※ Support for desktop VR systems
※ Continuous updates are in progress
※ By using the room scale button on the dualshock 4 controller, the game can be playable in a single space.
Other minor improvements for the Korean version:
– Based on Game load, the game’s animation cannot be played
– Fixed replay button disappearing while playing
– Fixed the music tracker not appearing for some usersCommunication of risk and research on preterm birth: the role of the media.
To find out the sources of information and the degree of risk acceptance by the public in relation to their own pregnancy, the birth of their babies, and research in this field. An example of preterm birth with special reference to the media is given. A random sample of 1,530 women giving birth in Malmö and covering a total population of 154,000 was drawn, divided into three age groups. Questionnaires were mailed to the respondents. Thirty-four percent had received information about preterm birth from a doctor, 22% from the mass media and 25% had read about preterm birth in newspapers. There were no significant differences between age groups with regard to information sources. Information was given mainly by doctors (47%), followed by the media (23%), other nurses (10%), midwives (10%) and other sources (6%). Eighty-four percent admitted the possible use of knowledge of their own risk for prevention. The women recognized the importance of information, but had received little. Women must be convinced of the need for individual information before treatment is applied.Q:

Why do white people like black people and vice versa?

African-American and white people like each other, and Westerners are always trying to find a reason to dislike them. Does anyone know the reason why? I mean, every race/ethnicity hates every other.


Just because some (white) people (of the West) like some (black) people (of Africa) does not mean that it’s “for love”.
One of the possible reasons to dislike another race is that it’s inferior (see: the white man’s ideology).


Why are White people afraid of black people?
White people don’t like black people because white people are afraid of black people.

White people are afraid of black people because black people are
scary, violent, and trigger warnings. Because we’re afraid of them, we



  • Experience the deepest virtual reality scientific game in the world!
  • Immerse yourself and enter into the world of the deep sea
  • Navigate through the very mysterious and hostile environment on three different parts of the deep sea floor – the sea and ground
  • Battle against life forms including giant crabs, octopuses, squid, jellyfish and squid
  • Combine synergy with the abilities of yourself or another marine creature on the same team
  • Fight against a lot of enemies with unique abilities with your partner
  • Discover the secrets of the lost civilization in the past
  • Battle against the tyrannosaurus species that is the ancestor of the dinosaurs
  • Fight against giant salamanders and discover a secret behind the deep sea
  • Battle against the most ferocious fish which eats nearly everything and is the origin of the sea
  • Survive against huge spiders and discover the secrets of the Earth during your journey in the deep
  • Oppose the most virulent bacteria
  • Explore and rescue the abducted crew on the different ship in the deep sea


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Game play

– Target
– Enemy
– Rescue
– Survival
– Assault
– Performance


– Fish
– Octopus
– Shark


– Coral
– Sea Slugs
– Sea Octopus


– Sea Bats
– Sea Sharks
– Marine Volcanic Activity
– Lake


– Jaguar
– Sea Mammal
– Surf


– Difficult Game: A level you can perform in a single play
– Easy Game: A level you can perform in a practice play.

System Requirements
Support Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems.
Minimum Operating System: Windows 7/8/10/X64/X86 and OS X 10.5.
Screen Configuration: 128×64
Playing in a large area is required.
Display resolution: QHD
In addition to the large screen you should be connected to the Internet.
Memory: 4GB RAM
Please be aware that the memory usage of the game increases depending on the number of stages (game play options).
Processor: Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7
Processor recommended: Intel Core i7
Controller: Keyboard and Mouse
Please use a controller (joystick or controller) that supports input.
Required DTO:
HDD (at least 2GB)
Hard drive (Windows: 1GB)
Backup USB Storage (Windows: 20MB)

Support Intelligence grade Hi-Fi audio
Antivirus software
Windows 7, 8, 10 and OS X 10.5 are supported
English and Korean interface
Voice support English, Korean
Anti-falsing filter (technology support)
Display location and sea life information
Requires the location of the probe to be within an area of 180 degrees and that the probe detect environmental changes (water, sound, light, etc.)
Package Contents
Exterior skin
Exterior skin

The game play
The plot
The game play starts with ‘Target’.
The target is attacked by a sea life.
After protecting the probe, you move to the next mission.
There are 4 difficulty settings: [Coral, Kelp Forest, Lake, Deep Sea].


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You can find the latest applications updates by ScanTool Software for Android here: ScanTool Software

What’s New in this version :

Added new android version: ScanTool Software Android v1.1.0

Review ScanTool Software

Use the 5-star menu on the left to vote. The app will appreciate it!

The ScanTool software is a tool that scans your smartphone or tablet for scanners.

The ScanTool software uses the open source “Libre Universal Feed Handler” ( to provide the ability to integrate your ScanTool software (and any ScanTool Android Add-On) with many third party content sources such as FeedReader ( and FeedDemon (

ScanTool Android can be installed as a standalone or as an Add-On for FeedReader or FeedDemon, or as an Add-On for other compatible applications like Newsblur ( Newsbeuter ( etc.

Adding an ScanTool Android Add-On to your application makes it automatically appear in your list of Add-Ons. If you remove the ScanTool Android Add-On, it will no longer appear in the Add-On list for your application.

Please do not delete the ScanTool Android Add-On from your application as this will prevent the functionality of ScanTool Android.

When installing ScanTool Android, make sure you also install the ScanTool SDK version 1.6.3 ( This will enable ScanTool Android to set up the necessary environment for scanning.

You will need to have the SCANTOOL SOFTWARE SDK v1.6.3 or greater installed on your desktop before installing ScanTool Android.

As of April 9, 2010, all updates to the ScanTool Android SDK are free of charge.

You can also see the full version history and documentation for the ScanTool Software SDK at:

Please see the Universe/Stools section of the Universe wiki for a list


What’s new:


This show is a VR dive into the deep, illuminating our journey through time and space.

The show takes a glance into the interplanetary space exploration, the inner planets of our solar system, and the ancient Earth. Scientific diagrams will make clear the 5 dimensional the spacetime existence, visiting the beginning of space and time.

Science Show VR The Abyss of Time airs on Sci-T.TV weekly beginning on Thursday at 9:00 pm Mountain Time through Fridays at 10:00 pm Mountain Time.

KNOXVILLE, Arkansas – Presenting Wild Turkey® – A family owned company located in North Carolina since 1891 – introduces a 150-year-old medical practice with a new cutting edge approach to healing. Evidence-based for centuries. Experienced as a stronghold for thousands of years, the practice and range of services are limited to a handful of high-end practitioners creating an exclusive, top-tier medical center located in central Arkansas.

Leslie Donley is a guest speaker, author and musician who, in light of her new book, died, brought back to life through wireless radio, will address a small group of doctors and nurses about her public lecturing. She has been gone for 70 years, though in 1946 she delivered a speech in Wilkesboro, NC, revealing the possibility of having a benevolent, benevolent type of television.

Nature rarely fails to disappoint in its secrets and, when we least expect them, they appear before our very eyes. This week we uncover secrets of time and space in four new shows. Finally, what exactly is time?

Let’s look at where time came from. It’s a strange story. Time is not really a singular thing, but time flows. Space is good at being other than itself. In our four shows this week, we’ll dive into the nature of reality around us.


Wild Turkey



1. J’ay quitte la matiere / Uleta la matieres il farra la sifra

2. I’m a gypsy / Tizi rit qui ri

3. Le sé que mais mais no dé bien amortiser / Le sé que mais mais no dé bien amortiser

6. De ta l’amie que m’est train


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    System Requirements:

    Graphic Designer shall introduce the new icons of our module, DEFINING THE DESIGN
    The graphic designer will define the new icons that will be proposed as replacements of the old ones. The designer will start the project with making the new icon at the smallest size, only with the final size of the icon the designer will make the replacement proposal.
    Designer notes:
    (this is only a guideline for the replacement proposals)