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It has a file viewing window which highlights the found text and it allows the use of wildcards and BOOLEAN operators for searching.
Before searching you should create index files (very fast and easy) and then just type your words. It creates indexes in many types of text files (TXT, DOC, HTML XML and others) even packed in archives.







Search32 Pro

A modern windows search tool for Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10! Search32 Pro For Windows 10 Crack provides a very fast and user-friendly interface and it includes high-performance search engine with a file history tab and keyword extraction. This tool is also compatible with a variety of Windows OSes including Win 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
Search32 Pro Features:
* Search across files/folders/URLs on the local drive, network, cloud and removable drives!
* Screencast searches.
* Combine search terms with Boolean operators (OR, AND, NE, EQ, LE, LT, GE, GT, BUBBLE).
* Automatic Text Extraction (run whole or one file) to get the real meaning of any text without using advanced search algorithms.
* Automatic Content-Based Keyword Extraction (run whole or one file) to get the real meaning of any text without using advanced search algorithms.
* Extreme performance using multithreading and pipelining to achieve the highest search response time!
Search32 Pro Design:
Search32 Pro is a modern windows search tool which includes advanced indexing and searching. The indexed contents contain an optional “file history” tab and it’s compatible with Win 7/8/8.1/10!
Keyword Extraction from indexed contents:
Search32 Pro was designed to recover your key words regardless if any of the indexed contents contain a paragraph on that word (possible with “file history” tab)! The utility gathers all keywords of an indexed contents to one file, just press “Extract Keywords” button to recover the keywords of an entire indexed file/folder. You can also combine terms with Boolean operators (OR, AND, NE, EQ, LE, LT, GE, GT, BUBBLE) to get the combination terms.

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-Show differences between files
-Search through text in ZIP and other archive files
-Search through images (JPG, GIF, BMP) and archives
-Search for files based on their headers, sizes and MD5 hashes
-Search for words and wildcards in files
-Search for emails through RFC-822 format mailboxes (as many as 10 million)
-Search for metatags in RSS-feeds
-Search for image text through SVG, PDF and other image formats
-Search in MS Office (DOC, XLS, PPT) and Word files
-Search through itunes podcast and other text files (MP3, VQF, ASF)
-Search through OpenOffice (PDF, PPT, XLS) and more
-Search through emails (POP and IMAP)
-Search within image and archives
-Compress and Split archives
-Zip into new files
-XML editor
-Mail merge
-Search and replace text
-Find and replace text
-Edit with Rich text format
-Edit colors and align text in HTML documents
-Create search engine files (like in Google)
-Create blogs and wikis
-Write code with search for text and images
-Programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, Pascal
-Cryptography and smart encryption
-Transmit data
-DNS, FTP and SSH connections
-IP address and reverse address lookup
-Images browser
-Movie browser
-Encryption and decryption
-Cell phone spy
-Mobile phone call recorder
-Microphone and speaker (Voice recorder)
-Bluetooth and network address mode
-Windows Registry viewer (for HDD and SSD)
-Cloud storage viewer
-Portable file manager
-Convert BMP to JPG
-Convert XLS to PPT
-CAD software
-Vector graphics software
-Drawings software (Colored and black and white)
-Video editing software
-Video converter
-Tools for counting
-Find Memory Map
-Memorize Serial numbers
-Zip password
-Create password
-Decode Password
-Uncompress RAR
-Decompress a RAR file
-Decrypt compressed files
-Decrypt ZIP files (with password)
-Identity management (2FA / MFA)
-Sign and encrypt emails
-Reverse IP

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Discover how search32 Pro will help you find what you are looking for faster and more easily. It is a light-weight, powerful and extremely easy to use professional search application, designed to help you find what you are looking for faster and more easily.

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What’s New in the?

Search32 Pro Software by Skid Software is the premier text search software. Search32 Pro makes it easy to find, index and search in text. Just type the information you want to find and the software will search for it. You can search text files, web pages, program listing and much more.
Search32 Pro Features:

Does not require manual updates.

Search multiple documents at once.

It has built in wizards for creating text indexes.

It finds words, numbers, URLs.

It has a file viewing window.

Search32 Pro as a Windows application.

Search32 Pro Demo Information:

Version 1.0
Copyright 2006 SKID Software, Inc.

Important: The Search32 Pro 1.0 software is freeware. It is fully functional. The author makes no money from it.

What’s new in Search32 Pro 1.1:

Search32 Pro 1.1 is a bugfix release.

What’s new in Search32 Pro 1.0:

Version 1.0
Copyright 2006 SKID Software, Inc.

Search32 Pro 1.0 is freeware. It is fully functional. The author makes no money from it.

Easy Search with Search32 Pro Software:

If you have one or more of the following documents or folders on your hard drive and you want to search them with Search32 Pro then let’s take a look.

Search32 Pro won’t open these files and searches only file names (no file contents). Just put a file name into the search dialog in Search32 Pro and the file will be searched for the text you put in the search field.

Search32 Pro is good for searching many different documents and web pages.

What type of Search32 Pro documents should I index?

Search32 Pro allows you to index many types of files. You can search for words in documents and web pages, you can search for dates, sequences of numbers (like phone numbers), URLs and even file extensions.

How can Search32 Pro help me index my documents?

A lot of times people want to search for a word in a text file. But usually the file contains more than one word and it is very important to index the text file so all the words are in the index and the software can find each word as needed.

You can use the Search32 Pro software to index a wide variety of files.package

System Requirements For Search32 Pro:

OS: Windows 8.1 64bit
Processor: Dual Core 1.8Ghz with 2GB RAM
Hard Disk: 30GB Free Space
DirectX: 11
Video: Video Card capable of DirectX 11
Additional: USB 3.0, HDMI Connector
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