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Merge MT4 Reports Crack Keygen Free

Merge MT4 Reports Crack Mac is a complete software solution for Mac and Windows user to create Metatrade reports. The program allows users to quickly create Metatrade reports for multi brokers accounts with support for many type of charts and indicators. The program also has the ability to create charts, line charts, candlestick charts, bar charts and any other supported types of charts.
Merge MT4 Reports provides users with hundreds of pre-made visualizations that come with user-friendly designs. If a user does not know which visualization to select, the program can suggest the right visualization based on the data in the input panels. Once users set up their visualization, it is time to perform the calculations. On each chart, Merge MT4 Reports provides the calculation tool that includes filters, columns and areas.
Merge MT4 Reports provide also a powerful report editor for users to customize any of their created report. During the report customization, the program calculates all fields and figures on the charts automatically which saves time and helps users to focus on creating the report as the program calculate all fields and figures while you are on the report editor.
Merge MT4 Reports provides four kinds of charts such as Bar, Column, Line, and Candle Sticks charts. Users can switch among the charts to perform the analysis. They can also easily switch between all built-in charts and user-defined charts.
What’s more, Merge MT4 Reports includes an effective information retriever function which retrieves data from over 50 sources such as Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Qifu and many other news sites. It also supports all kinds of indicators, such as moving averages, MACD, time and money, stochastic, CCI, moving averages, 9-DMA, TTMs, wave analysis and many more.
With Merge MT4 Reports, users can create Metatrade reports that have “Merge”, “Tooltip” and “Background Color” functions. It saves a lot of manual calculations and gets rid of inconvenience.
Merge MT4 Reports Requirements:
Merge MT4 Reports is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X (Intel only). Other than Mac OS X version and Windows versions, there is no other requirement and no other operating systems are supported.

macOS Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.11 to 10.15
Mavericks, El Capitan, Sierra

Windows Requirements:
Windows 7 to 8
Windows XP

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Merge MT4 Reports Crack + Free For Windows [Latest-2022]




USD $29.99


USD $29.99

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Imagine a world where you only have to scroll through one document or even a tab instead of spending hours merging your reports into a single document. Now imagine a program that makes this a reality automatically. Well, Merge MT4 Reports does just that. With the Merge MT4 Reports you can load one or multiple MT4 (Metatrader) reports together and compare the statistics of the loaded reports against each other as a whole.


The program gives you the possibility to have a first look at all the information and statistics of your MT4 accounts in one document. Merge MT4 Reports offers you the quick overview of your portfolio in one document. You can compare your results after one week, one month or one year to see if there are any differences.

Moreover, you can also take a look at your portfolio or the funds of any of your Metatrader accounts in a pie chart. The result is a comprehensive report that shows your portfolio statistics in a stylish, colorful and clear manner. Furthermore, the program offers a print function so that you can print your results.

The merge of one or multiple MT4 Reports works automatically and takes time into account. This makes the tool particularly suitable for medium and big businesses. Merge MT4 Reports has also been developed to suit your needs. You can set this tool up as a standalone program or use it directly from a Metatrader desktop.

Essential Features

The program is based on the Metatrader standard and offers the functions mentioned below.

These features are automatically calculated in your result and can easily be turned on or off in the set-up window.

The program supports both upload and download. It is therefore possible to receive reports from traders.

The trial version provides you with a detailed usage guide in the product

Merge MT4 Reports

Merge MT4 Reports is a simple application, which has very little features but it does an amazing job at combining Metatrader reports into a single report with a few clicks.
Even though the application offers many features the price of $49.95 is high.

It does one thing good:
It works very well at combining metatrader reports into a single report.

It is not well-structured:
There are no advanced features for the user to configure.

It is not supported for Android:
For those with smartphones, they are not supported.

The Pros:

It is a simple application that does a good job at combining the Metatrader reports into a single file.

It allows users to do calculations on the Metatrader based reports.

Even though the application offers many features, the price of $49.95 is too high.

The Cons:

The price is high

There are no advanced features for users to configure and customize

For those with smartphones, they are not supported

After reading a few reviews about this application, it is a simple program that is useful if you are looking to combine the reports and do some basic calculations and merge them into a single file.
To edit the Metatrader reports, you must use a different application, but that’s no problem for people who need to do this often.
However, the expensive price might not be worth it.

MetaTrader Multi-Chart Merge is one of the main programs used to integrate the Metatrader charts into one single file, as well as calculating the various areas. While it allows users to do that for a very reasonable price, this is not a program that should be overlooked.
A very simplistic application, which is incredibly easy to use, and offers almost no control or customization
MetaTrader Multi-Chart Merge is a very simplistic interface, which is very easy to use. It offers one feature, which is merging metatrader reports. You can create a new file or directly open the file you want to integrate into it. The application offers no customization, nor is there any options provided to change the interface.
When loading the reports, they are in a tabbed interface with the all the different charts you have added in the past. You can access them by selecting the tab button, or from a drop-down list.
The application does automatically calculate the various areas

What’s New in the?

You need to merge your metatrade reports into one.
This software is very easy to use, you just have to add your reports and import them. Then you can press merge button to generate and save the main report.
• Merge all of the folders where metatrade reports are stored into one main folder
• Receive the monthly metatrade report
• Merge the file
• Save the metatrade reports to the main folder
• Merge the reports in both sides
• Merge the main figures and separate into individual
• Provides option to use own templates to edit the format of the tables and other texts
• Save the merged files
• Preview
• Preview the files
• With this software you can merge the value of individual figures or the total.
Start by clicking the import button
open the main folder where you have your files

Can I share data between multiple clients?
Data share can be used to apply all the configurations on the selected clients on the same date and time. Thus saving a lot of time during the configuration, and to make the working day shorter.
SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions is a solution that integrates the components of the Business Intelligence (BI) solutions: Processes, Reporting, Data Mining, Analytics and Mobile.
To apply a data share you must first select the items you want and the clients for which you want to configure the data share.
After that, you must choose the date and time on which you want to apply the configuration, and then you can place the configurations on the selected clients.
What is data share?
Data share is a system for applying the same configurations for a date and time on the selected clients of a selected element.
To apply data share you will have to select the report and the element that you want to apply the configurations to. Then you will select the group you want to apply the configurations and select the clients for which you want to apply the configurations.
Once you have selected the clients, the date and time for which you want to apply the configurations, you will be able to apply the configurations on the clients.
Below the parameters of the data share:
• Show client names and company names
• Client filter
• Client filter by showing the last three months
• Start date
• End date
• Date filter
• Date filter by showing the last three months
• Client filter
• Client filter by showing the last three months
How to apply data share?

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8, Windows 10
Processor: Dual Core Processor, Dual Core CPU better
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 12 GB free hard disk space
Graphics: DirectX 10
DirectX: Version 9
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: For Xbox 360 Games, a controller is required
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Quad Core Processor, Quad Core CPU better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 12 GB free hard