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Lost Sunday Comics




The digital version of The Lost Sunday, a comic book about the magic of working too much, told through stories and inspiration from old folklore, myths and tales.
Written by Nina B aka Nina York*
*Nina York is a pseudonym used by the author in this game. He will use this pseudonym in all future projects, as he is not happy with the working environment in Sweden at the moment and very much wants to work in a different country.

It’s the summer of 1991, and all the fun is just starting. Or is it? A drifter, called The Lost Sunday has shown up in Silver City and is introducing a whole new concept: a magic-filled comic book library.

Thanks to its popularity, Nina and his books have become more than just a pleasure to read – they have started to enthrall people all over the world.

And The Lost Sunday is something special – at least to Nina and his friends. Every day, six fierce wolves come back to life and scurry through the town, but only Nina knows that he has become something more.

Can Nina make it to the end, where he will find out what exactly he is and where he belongs to?

The game features a virtual comic book library full of the Lost Sunday’s stories and, of course, Nina’s. Let’s go to town, and make a journey through time and space to find out.


• Hordes of new enemies and new characters.
• Dozens of comic book stories.
• Lovers of horror and adventure
• Fun and simple platformer mechanics that will put you on the path of adventure.
• A handy inventory system
• Many more to come…

Known issues:

The game is not optimized for Android

Recommended Android devices:

For tablets: Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.


You can read the instructions in the data file or you can watch the video in the links below.


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Lost Sunday Comics Features Key:

  • This is a collectin’ item for lost comic book stories
  • Player plays a game, there are only 9 teams and only one player can play at a time
  • Compete with your friends, show them who is the best
  • Lost Sunday Comics Instructions:

    Choose Your player and start playing.

    Lost Sunday Comics Requirements

    • Computer
    • Arcade/Crossover Sword & Sworcery
    • Arcade Games
    • About 15m to play

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    Take a trip on a humorous adventure in a wild west town all in one of the most exciting Jump & Run games and have enough fun!! Unlike every other Jump ‘n Run games you can go in color/style: camouflage or regular clothes! Your objective is to eliminate everyone from the town as you run between falling barrels!

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    This game is a story-driven action-adventure game. Nina the witch-girl, a modern day hero, is trapped in a forest in a magical comic book adventure. For all your heroic endeavors she will need help from other comic book characters and to do it she will need to collect the seven lost Sundays. The lost Sundays are valuable, and only she can help you in finding them…
    Lead the hero Nina on her quest to help others for a better future. Stay calm and go to the forest in the detailed comic book book adventure to get help from the other characters, collect your seven lost Sundays and explore the forest in the magical comic book world.The Lost Sunday Comics was made with unrealengine and unreal

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    Lost Sunday Comics is a video game for Android, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Mac, PC, Linux, Windows Phone, Linux and Android Nook. The game features story-driven gaming with puzzles, collectables, hidden pages, achievements, and trophies.

    Lost Sunday Comics is currently a side project and we need your help to bring it to a working state. In the game, you will play as Nina, a young girl who gets stuck in a tiny town as she completes various chores for the week and sometimes hunts rabbits for extra cash.

    You’ll have to work hard, though! In every town there’s an evil witch who keeps Saturday (the seventh wolf) locked away. You’ll have to go through seven levels, using the power of the seven woleys of the week to save Sunday and bring the witch back to her cage.

    Lost Sunday Comics will be published in English, Swedish, Romanian, French, Italian, Russian and Polish. We’re aiming for a 2019 release.

    “Our community has been great to work with, sharing tips, ideas and suggestions along the way. The amazing writers at Secret Serums have been guiding us every step of the way, pushing to make this game an immersive experience. We’ve been inspired by many books and movies, and the comic book format provides the best opportunities to tell interesting stories and convey strong messages.”

    Lost Sunday Comics is a side project by Secret Serums Studio. It was born as a digital comic book, but we also wanted to include elements of interactive gaming to immerse the player in the game and get them interested in reading our book. It was a lot of work, and we need your help to make it happen.Story Nina lives in a small town, where the seven wolves of the week wait for you with never-ending chores. The evil witch keeps Saturday locked away in her secret tower and is guarding a mysterious relic called Sunday, stolen from the people of the land. She is hungry to steal the whole world from you and has the might to do it. Nina dreams of a better life for everyone, but she knows that it will only be possible if she goes to the forgotten realms and gets Sunday back.

    As a strong girl with a big will, Nina sets out on an ambitious quest. She will have to go through seven levels, vanquishing the witch, rescuing Saturday, and bringing Sunday back to the people.

    The Lost Sunday is a comic book about


    What’s new in Lost Sunday Comics:

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    System Requirements For Lost Sunday Comics:

    Graphics Card: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R7 260X
    CPU: Intel Core i3-3220 or AMD Phenom II X4 955
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    HDD: 2 GB
    Sound Card: DirectX11-compatible
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