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Monjarmageddon is an old school action platformer. You play Nun, a woman who can use holy cleansing to destroy communist monsters in order to save the world from being taken over by the vile people that are trying to make the world communist. Go through 12 levels, each representing a controversial concept in the modern society: Suffering, Sexism, Homophobia, Racism, Deception, Mass Media, Extortion, Corruption, Narcissim, Capitalism, Communism and Capitalism 2. Every level features an enemy or a set of enemies. Every enemy will be stronger at the latter part of the game as you go on.

Monjarmageddon is the spiritual successor of Stardew Valley. In this game, you will experience all of the awesomeness of Stardew Valley and you will play as the very same character.

A fast action platformer where time is a resource. Jump into a beautifully imagined world to beat your friends’ scores and complete a series of action-packed mini-games.

Jump into a beautifully imagined world to beat your friends’ scores and complete a series of action-packed mini-games.This game is better suited to phones and tablets and is free to play. The game is ad supported.

This game is rated M for Mild Blood.

Please note that this is not a standalone game, it requires the free ‘SteamVR Base Stations’ to function.

This game uses features not available on your device. Go to to get more info on these features.

Prove that you are a glutton for punishment by completing all three game modes, each progressively more difficult:

Single Player: Your goals are to beat your high score for each stage, not to beat other players’ high scores.

Time Trials: Progressively more difficult levels for you to beat your friends’ scores.

Stage Race: Complete each stage in the fastest time possible.

Some of the categories will be more difficult than others to tackle. Be careful which category you choose. You can re-run any stage without penalty, but your cumulative time will be used on the next race.

Unlockable content:

To unlock more game content, you must collect, and/or play the achievements you earn.

For each achievement you unlock, you will find one or more Steam Trading Cards.

You can use your Steam Trading Cards in the Steam Marketplace to obtain


Masteroid Features Key:

  • Single Player for one or many players
  • Local Multiplayer and online 2-6 players
  • Game and its Levels are randomized
  • Free exploration and slide attack on ground and flying level
  • Up to 3 rescue frogs
  • Frog’s Tale is a real time platformer styled game featuring the rescue of all frogs,
    Including. An Animate. Insect. Reptile. Bird.

    Click on the Ground to start the game play.
    The frog moves by clicking on the ground to jump, or by using the action buttons as per
    Control of the swiping screen. A Frog can jump further by tapping the screen. Tap the same
    direction the frog is jumping to build its jumping power. You can double-tap the direction.
    Action Button Actions
    Arrow Keys
    Left Click
    Rescue Frog |
    >Buy Toady

    – Single Player
    – Local Multiplayer 2-6 players
    – Playing Game and its
    Levels are randomized
    – Free Exploration and Slide Attack
    – Up to 3 rescue frogs
    – Nice
    – Music and Sound effects
    – All monsters, snake Eggs, Frogs, Toads, Frogs
    Eggs, Toads, Tortoises, All Goblin Eggs are
    Randomized Some Levels have Animals in them The
    Others are robot only in the
    – Storm Frogs and Storm Toads are
    Randomized In
    – Cannon Frog – Bomb Frog – All Frogs Action
    Button controls
    – Cannon Frog – Bomb
    – Song Frogs Raises the
    Bosses and Raises your
    Combat Power Up to


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    You’ve been charged with the task of managing a group of monsters who are the most powerful in the world. You had no idea, and you didn’t ask, that as the leader of this pack, you’d be charged with incredible responsibility. The monsters will do as they please, and what they want is you.
    Take care of them, teach them, do what you’re told – the only thing that really matters now is surviving!
    In the beginning, the monsters are your classmates, well-behaved students that follow orders. As the story progresses, the monsters change and grow in an unpredictable way.
    *Card rarity information:
    Common (Shuffle): Rares. If you pick a higher value card from the common cards, you’ll be trying to get a higher value card.
    Uncommon (Shuffle): Honorable Mention. You’ll be able to get a higher value card, but you might not get much at all.
    Rare (Shuffle): Rares. If you pick a higher value card from the rare cards, you’ll be trying to get a higher value card.
    Legendary (Shuffle): Rares. If you pick a higher value card from the legendary cards, you’ll be trying to get a higher value card.
    *Card bonuses:
    Every monster has different strengths and weaknesses, and even a common card can be useful if it activates before an attack.
    Bonus: Boost: Higher effectiveness at particular events and monsters.
    Extra: Boosts defence, or increases the number of life points.
    Enchantment: Strengthens allies or adds effects to enemies.
    Every monster has a different amount of HP, and they can equip several items to deal more damage or add additional effects.
    Equipment: Boost: Boosts specific effects.
    Elemental: Boosts either strength, defence or HP.
    Fire: Boosts strength and damage.
    Sap: Boosts defence and HP.
    Ice: Boosts defence and decreases damage.
    Lightning: Boosts damage and decreases defence.
    Water: Boosts defence and HP.
    Poison: Boosts attack and damage.
    Power: Boosts strength and allows attack.
    #Game Features:
    ● The three zones
    You’ll move on through the game by entering the game with a life value of 0, as a reference to your starting place.
    ● Boss battle


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    The best World of Contraptions game of 2015-2016! The game is recommended for all platform – PC, Mac or Linux. World of Contraptions is a game for the building game – games which you build from the box. Join the project also!

    Brief Game Story:

    World of Contraptions is a game about the world of contraptions. In this contraption game, you will build bridges and towers to connect buildings. Build a contraption in the most unique way possible to complete each level. In this contraption building simulator, you can adjust the different blocks to find the best solution in each puzzle. As you progress through the game, you can unlock new places and find new blocks to build your contraption.

    You are a young inventor who wants to build the best contraption for a variety of challenges. You will build an ever-growing collection of blocks with different functionalities in order to build the best contraption. You will be rewarded as you build your contraption for each challenge. You will also be rewarded for the speed of your contraption. This contraption simulator brings you one puzzle at a time. These puzzles come from a variety of different locations and challenge your ingenuity. You will have the advantage of having a bit of time and space to set up your contraption before the challenge begins. You have access to an ever-growing collection of blocks to build your contraption. You will have to use your contraption to get through each challenge in the game. This contraption building simulator will present you with a different type of challenge for every contraption that you build.

    Game Game design:

    World of Contraptions is a game that is extremely easy to control. But it still has the challenge of creating the contraption using the block that is needed. Your game will be hard if you use all the blocks that is available.

    This contraption simulator offers you many types of blocks that can be connected to create the contraption. Each contraption has a set of blocks that you have to use to connect them.

    The first block is a screwdriver for the bridge. You will need to connect it to a screwdriver block to make the bridge. Then, you will need to connect a number of building blocks to the bridge.

    The second block is a roller. This block requires an inclined guide in order to be able to roll. Then, you connect to the roller block to use it. You can also connect an arrangement of blocks to the roller


    What’s new in Masteroid:

      for PC

      When playing the game, you are transported to the Boston Police Department, where you have to work through all the cases assigned to you. You can unlock new items or upgrades in the wide range of standard maintenance tools. The key point is the detection of suspects involved in crimes. To this end you have to interrogate the suspects or find their fingerprints in a scene of the crime and to collect evidence that the suspected criminal committed a crime. But you don’t have to be a detective in real life to carry out the investigations. In the game, you are also doing detective work and collecting evidence. In the field of police work you want more police cars or specialist units? You should have this by paying your valid. These you can buy with your citizen points or with the coins you earn while playing. Fill out a request form, attach the fingerprints and you are ready to take the suspect for questioning.


      Detective Bureau Simulator is a combination of a virtual detective work and collecting evidence

      How to play:

      Play the Detective Bureau Simulator in Offline mode or Online mode

      Game mechanics: In Detective Bureau Simulator you have to find the suspect in questions and collect evidence

      If you like this game then you might want to try Metrocop:Assisted Patrol

      5 Silent Hill: Book of Memories for PC

      New Design $ 5.99

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      5 Silent Hill: Book of Memories is a puzzle horror game being played in the dark forests of Silent Hill where you will be trapped in your fear and struggling to find a way out.

      The point of the game is to solve puzzles and survive the nightmare world. (Press start to play an adventure game in a puzzle style)


      Survive in an immersive Survival horror atmosphere of terrifying and despair.

      Complete Puzzles to unlock new items and levels.

      Enhanced Combat system improved for long-term play.

      Remove the fog of war to make a closer observation.

      Exploration system to find new items, items and secrets.

      6. Heroes of Normandie for PC

      How to play Heroes of Normandie for PC?

      Heroes of Normandie is a zombie survival RPG game for up to four players, it takes places in America after a zombie apocalypse.

      After up to four players survive the zombies invasion, they will eventually start a quest to


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      Sun Blast is a 3D shooter by no means a clone of Quake or Unreal, and strives to create its own tense and exciting feel. Sun Blast is well suited for pc gamers that enjoy a game where it can be played on a couch, living room, or even a large table. The game has a solid 60FPS framerate when played on a desktop computer.
      Playable on:
      PC Windows
      Supported with a Mac touchpad or a game controller (XBox360, PS3, or Playstation controller).
      Please note that camera controls are mapped to the left analog stick.


      Sun Blast is a space shooter. The objectives are pretty simple. Destroy the other ships and don’t get shot.
      It comes highly recommended. I haven’t been a fan since before the alpha.


      I found out at launch you get Double XP bonus on what I assume is because it’s on release day.
      Once you reach level 19 you can unlock the beta.

      This beta release contains all the features and options that will be
      included in our full version, but will be considered a preview version.
      In this beta version, you can play on a very fast forward mode, just
      like the full version.

      We’ve been working with many of the Internet’s leading websites to help them to ensure that they are safe, secure and compliant, and we are excited to announce today that we have taken a number of websites in this community that are really not following the security protocols that we know today are simply not possible to not follow.

      These websites include the highest profile sites in the community, such as yahoo, google, microsoft, wikipedia and many others.

      These sites which have not followed our protocols, have deliberately been leaking data that has been provided to them by visitors to our communities from peoples personal computers, work computers, mobile phones and tablets, to many thousands of unique personal details of these visitors.

      While we’ve been working on methods to ensure that you and I are kept safe using the Internet, these ‘leaders’ have been ignoring our recommendations and blocking our company, so unfortunately they too are also affected by this problem.

      We have therefore decided to stop working with these websites, and will be working on taking actions to make their user sessions and data unsafe to them, and will no longer provide any services to them.


      Yahoo have


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    Ras Muldeenis said:

    hahahaha ya see, i’ve just come to this exact same conclusion…not many have beaten it and im sure it’s anoying getting past it but they won’t get past it till q4 or even 2010. heck i might try it out :p


    P.S. When I get to Farben again, I’m going to stick around and chat to people…im sure they’ll enjoy a walk through with the newbie 🙂


    A Rehearsed Stripper said:

    I just downloaded the game. I am curious on how to get the graphics to go on the window. I went into the graphics folder and looked at the.tmpl files. Do I just copy those into C:\games? Also, how do I do the text and where do I get those?

    I got to the beginning of Farben, but my journey’s been truncated by the folks who keep getting raped when I try to move! I’ve verified that the rape counter is still at 1. Must be autoadded somehow. After saving an hour ago, I fought my way back here and found the rape count to be 4! Are there any upgrades to the CPU, not 100% sure that CPU’s even matter anymore.Any collection has of course a starting point in the past, in the days of single-zone vacuum cleaners, which stood in the middle of the room and cleaned the floor with the air sucked up directly from there.

    Here, we’ll take a look at the characteristics and benefits of the modern upright air cleaner, and how you can find the right motor and air filter for you.

    Here, we’ve taken an in-depth look at the performance and features of the latest upright vacuum cleaner from Eureka, the Pacific Grand 6600. Things are pretty popular in the home, with the Pacific Grand 6600


    System Requirements:

    Full Version of Resident Evil 6 for PC Specifications
    OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit.
    CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-2120 3.6 GHz,
    Intel® Core™ i5-2410M 2.6 GHz,
    Intel® Core™ i7-2720QM 2.4 GHz.
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or ATI Radeon HD 6870
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    Display: 1680×10