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Anyway, I wanted to see how the game looked in HD and compare it with the original, so I collected the materials I had from the original game and the remake and I spent a couple of hours playing on the in-game screenshots mode.
It’s really obvious that the game was remade and the changes are big, but the game was still fun to play. The controls are crisp and the graphics look better than in the first game. The game feels different and a bit more challenging.
And although the game was kept the same, I liked some new levels and the use of the physics engine. The environment in the game actually has character and it’s not really annoying to have to get through stuff.
The collectables are very sparse and actually the gameplay and puzzle solving was done better than the original’s. I actually really enjoyed the “freeplay” and survival mode.
As the developer himself states (the second game was released in July 2012), the development team of Serious Sam brought back a 3D engine, but it is a totally new engine designed around support for graphical features, like reflections, parallax and animation.
A lot of things had to be changed. And it took a lot of time to create a truly new engine. For example, the first game was made in the same engine as (Serious Engine) from which the current game engine was born, but that was made mostly for the sake of diversity and to see how far you could push the engine at that time. It was a very bad decision to abandon Unity3D for a game engine that had only been made for one purpose.
I also liked the textures, which are more detailed than before. The game ran smoothly even on older computers, so they obviously made a good effort with optimization.
Although many things have been redesigned to make the game more accessible, the game does not lost anything of its old style and brain twisting gameplay.
I enjoyed the gameplay again and was very happy to found that the game changed so well.
There is one thing that not too many people will know, though. Why would I call the new game “First Encounter”? Because the game was actually released for PC in May 2011, but there was no version for the Xbox. That means that it was the first game to have a complete package (Xbox and PC versions).
In the end, the new engine let them create a game that has a beautiful looking graphic and an entertaining, challenging and fun gameplay.
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Serious Sam: The First Encounter Review

In a nutshell, Serious Sam: The First Encounter is a cool and detailed shooter that is worth checking out. The game features an interesting gameplay and a nice atmosphere that is worth experiencing in one go. The customization of the Sams is interesting, which lets you create some unique warriors. You will have a lot of fun with this game, which is a nice addition to the thousands of titles of the genre.

A cute campaign that is worth checking out

The story starts you up in the very first level of the game where you will see a bit of a narrator before the main portion of the campaign. The story is compact, but the writer made good use of the space he had. What you get to see is a nice character-driven story where you will get to witness the good old days of the war. You will have to take part in the several events where Sam will have to fight different creatures.

The enemies of the game are quite interesting, with a detailed look. The enemies seem to be well-designed, which adds some life to the game, even if the game offers a serious and lethal experience. The game uses dynamic elements, which can make you feel like you are living through a war. The PS4 and Xbox One version of the game will take you to a nice setting and look. It will take you to the ancient lands and tell you a story that is worth checking out, even if the story is a bit short.

What is New in this version:


Improved story

One additional level added


Improved performance

New status indicators (loadout selection, weapons, ammo)

Support for different resolutions

New weapons

New enemies

Customize Sam

New objective

And much more

The graphics of the game look decent and that is the highlight of the game. The game features a nice lighting system that makes it look nice. You will be able to see small details, especially in the gameplay part of the game. The game uses dynamic elements that really make the experience worth checking out. The enemies seem to look well