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Livro Genetica Humana De Maria Regina Borges Osorio

Livro Genetica Humana De Maria Regina Borges Osorio

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Livro Genetica Humana De Maria Regina Borges Osorio


Note that strings like “4” in “Regina [4]” are not removed as you expect, but they are replaced with “4”.
You should probably then be looking for words that are followed by “[0-9]”, which are likely to be numbers.
import re

string = “””A process is a society’s way of dealing with the unforeseen, the unintended, and the unknown.
Therefore, in a medical setting, the process that serves as the foundation for the subspecialties and the system of medical care is the process of diagnosis.
Through the process of diagnosis, a patient who is ill or injured can be identified as having a disease, disorder, or injury that needs medical or surgical treatment.”””

# find lines matching your regex
print re.findall(r'([\w]+[^[]*[0-9]*)’, string)

The output of the above is
[(‘Regina’, ‘4’)]


Should we have a “scicomm” tag?

I’ve noticed there’s a scicomm tag on SciFi.SE, but it doesn’t seem to get much use.
I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but it seems as if it’d get abused.
Is there any possibility of this tag being used here?


I don’t think so. I wouldn’t expect it to do anything on this site. It’s mostly used in the USA, I think, and even there, not so much in the scifi field.

‘No short cuts’ for North Korean peace talks: US envoy

SEOUL, Feb 11 (APP): The US special envoy for North Korean issues has said Washington will not allow Pyongyang to get away with “short cuts” on its nuclear programme, in the face of tightened sanctions.
“We will not allow them (North Korea) to get away with short cuts,” envoy Stephen Biegun told reporters in Seoul on Sunday.
He said Washington “is prepared to put pressure on ourselves and on the international community to bring the North Korean leadership to the negotiating table.”
North Korea and the US have been holding working-level talks since last month when they met in Singapore to discuss US President Donald Trump’s suggestion that he would meet with the North Korean leader if Pyongyang agrees to denuclearise.

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