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Working long hours might cause stress and other problems, so relaxation during the day is vital for a healthy life. Taking breaks and relaxing is important, and taking your mind off stressful work activities for a few minutes is the doctor's order.
Inspired by kinetic sand and lava lamps, Mezmind is a software utility whose purpose is to help you chill while taking a break or after a long day at the office.
Play with multiple themes to create your structure
The default theme of Mezmind displays several wooden platforms and flat stones that fall of on top of them. You can move platforms and stones with your mouse, and add new elements, or stop the free fall altogether.
There are several other themes you can experiment with, including a construction one that might remind you of the tetris game.
Enjoy falling water, snowflakes and rain effects
No matter the theme you choose, Mezmind enables you to have fun with light rain or snow effects. The snowflakes or the raindrops gently fall and lay on top of all the shapes, in slow motion, which is relaxing to watch. The interesting thing is that the entire environment that you build fully respects the laws of physics, which makes it all seem realistic.
One other effect is the water flow, which helps you build cascades and watch as the water touches all the platforms and shapes on the screen. The red goo effect works similarly, except that the substance is heavier, so your stones or other objects you placed on platforms might end up falling.
Become less anxious with this relaxation software
The slow motion of the snowflakes, rain dropping and lava flowing are known to be relaxing. Creating a fully interactive environment, Mezmind brings all of these together to help you become less tense and eliminate daily stress. Nevertheless, it would be pleasing to have relaxation music or sounds to amplify the effect.







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“Inspired by kinetic sand and lava lamps, Mezmind Serial Key is a relaxing software utility to help you chill during your break or after a long day at the office.”
Who said we can’t add more ice to our drinks or serve them warm when we need them? Why do we have to choose between an ice cold or a hot one? This is exactly the dilemma Zxoo is trying to solve. It’s a software program that comes in two flavors: ice cold and hot! And, both are served in stylish tempered glass.
-Perfect at an outdoor picnic or barbeque.
-Not suitable for salads, hot appetizers, tea or coffee.
-Add a little twist to your next cocktail party.
-Easily transport, store and travel.
Why did we mention “transport and travel?” As most of us know, transport is a messy business. Don’t bother with cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes or other protective containers. Just drop the ice in the fridge, take it out, open it and enjoy. The convenience never ends! Zxoo can also fit into a small suitcase or carry case for a quick and easy travel in a jiffy.
Zxoo is the perfect software for any outdoor event. Don’t be surprised if you’ll soon find yourself in the middle of a picnic table with the coolest chill tableware!
Zxoo Uses:
Zxoo comes in two flavors: ice cold and hot. It works with all kinds of ice cubes – crushed, frozen and shaved. Both Zxoo ice and Zxoo hot options can be used on their own or combined for a delicious taste.
Easy to use
Multiple options
A little adventurous
Nilesh Sharma from Hello World Technology is a software engineer and a passionate music freak. He spends his free time listening to music and playing guitar.
This program is developed using Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash and ActionScript.
The source code is available on GitHub. Please contact me at to get the source code.

The simplest and fastest way to run multiple tasks.
Speed up your workflow with 7 minutes of the most essential productivity.
Seamless Task Switching
Many apps and programs provide a one-click functionality to switch between apps. No need to worry about opening the new app, starting from scratch, closing the old one, and finally opening the new one. Just 7 minutes and your task-switching speed

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Key is an advanced macro recording and editor for Windows that lets you record and edit keyboard shortcuts. In addition, it provides powerful text-replacement capabilities, allows you to record up to 10 different keyboard-shortcut combinations, and saves the macros in a user-friendly way.
Key’s settings are saved between runs, so you can quickly and easily switch back and forth between the “easy” and “pro” recording modes. “Easy” is the default mode, but “pro” allows you to record any number of keyboard shortcuts simultaneously.
Key will also work for you in Windows 7 when you double click the program icon, or when you start Key from the Windows icon in the taskbar. You can also run Key by double clicking the Key.lnk file.
Key’s interface looks very similar to a traditional software record button that you might use to record an audio clip. When you start Key, there are three small buttons to the right of the recording button. The left button will allow you to preview your keyboard shortcuts onscreen. The middle button will allow you to stop the recording. The right button will allow you to save the macros you just created.
To record your keyboard shortcuts, click on the “Record” button and then start typing or click on the “Play” button. There are two options for keyboard shortcut recording:
• Traditional Key (or “Easy” mode) – This lets you record a single keyboard shortcut by simply pressing the Alt-key and the keys you want to record.
• Key’s “Pro” mode – This allows you to record any number of keyboard shortcuts simultaneously. So, for example, if you want to record the F5, F6 and F7 keys, simply press Alt-F5, F6, and F7.
Key’s Macros can be saved in text files or to Key’s special file formats. After they are saved, you can edit them with the macro editor.
The first step is to open the macro editor by pressing the “Open” button, and typing in the name of the macro. To edit a macro, simply double click on the name of the macro, and type in the key combinations you want to use.
After you have entered the keyboard shortcut, you can review the macro by pressing the “Preview” button, and the Macros will appear in the macro list

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LavaLamp – relaxing sound is an amazing electronic sound meditation audio for relaxation. It relaxes your mind, fights stress and anxiety. The background music is cool and calming. You can fall asleep with it, play it in the background and block out the rest of the world. Just listen to this beautiful relaxing sound, you will feel that your world is a lot more positive and joyful.

Linearization is an upgrade process which is performed to improve the visual quality of the work, which is necessary to be included in any type of infrastructure project. The process of visualizing and documenting an existing project and making it ready for construction is called Geomatics. In the same way, Linearization is the process of making the drawings of a project or project elements ready for construction. This is done by making all lines on these drawings to be parallel to the ground (horizontal) or vertical.

Vectorization is a process, which was first introduced in CAD software. In this process, the design is created using a vector-based system. Vectorization involves both geometric and topological transformation.

CAD software is used to create the models and drawings of a project. TopoCAD is one of the CAD software, which is used for the same. TopoCAD provides a more visually appealing model, which makes it easy for people to visualize and document.

If you are interested in this topic, then you might be happy to know that there are many benefits of vectorization.

Enhancement of Topology or geometry:

The enhancement of geometry is considered to be one of the most important factors in this process. This is because in this process, the geometry of the project model becomes smooth and clear. The project model does not look like a flat file, but it can be seen easily. This is done by using specific processes called vectorization.

Convergence with Topology:

With the help of vectorization, the level of convergence is high. It is because the geometry of the model is made clear and the topology is improved.

Intuitive View for Interaction:

The level of interaction between designers and the project is not affected in this process. That is because the project model is more intuitive.

Is It Safe?

This process is safe because it does not affect the design, as it is all done with the use of specific software. This software will not affect the design in any way.

Drawings Are

What’s New in the?

Take a break and play with gravity while building your own terrarium! Play with Mezmind and use your mouse to control gravity by changing the size and speed of the platforms. Watch your creations fall. Play with hundreds of different combinations of platforms and shapes. Add or remove your own custom blocks and watch them fall.
If you need some extra encouragement, you can watch and listen to the meteorologist at and check out the hashtag #mezmind on Twitter.
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Many of the things that happen to us in life are not just related to our environment, but to our own mind.
Even when we are not affected by outside factors, our own thoughts can affect us.
So, every time we think about something, our mind is affected by it.
If you get up in the morning and say to yourself,
“Today, I’m going to be irritable all day.”
That can be enough to change how you feel throughout the entire day.
The same is true if you try to think about something that’s been bugging you for a long time.
So, every time your mind is occupied by something that’s been stressing you out, the more it gets to you.
It gets to you in two ways.
First, when you think about it, it gets to you by energizing your mind.
As I mentioned, it makes you more susceptible to getting stressed out if you’re thinking about it.
Another way it gets to you is because you are so involved in it that you actually start taking it with you and it starts impacting how you interact with the world.
What does this mean?
When you think about something that’s been bothering you, it actually affects how you react to the world around you.
The more you think about it, the more the anxious, excited, or frustrated you become.
And if that’s the case, then it can come as a very unwelcome surprise when something happens to you that feels like it was meant to happen.
That means that you’re focused on it so much that you feel upset when it does happen to you.
When that happens, it’s like you’re jumping up and down and yelling.
That’s what you do when you’re anxious, excited, or frustrated.
When you do that, you are actually blocking out any other input that you might get from the environment around you.
The result is that you don’t get the input that might make you feel better.
This is why people who are anxious often feel even worse when they are in situations that are supposed to make them feel better.
They are so focused on something negative that they don’t want to feel better.
It seems that our thoughts actually can have a real physical impact

System Requirements:

OS: 64-bit Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
64-bit Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 Processor: 2.4 GHz dual core processor
2.4 GHz dual core processor Memory: 4 GB RAM
4 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card DirectX: Version 9.0c
Version 9.0c Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
20 GB available space Language