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Reading and finding what you need in an unprocessed log file is not easy, which is why most users rely on specialized log viewers that organize and filter the data in order to make your job a lot simpler.
Loginator is one such application, designed to display Chainsaw (Nlog, log4net, log4j, etc.) and Logcat logs in real-time. It provides you with useful filtering options and features a minimalistic, novice-friendly GUI.
Intuitive viewer for Logcat and Chainsaw logs
Two versions of the application are available – one that requires installation and one that only needs to be unpacked. However, note that the latter isn’t fully portable, as your settings are still stored in the user folder.
Once you have launched the program, you just need to click Configure and select the log source. Chainsaw and Logcat logs are supported, and you also have the option of converting time to your location.
Filter logs to ensure only relevant information is displayed
Of course, like any log viewer, Loginator allows you to restrict which messages are displayed based on their log level. The messages are also color-coded, making it easy to tell them apart at a glance.
Entries can be displayed or hidden based on application and namespace, and the utility can also show log details, such as exceptions, context and so on.
The number of messages to be saved can be limited by the user, and the simple search function that is included should help you find specific entries more easily.
Relatively simple and easy-to-use log viewer
When taking everything into consideration, Loginator isn’t the most feature-rich log viewer you will ever come across, but it can certainly get the job done. It is novice-friendly, thanks to its minimalistic UI design, and it can read data from multiple log sources, so it should prove quite versatile.


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Loginator 9.0.7 Crack + [Updated]

View multiple logs in real-time
Specify log filters
Configure log format
Organize logs by application and namespace
Search logs by username
Filter logs to ensure only relevant messages are displayed
Save multiple logs
Clear logs
Convert time to your location
Share log files via FTP
Unzip and unpack files

Get the app and support at This software is distributed under LGPL license.

Loginator Crack Mac is free to download and use. It has no advertisements or in-app purchases, and it doesn’t change any of your default settings or log files.

Loginator Description:
Looking for a log viewer for Chainsaw and Logcat, but don’t want to deal with a bunch of configuration? Our app is designed to make log browsing a breeze.
Most of the options found in traditional log viewers are available, such as the options to only show messages related to the currently selected application, filter messages by log level, limit the number of messages saved and so on.
Chainsaw and Logcat support
This is where Loginator really sets itself apart from any other log viewer available out there. Apart from the usual log-viewer functionality, Loginator supports multiple log sources, including any Chainsaw/Logcat logs you might already have, as well as from SQL Server, Oracle, Visual Studio and others.
Logs can be organized, and the most interesting part is that you can filter them using different criteria, including the following:
* Filter messages by application or namespace
* Sort messages in the order of insertion
* Show only message created on a specific date
* Set a timezone (for example, to view logs generated by your phone, while you are travelling)
* Convert date in your timezone
* Convert time to your location
If you are not able to access some log sources, this might be a result of your firewall or antivirus software. You can prevent them from being blocked by a configuration file.
Logs can be saved in.txt and.csv format.

Get the app and support at This software is distributed under LGPL license.

Loginator Description:
Log4net Logs Viewer
View multiple logs in real-time. Specify log filters. Organize logs by application and namespace. Show only messages related to the currently selected application. Filter messages

Loginator 9.0.7 Crack [Latest-2022]

Read log messages that are stored in one or more files, clear existing views and limit the number of log messages displayed.
View log messages from any running application
Integrate with Logcat for Android
Filtering based on log level
Display/hide log messages based on application, namespace and time
Limit number of log messages displayed
Search log messages
Import/export log files as XML
Manage log files
CompactlogViewer Description:
View log messages from any running application
Limit the number of log messages displayed
View log messages that contain specified strings
One-click command to add a log folder
Specify log path:
More Info:
How to Install:
ChainsawCracked Loginator With Keygen (Uninstaller-Only)
FreeLogViewer (Installer-Only)
More Options:
You can use the Loginator app on your mobile phone and computer without charge, though some features may require the storage permission. Please note that the application will search for and display your hidden data in case you haven’t changed the default settings.Q:

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Loginator 9.0.7 Crack+

1. Easy to use
2. Filter and sort logs
3. Read logs from multiple sources at once
4. Support multiple languages
5. Fast, clean and efficient

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What’s New in the Loginator?

With its intuitive interface and simple layout, Loginator allows you to view Chainsaw logs and Logcat messages in real-time. The program comes with a variety of filtering tools that can be used to restrict the data displayed, and you also have the option of displaying the relevant message details. Other features include the display of log details, help screens and a search function.
• Provides access to Logcat and Chainsaw logs.
• Supports multiple log sources.
• Filtering based on log level, message type, context, namespace, source and date.
• Messages are color-coded to make them easy to spot.
• Has a search function that allows you to easily find specific entries.
• Provides help and status information.
• Can save logs to a folder.
• Has an autosave feature.
• Supports Mac and Windows.
• Free.
System Requirements:
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.
Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.
Loginator is a relatively simple, easy-to-use log viewer, especially for novice users. You can view your log files in real-time using Logcat and Chainsaw, and the application should prove easy to use even for experienced users. However, it is worth noting that it might cause frustration if you are using Logcat when viewing Chainsaw logs. For example, when you go to the Google search bar, Logcat displays your entire search history, and the information displayed isn’t filtered on any level.

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System Requirements For Loginator:

High-end PC:
Windows 10 64-bit / 8.1 64-bit / 7 64-bit
Intel CPU:
Core i5 6500 2.50GHz or equivalent
Intel Core i3 2300 2.26GHz or equivalent
AMD FX-8350 6 core 3.8GHz or equivalent
AMD FX-6300 6 core 3.5GHz or equivalent
10GB free disk space
2GB dedicated graphics memory