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2007: CUSTOM SEATS and ADAPTIVE AIRBAGS (AAB) Is It Safe To Drive A Car With Cracked Windshield…. to allow the vehicle to be driven unharmed….Image copyright EPA Image caption Jimmy Harbour (L) is the first British woman to compete in the Tonga 400.

A British woman has been selected to compete in the Tonga Sevens as the first woman on home soil to qualify.

Sarah McCleary, 39, from Warrington, is the first British female to qualify for the first international at Langford Green.

The last time the Lions Sevens was held at Langford Green was in 2012.

The tournament will be staged in November, a week before the Olympics.

The British Olympic Association says there will be no financial benefit to qualify for the Olympics through the Tonga Sevens.

The average salary in Tonga is about £1,000 per month.

McCleary, a former rugby player, said she was hoping to give back after a volunteering trip in the country.

“It’s a great feeling. I’m looking forward to trying out for the team,” she said.

The Tonga Sevens is the final event of the World Series Sevens, which is a qualification event for the Olympics.

“When I was first told I was going to Tonga, I thought I would wake up from a dream. Now it’s almost real. Tonga is the pinnacle of the sport. I couldn’t be happier,” McCleary said.) 0.05

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