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We’ve been working on this VR video player for a long time. We’ve tried to make it perfect for your Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, etc. headsets. Moon VR Video Player is a VR video player for VR headsets, and an excellent player for your phone screen too.
Here is the list of features:
-Wide range of video modes: 180°/ 360°/ 2D/ 3D
-Multiple video formats (mkv/ mp4/ wmv/ mov/ avi/ rmvb/ flv)
-Multiple subtitles and audio tracks from external sources supported
-Fix ghosting: remove faulty ghosting in the video
-Screen adjustments: Brightness, distance, zoom, and curved display
-Background environments: galaxy, sea view and more other options to be released
-Rotate, mirror and single-eye viewing: watch videos from perspective you like
-Helpive suboptimal focus correcting technology
-Advanced antialiasing to smooth shaking: Multisampling Antialiasing, Supersampling Antialiasing, and Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing
-Lockscreen: keep it on top of everything
-Antialiasing tool: optimize the video for a best VR playback experience
-Support for BONSAI, AVCHD, FLV, MOV, MKV, AVI, SAV, RMVB and more
-Cross platform: You can use this app on your headset, Android phone, Apple watch, and so on. Enjoy your virtual reality experience wherever you go!
Download Moon VR Player:
For the best performance, you can download Moon VR Player on your device and install to SD card. Or download Moon VR Player on your PC, and install to your Oculus supported folder, or directly to your Oculus Home.
To install to your device, your device must support downloading apps from external sources. You can find out if your device supports downloading apps from external sources. (NOTE: Some Android phones do not support downloading apps from external sources. If you are using an Android phone, you should download Moon VR Player to your SD card first and then download it from the SD card to your device. Moon VR Player might crash if you just download it


Features Key:

  • Defend your roof from the enemy using balls rolled with your mouse
  • Avoiding to fall into the ground
  • Control the cursor by touching each tile with your mouse


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Over the course of the development, the team grew to form a real-life team of professional people from all sides of the gameplay.
The idea that you have in the game is: “Let’s organize a decent cup of coffee for everyone”.
The rules are simple:
The team starts in two or four teams, depending on the number of players.
Your task is to find the keys and put them in the lockers in your own house.
The team is split into two “teams”:
the red team and the blue team.
You will have to use the tools that you found in order to open the lockers. The team that takes the last locker from the locker room loses the game.
How to play this Game:
You can start the game at the beginning of any round. To see all the available settings, click the “Options” button in the top-right corner of the game.
The game is played in levels. In each level you have to get all key from the locker room. You can use the map to search for the locker room.
In the main game you can choose “Survival” mode. In this mode, the game starts with a limited amount of money.
The game ends, if you do not have enough money to proceed.
The game ends, if you do not have enough time to proceed.
You can choose in the Options, how much money you want to start with, and how much time you want to spend on the game.
You can choose from many maps, in which you will play with your friends in real time.
Game Features:
– A 3D environment
– Lots of interesting puzzles
– Real-time gameplay
– Weapons
– Lots of enemies
– Different classes
– No level selection
– No random inventory
– Random map generation
– No instancing
– No loading
This game is a freeware game. You can play it in your browser. There are no any annoying ads and the game has no activations.
The game is designed to work in IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome browsers.The efficacy and safety of ezetimibe-based dual and triple combinations for managing hypercholesterolemia.
The safety, tolerability and efficacy of ezetimibe (EZE) in combination with other lipid-lowering agents are of interest to clinicians, given its favourable risk-to-benefit profile. This review provides an


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– Large Numbers Of Weapons, Plants And Monsters
– High-quality System Responses
– Personal Stats
– Easter Eggs
– Enhances User Interface And Looks
Additional Modifiers:
– 1 account per device,
– only one profile for 1 account at a time,
– additional user profiles and account are not counted for the game’s user count or the program’s support limits,
– additional user profiles are set to the lowest system priority (optional)
Special Edition supports standalone and laptop devices (with monitor) and numerous modern tablets.Q:

Simple NSDictionary with Swift

I have a simple question. I want to set a dictionary with a default value for each key, and then use the same dictionary but unset a value. Something like this:

For every key, it will be like:
key1 : defaultValue
key2 : defaultValue

but if the key is key1 it will remove defaultValue and make the value of key1 : newValue
Could anyone please give me some help?


The Swift equivalent of NSMutableDictionary is SwiftDictionary
This is a Swift 3.2+ example:
// dictionary with some sample data for our example
let sampleDictionary = [“key1”: “defaultValue1”, “key2”: “defaultValue2”]

// SwiftDictionary has a method to clear the dictionary:

// dictionary with sample data has to be rebuilt

// array of dictionary keys
var keys = sampleDictionary.keys

// add another key to this dictionary
sampleDictionary[“key4”] = “value4”

if let key = keys.first {
// set a value and clear existing value
sampleDictionary[key] = “newValue1”
sampleDictionary.removeValue(forKey: key)

println(“sampleDictionary: \(sampleDictionary)”)

In Swift 3.1, you can use the new Map() initialiser. Here’s an example:
let sampleDictionary = [
“key1”: “defaultValue1”,
“key2”: “defaultValue2”,
“key3”: “defaultValue


What’s new in Scrap:

Car: Everybody A Search For The Piece Left Behind The Driver Is A Good Start. Then A Scrap Could In Fact Be Facing You. Does Anyone Know If This Is Yet Another Piece? Allison Worried Him & Turned To Twitter For Help. (Video)


One good samaritan is doing all he can to find the child of an accident victim. Information is scarce and typical signs of a child’s life is nowhere to be found.
What’s being posted on Twitter and other social media helps sooth the families heartache.
Little Lori Porternean,19 months old was in the back seat of her parents car one terrible day in April and she only made it 3 feet in a ditch before she died of head trauma.
Amit Patel, who was by himself at the time says “it’s like he drove off the road, his car went into the ditch, with him, his car went all the way up to his head, his eyes were widened, he wasn’t moving, and then he passed away.”
Since the death, Abby Worried has been trying to get word out through her twitter site. She’s asking people to look for anything about the child. Like toys, blankets, even a diaper bag, anything that a child could be in.
And early Sunday morning, Worried found a piece of clothing associated with the child on the internet. It’s not exactly sure about what it is, but the color is similar to little Lori’s and it’s probably her new dress up costume.
Worry says some of the clothing may be on the top of the car. And after finding out from Sgt. Hendricks she has to come to the DPW with the clothing to have it cleaned, her son found a picture of Lori from a report she found on Google and in the four days since she has had the clothing all of the distinctive red t-shirts, one was on top of the car as if it was dropped, in the beginning people posted on twitter and Facebook the question “was Lori on top or bottom of her car seat?”
Worry posted on facebook saying “I was wondering if any of you know anything about it, is Lori T shirt # 12 red below or on top of car seat. It could be her pajamas, we are not 100% certain but it has to be, would really help.”
Twitter follower Regan Kanda answered “WOW. Oh my GOD


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Supergunman is an old school shooting game where you take over a city protected by guards. In the chaos you get your revolver and blow your enemies apart! You can use either your tactical advantage or deploy your silenced semi-automatic.357 Magnum revolver with 3 spare magazines to kill your enemies in their houses.
– Tactical 3D shooting
– One Life – kill everything you find!
– Free to explore and kill enemies
– Random map generation
– A very competent AI
– Lots of high quality soundsDementia related genes, risk factors and pathophysiology: current thinking.
Dementia is an illness that in the developed world affects between 15-20% of the elderly population and afflicts between 1 and 5% of young people. To date there is no fully effective treatment for dementia. Insights into how the brains of those affected by dementia are changed could potentially lead to developing treatments. The present review aims to highlight the current thinking about genes, risk factors and pathophysiology. The basic cell biology underlying the development of dementia are outlined. Current thinking about the role of genes, risk factors and pathophysiology are given. The basic cell biology underlying the development of dementia are outlined and current thinking about the role of genes, risk factors and pathophysiology are given.


How To Crack Scrap:

  • Download Tiger Fighter 1931 Sunset and extract the downloaded file.
  • Install %TIGERFIGHT% program to your documents folder.
  • Locate the extracted Tiger Fighter 1931 Sunset MP026.exe file and double click it to start the installation process. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish the installation.
  • The installation process will complete. Now start the game. The game’s interface will open.
  • Fixed Bugs & Other Changes

    • Added a time trial option to the game and added a heat level for the fighters.
    • Added an option to teleport fighters.
    • Added many new portraits of fighters.
    • Fixed the camera while flying.
    • Fixes to several mechanics.

    Tiger Fighter 1931 Sunset MP026 Details

    • Game Category: Arcade & Classic
    • Genre: Fighting
    • Language: English
    • System Requirements:
      • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
    • Game Size:
      • 384.83 MB
    • Release Date:
      • 2014-06-05

    Company / Developer: [Cherry Blossom]
    EAN: 1742035946456

    Price: $9.99
    File Size: 384.83 MB

    Download / Install Tiger Fighter 1931 Sunset MP026 from the provided links


    System Requirements:

    Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
    Macintosh OS X 10.2/10.3
    2Ghz or faster processor
    512MB RAM
    3Ghz video card
    Use the hot keys to control the game. You can switch weapon types using the “switch weapons” hotkey (1), and you can switch between basic attacks and special attacks using the “special attack” hotkey (2).
    You can also use the left mouse button to interact with items and the right mouse button


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