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Chifley used his influence to arrange a $2.5 million loan from the Commonwealth Bank to GM-H even though French had been refused government assistance on the very same issue. The FBI and the federal government remain tightlipped about specific qualifications, continually referring back to the generic guidelines established in the Presidential Directive. Aircraft style may essentially shut down your Internet, and this helps to cut back your battery consumption. Super Sports were back as two-door hardtops with bucket seats and a pair of 327s: One had 275 bhp; the other was Chevy’s killer 350-bhp variant, the L79.

When the Nova SS returned for ’67, a base price of just $2,683 landed the 275-bhp 327, but the L79 was not listed as an official factory offering. A handful did make it into the ’67s, however, bringing the two-year run to about 2200 L79 Chevy IIs. Besides Super Sports, the engine also went into Novas and base Chevy IIs. The Super Nintendo ushered in an era called the “console wars” when it reached US shores. The Super Sport edition had some extra chrome, blackout trim details, and small SS emblems.

­A nicely accessorized and enhanced El Camino made a great “parts chaser.” (Only the lack of uplevel interior trim kept the original El Camino from fully realizing in 1959 the deluxe passenger-car pickup Earl and Jordan had envisioned in 1952 — an oversight some El Camino restorers have “corrected” by adding Impala trim features.) Among the few factory accessory items denied the original purchasers of 1959 El Caminos were the “continental-type spare carrier” and Autronic Eye headlamp dimmer.

Jordan also recalls there was a later sketch done of a passenger-car pickup based on the 1955 Chevrolet design.

Still, introductory sales literature proclaimed, “In both appearance and performance, Chevrolet El Camino offers the best qualities of a fine passenger car.” Though certainly true from the performance perspective, there were limitations to the appearance, at least from the factory. General Motors liked to be first with new vehicle concepts in the 1950s, But there’s no getting around the fact that by the time it rolled out the 1959 Chevrolet El Camino “sedan pickup,” arch-rival Ford had already been building its similar Ranchero for two years.

If you have, say, three tuners and two displays, you can watch two live shows at the same time while recording a third. If you have three tuners, you can watch one pre-recorded show while recording three live ones. You can watch a movie on the TV while you surf the Internet on the computer monitor. You can use one or more Media Center Extender to output the signals from your Media Center PC to other displays (and/or an Xbox 360) in your house. For more detail on the El Camino’s styling, continue to the next section of this article.

Watch your weight.

Being overweight puts more stress on the joints. There are those who believe that certain unique individuals’ extrasensory powers operate more or less at a high level throughout their lifetimes.

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