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Combining the light-hearted simplicity of a childhood adventure game with the intensity of a real-time action-packed, epic visual novel game, Legend of Labot: The Golden Pearl promises to be one of the most memorable experience that you have ever had.

About The Developer • Brokrejus •
Brokrejus is a joint venture of Crows Crows Crows Pte Ltd and Portway Games. The founders of Brokrejus are Arian Liu and David Tong Yong, both experienced local and foreign game developer, who collectively have more than 10 years of experience in the video games industry. Brokrejus aims to bring a game from concept to completion, in one short project, and produce a lasting legacy.

About The Product The Legend of Labot: The Golden Pearl is a narrative game built in the style of a visual novel, with simple, charming, traditional graphics, a relaxing relaxing atmosphere and engaging story that will keep you playing for hours with its addicting gameplay and gameplay mechanics.
For a more complete overview of the game, visit and give a sneak peek of the game.
“As a game developer, I am extremely excited to work with a team of talented and creative individuals like the ones in Brokrejus. This is a new venture in my career as a game developer and I’m looking forward to produce a game that will be remembered and cherished for generations to come.”
Arian Liu

About the Publisher
Crows Crows Crows Pte Ltd. is one of the leading game development companies and parent-owned of Singapore based game developer Portway Games.
Having brought many popular games such as Touhou Project and La Corda d’Oro to players, Crows Crows Crows Pte Ltd has recently taken up the challenge to develop Legend of Labot: The Golden Pearl, a new adventure-RPG game set in tropical Southeast Asia. By combining the light-hearted simplicity of a childhood adventure game with the intensity of a real-time action-packed visual novel game, Legend of Labot: The Golden Pearl promises to be one of the most memorable experience that you have ever had.

Heino is the kind of guy who was never taught to be independent. While living with his grandparents he was just learning to read. When he was 10 years old he, as an independent soul, managed


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– Based on true events.
– Play through exciting global events, local issues and local culture.
– Collect bike accessories, unlock items to help you survive.
– Get points to rank up and unlock new stages.
– Race to the finish.
We hope you enjoy our game and we’d love to hear from you.
– I am Athlete
– Kevin Lewis
– Casey Gan
– Jonathan Emslie
– Tom Mcguire
– Chris King
– Paddy Crean
– Ronnie Cardarelli
– Kevin Lewis: Co-creator and engine programmer.
– Casey Gan: Creator of the concept, character design and graphics.
– Jonathan Emslie: Sound effects, handle collision.
– Tom Mcguire: Sound effects, handle collision.
– Paddy Crean: Sound effects, handle collision.
– Chris King: Sound effects, handle collision.
– Ronnie Cardarelli: Leader and Supervising Producer.
– I am Athlete: Game concept, game designer.
– Final words: Kevin Lewis, Casey Gan, Jonathan Emslie, Tom Mcguire, Paddy Crean, Chris King, Ronnie Cardarelli, final words.
Publisher: I am Athlete
Developer: I am Athlete
Available on Google play

Scared to death I look around me, “this isn’t the way…” “Come on! We can do this!” “The others are going to be coming back by now, don’t you think?”
So I searched for my best friend Shawn, and was surprised to find him here. No panic, no tears, no worries! We just rode together through the mayhem and the darkness! Together!
A motorcycle ride at night…
You might think this is a lonely place, but we don’t feel it that way at all! This is the dawning of our adventure, and we will never forget this night! We will be together forever!
Theme music: “Hunger” by Epidemic Sound

Hello! Long time no see!
A friend of mine made this. It’s a set of videos about his adventure across Russia on his dirt bike. Enjoy!
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Lunar Manor (Latest)

There are 4 worlds in the game. Each world is a unique experience that you’ll need to discover. Each world features unique objectives that you’ll need to accomplish in order to unlock the next world. You are bound to one world only and unlockable in the endgame.
Full Game “The Fire” Tracklist:
01. Mountain
02. Desert
03. Forest
04. River
05. Cavern
06. Ice
07. Flame
08. Water
09. Shimmer
10. Eclipse
11. Sky
12. Swamp
13. Unknown
14. Moon

Fire Mage Gameplay VideoWalkthroughPlaylist:
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My name is Divin Vadner and I’m an indie gamer. I love video games and think it’s important because they can be a lot of fun and they are also fun to play. It’s also a great way to enjoy yourself because they are a great tool for stress relief or relaxation. I love playing in my spare time, just as a past time, so it’s something I do to relax. I love to do challenges and collect fun games and games I never heard of.
This game was recorded with my friend. The video was recorded in columbus ga. There is a link to the number, for more videos. This is just a promotional tool, so have fun with it.
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