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Name Marshall Mellow
Publisher renper
Format File
Rating 4.17 / 5 ( 1812 votes )
Update (2 days ago)







SparkMutts is a 3D adventure game set in a procedurally generated world full of diverse towns and ecosystems, all filled to the brim with fantastic creatures and classy dogs.
The game is inspired by classic adventure games of the 90s, like point & click/adventure games and action/adventure games.
The game can be played both in single player, offline (on a PC, Mac or Linux) or online (for free on Steam, and Gametime).

A mixture of adventure game meets deep procedural content generation.


You can dig yourself deep into the depths of caverns to investigate dungeons or simply explore in Adventure mode.


There are multiple ways to get new resources and level up your character.
You can focus on building a powerful engineer that makes crazy gadgets that help you in combat and locomotion. You can focus on getting rich, buying houses and business from the townsfolk. You can be an adventurer, exploring deep procedural dungeons for resources and awesome loot.
Or you can focus on doing all of it!
Explore Towns
On this massive world there are different towns for each biome, each one with different dogs, cultures and buildings. You can be a nomad exploring and doing services for the different towns or you could settle down, buy or build your own home in a town you fancy.
Find your profession
By playing the game, you will earn experience on multiple paths that will allow you to level up in Blacksmithing, Engineering, Combat, Foraging and much more!
Brave dangerous, procedural dungeons
Around each biome the player will find different dungeons that are procedurally generated. By facing the dangers on the dungeon the player will find various pieces of loot, ranging from weapons to gadgets and clothing pieces.

The game’s name pays homage to the both the spark of creativity that makes a creator a writer or architect, and to the chemistry between words, ink and paper.

Why not try some of the worlds most awesome environments to explore, and check out what lives in them!
Explore the wild side
SparkMutts lets you explore the wild side with the beasties of the world!

Explore the wild side

A Feral Lounge

A desert oasis

The Fjords


Name Marshall Mellow
Publisher renper
Format File
Rating 4.17 / 5 ( 1812 votes )
Update (2 days ago)


Marshall Mellow Features Key:

  • Unleash the Pandaria of the Warcraft universe, where heroes live in a classic fantasy setting.
  • Live your adventure in four distinct worlds
  • Unleash action-packed battles of epic proportions
  • Find Legendary Weapons, armor and mounts
  • Meet the friendly Pandaren
  • New Game Modes like 5 vs. 5 and Boss Quest
  • Play with up to friends
  • BESTSELLER: Players seem to love Pandarama! A swell new game mode and new characters make the game even more fun.
  • Ever wanted to play an RPG like never before?
  • Unleash the Pandaria of the Warcraft universe, where heroes live in a classic fantasy setting.
  • Customize your hero and save the Pandaren
  • Battle your way through 4 distinct worlds with new quests
  • Unleash action-packed battles of epic proportions
  • Find Legendary Weapons, Armor, and Mounts
  • Play with up to 5 friends
  • 4 different game modes
  • Embark on this epic quest to find 4 Legendary Epics and solve the riddle of the Pandaria, the 9th Legion!
  • Enjoy an extended opening cutscene with your favorite heroes, from a new perspective!
  • Explore new Pandaria with four new zones, each with new content and player races
  • Live your adventures alongside the friendly crew of the Pandaren crafting ship Mists of Pandaria.
  • Unlock the World of Pandaria via the Grand Celestial Gate and enter Pandaria.


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CoffeeBiz tycoon is a mix of business simulation and tycoon game. You start your first coffee kiosk and brew coffee, sell and sell. As your business grow and some scenarios come into place, you will realize more and more what is really needed to be successful.
After choosing business idea you will be getting brief instructions and tutorial about startup and management of your shop. If you follow those, you will be able to see the result in the game that will help you get a clear picture of what you should do next and where you should go.
Start with little coffee kiosk and make it grow into the big business that you envisioned. Will be starting with one coffee machine and limited amount of ingredients to brew coffee, but as your business grows you can, with some effort and additional investment, upgrade it to more coffee machines, ingredient storage and other (and you can rent the new machines and ingredients too) and increase business volume.
The business can grow up to multiple locations, with different locations offering completely different business models. Each location offers different set of business potentials and profits, starting from zero when you get your foot into business, all the way up to high profit levels.
Take your time to explore the game, plan, and decide what to do next.
Business simulation game with ‘hard to win, easy to get bankrupt’ concept
Pixel-perfect 2.5D graphics with dynamic lighting
Unlimited amount of strategies to try out
Unlockable/mod-able game modes and locations
Optional savegame import and auto-save
Scenario-based campaign mode with multiple endings
Support tablets, android phones, and android tablets
How to Play:
– See basic instructions at the beginning of game to get started
– Manage coffee kiosk, brew, sell, and do other to make money
– Hire, fire, motivate, and educate your employees
– Organize inventory/logistics, research new products and business opportunities
– Find new customers, do market research, offer advertising and promotion
– Play business simulator role and make your business grow into the future
– Unlockable content as you progress through game
– Easy to start up, with full tutorial and support. Requires low-end android phone, can play with tablets too
Additional Info:
RELEASE DATE: May 15th, 2018
DEVELOPED BY: Clement Marmoire
DEVELOPED FOR: Phones and tablets


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PS3 Full DownloadThe Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki is developed by XSEED Games. Please note that full disc copy of this game is only available via the Playstation Network in Japan.

Episode title

Episode director

Episode writer

Episode character designer





Episode 7

Episode 7

Episode 7


Any references are to be found here.

“Get to the station, quickly!”

We’re moving out of here… The number of people surrounding us is still increasing…

Episode 7.

The station is empty now. A handful of people are still walking back and forth, and the shaking of the station has stopped.

“If there’s another attack… we may need to organize ourselves.”

Even though we still couldn’t let Maki in, I don’t know if we can evacuate the people who are trapped in this area as well…

Episode 7.

There… No, this isn’t right…

Episode 7.

We are surrounded…

Episode 7.

The people who lived here won’t be affected by the explosion, but the dead bodies of the residents of the town are piled here…

Episode 7.

I can see that they got blood all over their hands.

Episode 7.

I don’t know if the number of people has increased. Maybe they’re just waiting for more enemies to appear.

Episode 7.

I’ll do my best to save Maki.

Episode 7.

Huh? What is this?

Episode 7.

What’s happening to me?

Episode 7.


Episode 7.

I’m flying in the air!

Episode 7.

It’s black…

Episode 7.

Is this a dream?

Episode 7.

I can’t remember my past…

Episode 7.

Don’t be scared, Rena. It will all work out fine if we live in the same town.

Episode 7.

I’m happy to see a familiar face, but…

Episode 7.

I can’t do it.

Episode 7.

How can I explain this to her?



What’s new in Marshall Mellow:

Join us for a rooftop drink & nibble bar where the city and the sea meet. As you watch the sun rise or set, you are given the opportunity to mingle with native Norwegians while skippering boats and picnicking in the Scenic Boat Harbour.

This experience is by design an interactive liquid activity that will take your ‘friends’ to places they might not otherwise have gone. What does this ‘roast’ stands for? I’ve heard of simmering things, cooking things, roasting things…this means all of the above.

Again, as the title suggests a Roast Party, truly a fun experience, where the emphasis is on fun.

You can customize the selection of beverages to your preferences. Pick your preferred beverage and beverage service and prepare yourself for a comedic drink of Swedish and American inventions.

Cocktail Master Class

Tongue in cheek as much as traditional, yet contemporary, cocktails are crafted, then you can partake in your favorite beverages during the class for example, beluga blanc, cocktails, absinthe, beer and scotch.

Where can you find your favorite cocktail? Check for it around the Sin Bar, as well as, some of our fun and entertaining bartenders, who have mastered the Art of Cocktail making.

Aquavit Sampling Experience

You’re about to chill out…under the sun! After reaching your destination of Abisko, we’ll drop you off at the upper Station road and take off for the trailhead of the Northernmost town in Europe.

You can chat with the experienced outdoor enthusiasts and roam the pristine nature. Yes, a repeat.

Let the smoke spread through you as you descend into Sweden along the historic Sveco Trail. At the end of the day, you’ll find yourself in the heart of the Scandinavian mountain lands, where fish, game and wild berries line your plate.

Throughout the day, your local guide speaks English and is knowledgeable about the area.

*Add these to your party: Infarod (now Servalinss) $70.00 from only 400 passengers, 18 year or older

*Add these to your party: Sveco Autumn Experience $119.00 Add to your party: Pain de Sucre (Special collection Gift from AsCafe) $10.75

Northern Lightsuite VIP (Swedish)


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Rytmik Ultimate is a powerful music station allowing you not only to play with samples and musical instruments but also to mix them together, shape them and create music clips or whole songs for your Friday night set-list.
Just launch Rytmik Ultimate, dial a good radio station, and start playing. You can use more than 750 instruments to create your own music. Rytmik Ultimate also includes a drawable waveform synth module. Use this special feature to make your own waves and as a sample oscillator. Every instrument has been optimized for easy use by the beginner.
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Three Drawable Waveform Synthesizers
All instruments are now a wavetable synthesizer. The three drawable waveform synthesizers are now the perfect tool to create waves. By drawing a wave on the screen and then triggering an instrument which uses that wave as an oscillator.
You can draw all kinds of waves and shapes for the drum synth, keys, strings, plucks and brass and change the volume, pitch and vibrato.
Multitrack Recording
Rytmik Ultimate comes with multitrack recording functionality. You can now store and edit your music in the multitrack session. Each track can have a name, a description, an instrument, volume, pitch and vibrato and loops as well as a host of audio effects like loop definition, noise shaper, digital delay and so on.
Effects can be applied to each multitrack to create unique instrumental parts. You can also apply effects to each instrument of a multitrack.
Audio feedback can be used to create interesting harmony.
Edit MIDI and Audio clips
All the songs of Rytmik Ultimate can be edited by the step sequencer. Select the clips you want to edit and then map it to a step. Use the same features as MIDI.
Save, export and share your songs
Now you can save, export and share your songs and play the music of others through the cloud. You can also share your new songs via Rytmik Cloud.
Simply navigate to Rytmik Ultimate > Settings > Import


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    System Requirements For Marshall Mellow:

    To Play:
    Runs on Windows 7 64-Bit or later.
    Windows 10 64-Bit or later.
    Demo Versions:
    Click Here to download the demo.
    Full Version Click Here to download the full version.
    Hosting Versions:
    Click Here to download the hosting version.
    Click Here to download the archives.
    Partial version released on 08/07/2016. Full version released on 11/08/2016.
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