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We love the epic symphonic type songs that got us into thinking about starting a music project on our own. Our goal is to put out new music, get the audience to listen and share it.
When the world seems like it’s going to self-destruct,
a thought occurs and you start screaming, your heart is on fire. In the end, we all die…
Our latest release – The Summer That Never Ends – is just a taste of the weird stuff that we’re trying out. It starts with abstract sounds and moves into actual melodies and song-writing.
We do all the instruments and arrange all the music. How free can we get with our sounds and ideas? What can be abstract and surreal at the same time?
Like a lot of people, we’ve been following ‘jazz’ (sings) and ‘opera’ (singing with instruments) since we first heard ‘Louie Louie’.
In our opinion, classical music and jazz are two of the most interesting genres. We put them together in a field that we invented for ourselves.
We’re trying to get as many people to listen to us as possible.

What do you think about the gameplay?
The gameplay was great, it was really good to have the big graphical improvements. It was also really good to have a long campaign, especially a campaign where the storyline plays a big part in the gameplay. It’s also nice to play with a mouse, instead of having to look at the stupid gamepad and use my left hand to hold the mouse :p.

The graphics are good but it lacks some important stuff such as motion blur and particle effects.

The music was interesting, it wasn’t like what most people would expect, but I liked it.

The controls (movement and camera) are fine, I didn’t have any problems.

The AI didn’t fool me at all, if I wanted to attack I knew where they where and I was able to take them out.

The game kinda felt like it was short, there wasn’t really anything else to do other than the campaign and then playing/training new units.

This might just be the thing where I’m missing something which is the game I want to play, but I would recommend this game to more people than usual.

I have to say, I’m not that surprised that it won so much and I guess I’m the only one that


Features Key:

  • 5 rhythm game levels
  • 40 different patterns (per level)
  • Music-styled rhythm game, with up to 99 performances of different songs you can choose to beat.
  • Dynamic ending when you beat every song in every play of the level
  • Many Game Completion Titles
  • How to playpatter warrior:

    You need just tap the screen in time with the music to perform different patterns, hit Continue and Next buttons to switch between the levels.
    The most difficult level is the last one – you will get a sweat… (and maybe a headache). 🙂

    Game Center Achievements:

    • Beat level with high score
    • Beat level with best time
    • Beat level with every note
    • Beat level with every song

    There are 4 Game Center Achievements to get:

    • Beat level with high score
    • Beat level with best time
    • Beat level with every note
    • Beat level with every song

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Phillip Blinco




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    – Online Multiplayer
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    – Story-Driven Campaign and Skirmish mode
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    (I was a little unclear in my original comment, and this answer turns out to have been more of a clarification than an answer.)
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    Another solution would be to have the client encrypt the connection, but this can be tricky if they use methods that use raw TCP/IP.


    Hardware solutions are always harder to secure


    What’s new in Tank Ball:


    August 17, 2015

    Annie – my beach got sliced into three

    Hi! My name is Jason Huggins, and I am the caretaker of Annie, a 3,000-follower lighthouse on Pumpkin Island. This place is not just a lighthouse. It is more than that. It is an abandoned plantation and a time capsule that sears its way into our memory. As kids, we remember climbing over the high, dank-wooden wall that separates the beach from the house and make believe we were sailing to the flag-draped crevice. We remember climbing on the bike path that runs through the woods next to the courthouse and hopper-ing over the shipping containers lying on their side from the vacant lot next door and down to the edge of the marsh below. We remember the stories of extraordinary individuals who have lived in this place, from the explorers to the Pembertons to the vacationers to the nervous New England privateers to the local welfare families. We also remember the disastrous storms that have washed over this place, breaking windows and dumping debris every six months or so. Are we upset or sad that this place is now abandoned and we cannot go inside? Yes. For how long? No. But how can we not worry about the future of a place that we hold so close to our hearts? We have no choice but to continue to care for Annie, no matter what happens. Your questions are answered in the following article.

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    This game was made in Unity to showcase the amazing game engine which Unity offers. Unity is really great for creating mobile applications as well as desktop applications.
    Any advice or comments are always welcome. You can hit the comments button or drop me a email – just promise not to take it personally.
    – Thanks, Steve


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    Wuzup with this one.

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    Can they eat the sex organs of spiders, and how does it taste?
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    How To Install and Crack Tank Ball:

    • Grimrush, first go to “”
    • Open the “install-unpack-crack”.run file
    • Once it’s installed, click “run”
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    • Open the “crack” folder, take a look at the contents
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    • Enjoy 🙂


    System Requirements For Tank Ball:

    Min. Hardware Requirements:
    At least an Intel Core i3 processor (2013 and later) or AMD FX-6300
    Recommended Hardware Requirements:
    At least an Intel Core i5 processor (2013 and later) or AMD FX-8350
    Minimum Requirements:
    Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2 or later
    MySQL 5.6 or later
    PHP 5.5 or later
    JDK 7 or later
    Minimum System Requirements:
    Run 32-bit or