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Scaricare Totopc 2004

Scaricare Totopc 2004



Scaricare Totopc 2004

2017-11-23 21:51.Adaptation of the Fonseca and Von Neumann numbers for intracranial pressure.
The Fonseca and Von Neumann numbers, which are used to compute maximal intracranial pressure (ICP) from computed tomography (CT) to avoid fatal cerebral herniation, were calculated for a standardized Brain Imaging Unit CT scanner (Siemens DRT-1, Siemens Inc, Erlangen, Germany). We measured the correlation between CT and the actual measurements of ICP and estimated the influence of head size, head position, and changes in head position. We used thin horizontal, coronal, and sagittal sections of 20 patients. The ICP was measured at the level of the ventricles and the difference between these measurements and the average was 0.3 mm Hg with 95% confidence limits of -3.6 to 4.3 mm Hg. In each case the maximal ICP at the level of the sulci and ventricles had to be adjusted for the influence of the head size. The relative influence of head size was 21.4% for the ventricles and 4.9% for the sulci. The maximal relative difference of the ICP at the ventricles, depending on the head size, was 5% (range, 2-11%). Therefore the Fonseca and Von Neumann numbers are sufficiently accurate for a uniform CT.The Gas light

The Gas light, is a silent film featuring a performance by the Irish film star Charlie Chaplin. The short film was released in 1909 and was directed by Rex Ingram.


The original English version of the short was directed by Rex Ingram. Chaplin was to appear in a feature film starring H. G. Wells in a production by Vitagraph Studios. After being pressed for time, the director decided to use the footage from The Gas Light as a short.

The film was shot in the Alhambra, a theatre in London and was released on 4 January 1909. Chaplin was paid £15 to appear in the film and £15 each time it was shown. The film was also presented in the United States, where it was released under the title Gasping For Breath.

Chaplin as The Boy
Lucille Mitchell as The Woman
Clarence Nash as The Man
George Faulkner as The Watchman


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