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A group of farmers, after a long day of work, want to relax. But what fun is life without animals? Or milk. So, after a long day of work, they will turn the animals into milk and have a relaxing night drinking milk. In Dairy Farm Simulator, you are the farmer, and your farm will be growing.You will help animals to give milk and feed them to maintain a healthy farm.Also, in the end, you will have a nice farm and have a relaxing family.Features:
• Numerous Animals. Including Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Chickens, Ducks, Horses, Sheep and more.
• Manage all farm activities. Animals will give milk, feed and lose weight.
• Build cow farms, milk barns and their one of a kind yards.
• Plant a variety of vegetables, trees and flowers in your garden.
• Buy equipment and animals.
• Having a real shop inside your farm.
• Raise your animals naturally or artificially.
• Breed your animals.
• Power cuts, storms, blizzards and drought.
• Hiring and firing staff and their skills.
• Purchase land from a variety of owners.
• Build and upgrade your farm.
• Have more fun.
For questions or any help, contact us at: [email protected]Game Development
Developer: HyperWeb Games

?START CLAY ALL OVER THE WORLD? Discover clay in more than 400 levels, now available in Adonia VR ️Satisfaction guaranteed ⚡️You are about to create the greatest masterpiece since clay.Enjoy the fun in this virtual edition of the world’s favorite game. Let’s build a castle, then a city, then a village, and…etc! With the new century coming, you start to create a building plan for a new world!Clay VR is a mashup of a puzzler, a game of construction, and a game of memory. Are you ready to build?Watch the video below to know more.SCREENSHOTS
The first version of the game will have 2 games.
*Constructing world – In a new place, you can build every village, city, castle and everything you want.
*Memory game – 1/2 of the game is about remembering the levels you played before.
For now, you can start playing with the Constructing World. TIP : Add a crop in each level which contains


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  • No regular coins, “20 minutes of hard work” cost 5 ~ 1567 coins.
  • Project “It’s So Good” requirements:
  • Main Characters are differentHentai Girls of the “Hentai Prison” who have been abused and degraded.
  • Visuals:
  • Xxx-oriented designs.
  • In “Clean ” monotone textures.
  • Scripts:
  • Upper and lower parts are color-shifted in the eye sequence of the girls
  • Especially in the “Rare” version there are examples of different skin colors.
  • More color is visible when the movement of girls and the opening and closing of curtains is shown

Download this template:>

Original Game: Hentai Prison Source

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Tekken 7 follows the story of a world in which a legendary event called the World Grand Prix has now been recreated in the streets of Japan. In it, the remaining contestants — each with their own aspirations and reasons for making it to the big fight — go head-to-head to determine a new world champion.
Players will be immersed into a new story set in the Tekken universe, featuring new characters, storylines, environments and gameplay mechanics.
By downloading this title, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of the end user license agreement provided to you at least 30 days before starting your use of this content.
If you do not wish to be bound by this agreement, then do not download this content from the online store.
Key Game Features:
• Fight with new challenges.
• Play with the PlayStation®4 Pro console.
• Become the ultimate fighter with fierce new moves and a new base.
• Use the PlayStation®4’s new features to win.
• Experience new ways to utilize Mira’s Legacy.
• Learn new fighting techniques as you fight through a new story inspired by the Tekken 7 universe.
• Feel the impact of the Black Dragon Tournament stage.
• Challenging gameplay with a combination of Arcade Mode and Online Play.
• If you do not have a PS4™ or PlayStation®4 Pro system, the online multiplayer features of the game are free.
• If you do not own the Tekken™ 7 game, you can play Tekken 7 during its free trial period at the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®4 Pro online stores.
• If you own Tekken 7, you can purchase this item in the PlayStation®4 online store after the free trial period.
• Tekken 7 is compatible with the PlayStation®3 system, but not with the PlayStation® Vita system.
• The “Downloadable Content” items below are all subject to the PSN Terms of Service and your agreement with Sony Online Entertainment America LLC. Certain downloadable content may not be available for all game platforms or all territories. If you are unsure of your rights or those of someone else, please contact us.
About This Game
You are the current King of Iron Fist Tournament, tasked with defending the peace of your land. Your people are content with the peace that you brought to them, but there are still those among your people who harbor resentment towards you and wish to see you gone from their land.


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The game itself is extremely short, consisting of only 3 scenes in the first and second arcs. The total play time for both arcs is roughly 15 minutes.
The main story is composed of a total of 3 chapters. The first chapter is where you meet Shirone, the heroine, through a conversation between the heroine and Shun. The second chapter is where Shirone leaves Shun, only to call out his name a couple of times in the second arc. The third chapter is where Shun finally meets Trinoline, the android which looks just like Shirone, and finds out the truth about his sister.
Shun: Shun is the protagonist of the game. He currently spends his days attending school like any other student, yet another midsummer’s day bears down upon him. He finds himself suddenly reminded of the sibling he lost way back when. He vows to spend his days from now on making up for the life his sister never got to have. He doesn’t even know the identity of the girl he just ran into, but a certain a red-haired beauty calls out Shirone’s name from far off in the distance.Trinoline: Trinoline is the main heroine of the game. The android Shirone calls out Shun’s name, leaving Shun slightly confused. Shirone had never liked to admit she was an android, so she wouldn’t tell Shun the truth about her circumstances. Trinoline, on the other hand, seems to know who Shun is, and she’s quite anxious to meet the young man who took in her sister’s daughter. She’s the spitting image of Shirone, and when Shun met her, she was trapped inside the town’s research facility. There is a possibility that Trinoline is a child of the same age as Shun’s sister, Shino; the reason why Shirone needs his help after so long is the mystery surrounding her origins and lineage.
Use the mouse to control movement, and you can even use the WASD keys or numbers 1 through 4 to move your character. Clicking anywhere on the screen will cause a standard conversation. Have fun!… and please write a review.

All content is used with permission from RPG Site’s RSS Editor, Venom. All content is used with permission from RPG Site’s RSS Editor, Venom. All content is used with permission from RPG Site’s RSS Editor, Venom.

I know you wanted to make this girl so adorable, Trina, but


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    Twin Corporation is aware of a particular science experiment, codenamed “X-Cartel”, that is being conducted on their premises. The lab, however, was overrun by the “commandos


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System Requirements:

Intel Core i7-5820K (or equivalent)
Radeon 6850 (or equivalent)
Windows 7 64-bit
PC Requirements:
Capcom PC Requirements: