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Mercedes Benz Navigation DVD COMAND APS Europe NTG2 5 Disk 1













Mercedes Benz Navigation DVD COMAND APS Europe NTG2 5 Disk 1


DVD COMAND APS 6.2 Disc – A169 827 36 59
DVD COMAND APS NTG2.5 Disc 16.0 – A2198272700
as a replacement for my DISC (NTG2.5) that is working well, playing music .
Nov 29, 2019
To help people who want to buy one I’ll let you know the full part numbers that you might need. These are 20% cheaper but are of a reasonable quality.
2011 Mercedes-Benz Map Disc DVD COMAND APS AVIC – A1692 836 9 00 ( you will want the “modified” maps).
Joined: May 2009.
Final Update: Mar. 19, 2019
It is now known that the reccomended add on, the Navi Drive, will not work with the newer CD/DVD drive until it is updated. Hopefully they will fix it, but not for a very long time (and that was my hope anyway).


In order to get the extra features out of a specific DVD combo, you must purchase an installer disc from Mercedes as well as the DVD combo disc itself.

The Mercedes DVD Navigation-CD-DVD Combo has the following features:

navigation DVD with map information on one disc.
entertainment CD with your favorite music.

The CDs included in the “Navigation Combo” are:

A159 990 825 45 60
A169 827 36 59.

The DVD includes:

A213 989 798 53 78.

To play an audio CD and DVD at the same time:


Round robin replication

I have a situation where we have tables with a lot of heavy writes (up to 100K inserts per second) and where read performance is not critical.
We’re planning to use Postgres RBR to take writes to a second database, for improved throughput during these heavy write conditions, but would like to have Postgres load the second database at the same time for continuous, reliable read operations.
Is this possible to be achieved?


I would recommend using table-level replication as outlined here. You can have PostgreSQL send a stream of backup files to another PostgreSQL server.
This guide is very helpful


Brand: Bmw
Mileage: 50000 km
Object: GPS navigation
I have installed, updated nav maps for ISO map and it works fine.
Note: Keep the maps update either through the HDD or GPS
Some of the requirements:Heck yeah, we made it! To this point, we’re only about 20 days behind the first Jets game. The time is now, in the present, the calendar… I’m not sure where you need to start on that. All we know for sure is that Sunday, September 14, the Jets will be playing the New England Patriots in the regular-season opener.

This week, we’ll have the whole staff back on board for what will be our first “real” NFL Wildcard Game preview. We’re going to break down the teams, play-by-play, in this Wildcard preview. We’ll take a look at the New York Jets, who have been making major improvements from year to year. These improvements show, they are a little sneakier than advertised, so expect that to be a different tone for this season.

We’ll be pulling on old wounds from our first playoff preview article, but this time it’ll be much bigger and more thorough.

Also this week, we’ll have a huge new feature on the Jets’ mindset in 2018. This article will explore the fact the teams in the AFC East, and more specifically the New York Jets, are working on not losing their minds after losing to the Rams, but instead, are looking forward to the future. We’ll be answering some pressing questions like, “why are the Jets in the playoffs?” and “how does this all affect the 2019 season?”

Jets “Hometown Athlete” Spring game to make first start

Back to the regular season, the Jets’ spring game isn’t going to make or break a player’s outlook on his rookie season, but it’s a great opportunity for a young player to make a good impression.

The fourth “Hometown Athlete” will be a little different than the previous three. With a game spot in MetLife Stadium, the Jets made sure their game’s setup and administration felt like a playoff game. Then, center Ryan Kalil being back in a Jets jersey is pretty much like a



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