon design of the like not seen in a shooter for far too long.

Some retro games from Nintendo 64 are not commonly known to be good, so I was pretty convinced to pass on this game as well, however, I am delighted to say that Retrovirus is not your regular kind of old school first person shooter, and that it is actually one of the most enjoyable of its ilk.

The menu system is not huge, but the game did have some fairly extensive options if you’re actually interested. The UI is pretty clean and to the point, so it actually made reading it quite simple. The game featured online multiplayer and it worked pretty well. It is noted that due to the quirks of the Nintendo 64 controller, it was not a perfect experience. Some weapons, especially the shotguns, can often seem a little off when you first play, and a certain amount of gamepad-gaming will probably be needed to master.

The game itself is a brilliant shooter and as such, works pretty well on its own. It was beautifully designed, and the game never once got boring. The highly Nintendo-focused and retro music made it even more appealing.

The only thing that really took away from the game was that it seemed to be missing the old school charm that these games are famous for.

These are the kind of games that have a way of making you feel extremely old, however, Retrovirus is a game that could not be more accessible to modern players. It also almost makes you seem like you’re playing an N64 game on your PC, so people of a more modern generation shouldn’t be too shocked.

I very much enjoyed this game. It may not have been the best game of


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Explore a diverse world of SciFi and Medieval Worlds packed with puzzles.Players can affect the fate of the universe by discovering mysterious “text messages”, each with a far reaching impact that could determine the fate of the very universe.
Detailed character creation.
A wide variety of PvP and PvE activities for high end gamers
Lambda Mall, main hub of the game
Real time events in the world
General game improvements to explore new gameplay
Langue: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Brazilian
System requirements:
Windows 7 or later
1GB RAM (2GB recommended)
600MHz or faster CPU
15 GB free disk space
Voice, VOIP
Adobe Flash player 11
Otherland: Next is currently in a closed Beta phase. The aim of the Beta phase is to gather feedback on the various gameplay elements to prevent bugs before the game goes into Open Beta.
Once the Beta is open we will provide a detailed overview of all important features and gather general feedback about the game.
After the Beta phase, we will be increasing our focus on complete quality assurance of our game and get feedback from all players on any issues they might encounter.
The pre-order cost is until February 27th and it includes all necessary content for the duration of the Closed Beta as well as a unique in-game title: “the Baron”.
Otherland: Next will be released in 2015.

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Otherland: Next is a new Multiverse story and concept MMO, part of the brand portfolio of Infinite Game Studios, a group of industry veterans behind franchises such as Wing Commander and MechWarrior. The creation of a unique universe involving a choice of action and stories ranging from SciFi, Medieval or Steampunk, Otherland is a virtual universe where you can experience the Otherworld.The level cap is 50.Otherland: Next features a wide range of mechanics and activities such as challenges, dungeons, PvP battlegrounds, trading, player housing and clan areas just to mention a few.Your personal in-game avatar will be represented by a special character costume.Become part of the Otherland network and experience these story-rich worlds by helping their inhabitants fight the NeoGrail set on their destruction.All characters in Otherland: Next will receive the same number of in-game items: 25 Common, 5 Rare, 10 Epic and 2 Legendary item levels. Leveling is affected by your class and


What’s new: