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and conductive nano-metallic particles on the lateral surface of the substrate. Therefore, the selected areas of the substrate not bearing the coating will have this coating show the diffusion of oxygen into the substrate to an increasing degree as the temperature is increased.
The diffusion of oxygen of this type is always accompanied by the formation of an oxidation layer which modifies the electric properties of this coating and, consequently, its application is limited to some extent.
Other processes have also been proposed in which the substrate is coated with a conductive layer and then subjected to an electrochemical treatment and/or to a corona-discharge treatment.
All of these methods, however, produce a strong oxidation of the conductive layer that has a bad influence on the adhesion of the later deposited metallic layer. In fact, the layer thus obtained is very difficult to connect to the metallic layer through a simple mechanical bonding.
Moreover, all of the processes proposed to date are directed to the chemical formation of conductive layers or coatings on substrates which already bear a conductive layer, but the resulting layers are generally not compatible with the substrate and do not make it possible to obtain, with one and the same chemical bath, a substrate bearing a conductive coating and bearing, at the same time, a Ni-based over-layer.

Obama reveals disdain for America. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. – cwan

The problem with this post is that the title is misleading. Obama has, in my
opinion, said several things that have demonstrated disdain for America
throughout his career. Like his first speech as a state senator (made in
Illinois) and the speech where he said that people could be “justly proud of
our diversity.” (link[1])

This is a recent example, for which I think the title of “reveal[s] disdain
for America” is a bit of a stretch.



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