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When it comes to casual sex, you generally have two primary options: hook up with a complete stranger or have a brief online sexual encounter. Unfortunately, the popularity of Tinder may have made the latter option, at least in the eyes of some college students, seem a bit more attractive, as it allows people to easily hook up with a complete stranger without any fear of rejection or the taint of being “hooked up to.”
However, it’s more than likely that hookup culture has not always been the most accepted, and in fact in some cases may have been rather taboo (e.g. for college students) or even illegal. For most Americans, though, the question of casual sex has long since become less of a taboo, and more of a lifestyle, with many wondering just what impact or effect it has had on their current, or future relationships, as well as the bigger picture of society.
And while the new wave of hookup apps has added to casual sex culture, many wonder if, as time has progressed and technology continues to advance, will it become more acceptable in the future?
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As a hookup app, Taoist Speed Dating offers
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As a hookup app, Taoist Speed Dating offers

“My husband and I have been married for over 10 years and we have never had sex in our home, on our own bed, and we’ve never been physically intimate in the four years of our marriage. I am really wanting my husband to have sex with me in our home, on our own bed, but I am having trouble speaking my truth. What do I say?
“Are you interested in sex?”
They said YES, but if they’re not interested in sex, why are they even dating?
In order for the most successful relationship or marriage to last, you have to enjoy the aspects about your partner that you value and feel the same about your partner. However, when you’re trying to initiate or have sex with your husband, the temptation
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Consider this, if having sex is taboo, not having sex is all the rage nowadays. It has become so mainstream that many people are now so concerned about getting diseases when having casual sex that they are highly cautious when it comes to their sexual encounters.
Here are nine very real and common infections you are more than likely to pick up if you go casual:
1. Herpes
First things first. No one likes herpes, but it’s just another fact of life. It’s so prevalent because of all the stress people put on themselves over sex. In fact, 69% of people believe that having herpes is “a serious disease” according to Dr. David Wells, a well-known sexpert. Still, that’s less than half of a person’s estimated total lifetime number of sexual contacts.
As for if casual sex increases your chances of getting herpes, you’ll have to ask your partner. But if you know about the danger and that your partner is too, then you should definitely be understanding.
2. Chlamydia
Alright, this one is a particularly strict STD to catch, but there’s still a big chance you’ll pick it up if you have sex with someone who has it. Still, here are the good reasons to have it, according to “Healthy Sex Made Simple”:
“This infection can cause you serious complications if you don’t get treated.”
3. HPV
You know HPV means genital wart by now, but it is a very common STD and has some pretty big repercussions. Like the herpes before it, it’s the leading cause of cervical cancer and it’s becoming the third most common STD in America.
As for if casual sex increases your chances of getting HPV, this time it’s up to you. But if you’re having sex with a person who has been exposed to HPV, you should definitely make sure you’re safe, or at the very least, be protected.
4. Gonorrhea
You might think this is a more obscure STD, but gonorrhea is increasingly becoming a problem again, and the source of some HIV infections as well. It’s especially rampant among those who are sexually active, and some people have reported that casual sex is a pretty big factor in spreading gonorrhea.
As for if casual sex increases your chances of getting gonorrhea, again, it all depends on your partner. But if you know you’ve had it, you should definitely bring home a kit and find out more about your partner.
5. HIV