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php one insert and one update

I’ve got a table like this one :
`p_img_url` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
`p_title` varchar(255) DE

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#pragma once


namespace NeoML {

class CNeuralNetworkBaseMemorySampleProvider : public CMemorySampleProvider
CNeuralNetworkBaseMemorySampleProvider(CNeuralNetwork* pInnerNetwork, CNeuralNetworkSample* pOuterSample, CNeuralNetworkSample* pInnerSample) :

I’ve thought about it a bit and it looks like just scanning for a new line character after finding a complete tag doesn’t work. Because there are multiple other tags that aren’t in the string.


In general, you can use regular expressions to find “interesting” sentences in large document. For example, all sentences that starts with a capital letter, and all sentences that starts with $

In your case, you could use regular expressions in combination with a parser that starts after a new line:
def process_sentence(string):
# split on newline
start, end = string.split(‘
# loop through words
for word in start.split():
# if it is a valid identifier, save it
if word.lower() in valid_identifiers:
# remove the first character, and save the rest
new_word = word[1:]
# save it
if next(start_tags) or end:
# look for the newline character
new_line = new_word.find(‘
# replace the newline character with the word
new_word = new_word.replace(‘
‘, word[new_line+1:])
# repeat for the rest of the words
# save the complete new word