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X_u) = \zeta(Q_{\ell}) \varepsilon^{\mu}_{\ell}
X_u \,$$ and hence $[\zeta(Q_{\ell}), M_u] = –
\varepsilon^{\mu}_{\ell} M_u$. Similarly, $\sigma(Q_{\ell})M_u =
-\sigma(Q_{\mu} Q_{\ell})
\varepsilon^{\mu}_{\ell} M_u =
-\sigma(Q_{\ell}) \varepsilon^{\mu}_{\ell} M_u$. Therefore (\[4.16\]) holds.



P. Ramond, [*“Dual Theory of Free Fermions”*]{}, preprint RU-89-44, hep-th/9406123

D. Nemeschansky, [*“Superselected Fermion States”*]{}, preprint CHIBA-EP-88-05, hep-th/9405104

R. Jackiw and S-Y. Pi [*“Fermion Fields As Composite Fermion ’Pions'”*]{}, Phys. Rev. Lett. [**64**]{} (1990) 2969;

S-Y. Pi, [*“Fermion

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