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Meower’s Quest: Jasper’s Tale Crack Keygen Full Version Free Download


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Name Meower’s Quest: Jasper’s Tale
Publisher maddredd
Format File
Rating 4.21 / 5 ( 6994 votes )
Update (12 days ago)



“The game that started it all, one of The Silverstar’s best games in years! Frightening fun!”
— “The Secret World”

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System Requirements:


OS: Windows 7

Processor: Intel Core i5

Memory: 8GB

Graphics: NVIDIA GTS250

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Storage: 2 GB available space


OS: Windows 7

Processor: Intel Core i7

Memory: 8GB

Graphics: NVIDIA GTS250

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Storage: 2 GB available space

Meweroth is an impossible world of uncharted glory. Once the only planet to have wild cats, a mysterious, ancient evil has awoken. The colony planet Meweroth is home to warring factions, each with their own leader. Who will rise to command these many kingdoms?

Fate and greed have guided each of them, bringing them into conflict. The thuggish Sire of Fables has unwittingly brought about a new world of political intrigue, a world of power plays where might makes right.

The only planet with an honored place for cats, Meweroth has a long history of fierce fighters, fierce leaders and majestic warriors. As the cat empire slowly declines, the city of Biernoth rises. As the seventh son of King Biernoth, Jasper will lead an expedition across the sea to the human world.

With the help of a pack of fellow adventurers, Jasper will embark on a journey to find a new home. The feline hero will befriend a rebellious, beautiful princess who has never been denied anything in her life. Together, they will conquer the world and fulfill the prophecy of Jasper’s birth.

Meweroth will reward you with its own brand of gameplay. Because while the world of humans can be cruel and unforgiving, Meweroth is full of lush jungles and wild, dangerous beasts. It will reward you in return with a very special game.

Multiple battles

Over 30 hours of story mode

Hundreds of hours of endless gameplay

Explore the Old World with other unique visitors


The story of the famous Marco Polo unfolds as you explore Meweroth. You will be able to switch between four classes, each with its own unique playstyle.


Additional Information

Name Meower’s Quest: Jasper’s Tale
Publisher maddredd
Format File
Rating 4.21 / 5 ( 6994 votes )
Update (12 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Easy to understand, original Quest – Finding Jasper’s master.
  • Cute graphics on graphic mode. 8-way run movement with mouse.
  • Several levels of difficulty.
  • Special background music for the game.
  • Vast amount of items & Powerups.
  • Special bonuses for Anti-Cheat.


Meower’s Quest: Jasper’s Tale Crack + With License Key Free For Windows [Updated-2022]

Jasper’s universe is a little peculiar. There is Meweroth, a planet tucked away in a nearby star. There lives a race of cat creatures, and one of them happens to be the legendary hero Jasper. The rest of the world is populated by cute and colorful people, and Jasper wants to take over the world. As the overlord of Meweroth and the ruler of the world, he has created four epic classes that he can put into battle. Will you join him in his quest, and help him conquer the human race? Can the people be saved in time?
Game Features:
A variety of maps with a few challenging boss fights.
You can change classes at any time during the quest.
Completely New Story, never released before!
2-4 hours of old-school RPG game play with charming humor.
A nice medley of music: emotional, upbeat, and spanish-guitar.
A cool storyline with many different characters that join you on your adventure!
Familal Endings!
Did I mention there are 4 different endings? So you can play to see what happens!
How to Play:
Point-and-click, though use WASD or Arrow Keys to move.
Press and hold any key to make Jasper leap.
Press and hold any other key to make a companion fly.
Press any arrow key to turn into one of Jasper’s four classes.
Switching Classes:
Jasper wants you to join him in his quest, but in order to play as one of his classes, you need to switch to them. If you jump in too quickly, the class may not recognize you. The order in which you switch is:
Holy Warrior > Elementalist > Berserker > Shadow Thief > Berserker. This is an in game notification telling you when to switch.
You can switch to the order that makes most sense to you.
Companion Notes:
If a companion dies, they return to the throne as a statue.
Companions are friendly to Jasper, but they don’t respect him, since he’s the world’s hero.
You can’t do anything for that companion other than be a companion.
Companions don’t go on quests.
Companions can be boosted.
You need to pick up companions to use their various abilities.
Companion Boosts:
You can use the companions’ abilities to boost up yourself or your companions. Each of the companions has 5 abilities, plus a special


Meower’s Quest: Jasper’s Tale Crack + Free Download For Windows

Mewe’s Maze: Join Jasper as he battles his way through the maze and finishes his quest.

Decision: As Jasper and his companions get closer to their home planet, he starts to change. Which class will you pick?

There’s an adventure at Castle Asteria, where a young lady named Kairi has been kidnapped. Assemble your companions to stop her kidnappers and save Kairi. You’re asked to save her, rescue her, or sacrifice her to the evil lord Gillar. How will you go about this task?

Zombie Burger is a retro-inspired horror game from the creators of MunchMob. You wake up at your girlfriend’s place, but all you remember is your name and where you live. You’ve no memory of where you are. Your friends can’t find you, and you can’t remember your family. Things just don’t seem right. You start to hear loud noises coming from inside the house. They seem to be coming from Kairi’s room. Your friends tell you that they know where Kairi is. You sneak into her room, and discover the living dead. What will you do next?

If you own Superfrog Portable from Stardock Games, you may already be familiar with this game. Superfrog Portable is an action adventure game with a free roaming play style. In this game, you play as a green frog named Frog. An evil wizard called Dr. Finger is casting spells, and he wants to capture as many frogs as he can. You must journey across the land to rescue other frogs, and stop Dr. Finger from capturing them.

Over the course of this journey, you will face enemies, find hidden paths, and meet new friends. There is much to do, and much to see. Once you complete each stage, you will unlock new items and levels. You can also share your adventures with your friends on Facebook. If you want to play as the blue frog, then you can as well. There are three levels of difficulty, and you will earn treasure for clearing each level. If you’re looking for something new, or something to play on the go, then you should check this out.

The Fountain of Dreams is a fantasy-themed sandbox survival game that is very similar to The Legend of Zelda, where you take control of a young man named Link. You find your body and amnesia, and must continue to explore the land to reach the fountain of dreams. You will have


What’s new:


The third quest in the series details Jasper’s experience in two different worlds, as he fights off three powerful enemies and an ancient spirit to save Timbavara. This episode is written by plot and world creator TheRedPanda. You can support me on my patreon:

Meower’s Quest: Jasper’s Tale

Welcome to Meower’s Quest, a new series of quests that blends classic point-and-click adventure style gameplay with new game mechanics and friends. This series will be supported by the Meowers Universe, a massive fan-supported fantasy sandbox universe.

This quest is about the year 790, as Jasper and Timbavara fight their way into a castle under attack. They find themselves in the middle of three dueling enemies, who are free to interrupt the narrative with their actions. In order to survive, it’s up to you to complete the three tasks given to you, and to survive the length of the quest.

Below you will find a lore-sparse summary of the three quests included in this adventure. You can enjoy the episode content regardless of your ability to play the game, but you’re gonna need a little bit of time to play this quest from start to finish, so be careful on unlocking the episode while you’re still reading as you’ll have to watch it before you can play it. Enjoy!


Jasper’s Tale

Jasper was a wise young fox that would become a hunter. He grew up, both alone and in the company of his friends, who were always there for him. Both his parents had died when he was a cub. He became an adventurer of sorts, hunting and exploring the lands with his friends. Many of their stories are captured in his journals and told in his journals.

While hunting in the swamp on a cool day in the year 790, Jasper spotted an old ally lying on the ground out in the distance. His heart filled with joy as he ran off to find the man he had never met before. However, when he got to him, he wasn’t the man he remembered. At first, he was scared. Then it dawned on him: Timbavara. A spirit-like creature with four human arms.

In a moment of bravery, Jasper thought of a way to escape Timbavara in order to try to save the man he now knows is his father.



Free Meower’s Quest: Jasper’s Tale Crack PC/Windows [Updated-2022]


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    System Requirements For Meower’s Quest: Jasper’s Tale:

    Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    Processor: 2.8 GHz
    Memory: 3 GB RAM
    Graphics: Intel HD 3000 (or AMD HD 5000)
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    How To Install:
    To install the game on your PC, you will need to download the game setup installer from our download page. Then simply run the.exe file you just downloaded. This will install the game and all of its components on your PC.