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Instantaneous colour control over 8.3 million colours.
Brilliant white light control for indoor or outdoor lighting.
8.3 million custom colours and over 80 types of fade, change and colour effects.
3 zones of colour selection to quickly colour change, across a full spectrum of colours.
Unparalleled colour control from cold to very warm.
High level control over 3 zones of colour with the complete control of over 8.3 million colours.
8.3 million custom colours
Unprecedented colour adjustment – make 3000 colour changes without a problem.
3 zones of control over 8.3 million colours.
Assigning up to eight zones to change colour
Combining three zones of colour selection to make sweeping changes to your entire colour selection
Edit and save colour customizations with ease, even when under system control.
Creator of Flog Lights: Made by one of the pioneers of professional lighting control systems, Flog is a leading manufacturer of professional lighting equipment.
The developer of Flog Lights 3 DMX Utility Software, Flog Lights’ 3DMX controls over 8.3 million custom colours, with an unmatched combination of intuitive control, performance, affordability and ease of use.
3DMX’s unparalleled controls of up to 3 zones of colour selection, the ability to change colour up to 3000 times without a problem, all under a simple 4×4 DMX matrix makes it easy to turn any hard-wired lighting system into a highly configurable and cost effective colour and lighting control system.
3DMX software is tailored to meet the needs of the professional lighting, sound and video professionals.
Build your own customisable visual show with the ability to easily add lighting, spot, motion, video, audio, effects, interviews and features that you can control instantly with your media.
Assign different visual control to different scenes, show transitions, and endless other visual possibilities with Flog’s powerful visual control management.
Control your entire system from a single computer or using your mobile phone (iPhone / Android), with the ability to record instant changes and to capture and share your screen and audio.
Access your entire Flog Light system directly via its built-in access web control panel, including:
Watch your show at any time from anywhere
Convert any system from a hard-wired box or matrix to a full setup with internet access – the Flog Lights Controller App is compatible with every major Android device.
Browse your show and control your entire system

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Elegant design with beautiful look and modernized user interface.
Major control features: full matrix with 64 channels can be controlled by light controller.
16 function faders each of which provides 32 steps memory.
16 programmable automated show; Enables to make and loop cuing, color sequence, tempo function etc.
Custom shows can be designed in advance.
16 preset show; enable 8 of them to be saved.
16 bank (each of 16 banks has 6128 channels, can be updated at any time, each of 16 banks can be arranged according to your own choices, there are 64 banks on total)
User defined cueing function, with MIDI feedback, number of steps for cueing, number of steps of corresponding sequence, hold time and fade in time.
MIDI arrangement function; 16 banks can be arranged into macro, you can define for each macro which bank contains which channel in the macro.
Full matrix input is available, make all 4 banks to be 8 channel.
Synthesized 16 chanel DMX output.
16 banks with 192 faders, 32 faders can be controlled together.
The sound is very smooth, when you start adjusting the lights, the sound is also auto adjusting, get in touch with your audience!
Industrial grade
The built-in 32 channel Matrix mixer, which is also the sum of the 16 master faders, can be used to control all of the 16 channels on the lighting controller, for example, you may want to control all of the 16 channels on the lighting controller with a set of faders, or you may use the 16 channels of the lighting controller as synced DMX channels to control 16 DMX channels in the mixer, or you may use the 16 channels of the lighting controller as synchronized DMX channels and the mixer as a solo instrument.
Enjoy the tactile feel of 16 hard-knobs right in your hand, then when you need to dance to the beat of the music, turn your body into the controller, just like a DJ!
Just like a MIDI controller, the faders are assigned with bank and channel numbers, so it is easy for you to edit them in your favorite editor.
Note: this does not include the ancillary devices to control the lighting controller, such as the DMX receivers.
Sync Audio & DMX lights to music, using sync soundtrack recorder
Add more lights to the show for larger scale or multiple locations
16 banks each of 16 channels

Light Boogie 2.9.166 Crack

In 2010 Bob Jackson showed us how to link each LED in your studio lighting fixtures to a light controller. In the process, he helped bring lighting to an entirely new level by developing the DMX Smart Lighting Series! In fact, the lights, faders and DMX interface are all controlled by the 2-Way DMX lighting controller, allowing you to control all your lighting from your computer, or interface with any software you choose.
For those unfamiliar with the concept of DMX, it stands for Digital Mixing eXtension. It’s a digital method of communicating or sending power to various lighting fixtures. By using DMX, you can easily adjust all the settings of your lights individually or as a whole.
With this lighting controller you can link 16 LED lights, each with it’s own DMX channels, allowing you to control each light individually, or you can link them together to control the total output of the studio. Two banks of 16 DMX channels give you a total of 512 channels in which you can run your lighting.

You can run a computer’s full audio mix program, and even run your favorite song creation programs, but you can’t run a computer’s full audio mixing program, let alone do that while keeping your song in sync. The SynMaster is a webbased audio control system, which controls your audio, based on how you mix. You can use it to mix your music to perfection, and control other applications all at the same time, without having to stop and start the music every time you want to use another application. The SynMaster can be used as a stand alone program or you can even link it to your computer’s production timeline to allow you to control your music AND your computer at the same time.
The SynMaster is capable of routing all your audio to any interface or speaker. It can be used to control music applications, a separate mix console, CD players, DVD players, DAWs, or anything else! Setup is as simple as a click of a button.
Any PC running any OS can link to a remote location with no limitations. There are no special drivers needed or hardware requirements.

The Jamitron is an innovative, compact, transportable and highly versatile Bass Unit that can be setup and operated within minutes. However, the Jamitron can also be used as a full blown bass unit by connecting a 16″ or 32″ cabinet or being used as a sound reinforcement system by connecting directly to an amplifier. In addition to that, the

What’s New In Light Boogie?

Light Boogie features a full color front panel with 5 preset control buttons and 2 navigation buttons. Light Boogie offers full DMX control over 48 channels of LED lighting.
Five preset color buttons allow you to set color temperature and color mode. LED lighting is extremely accurate and sensitive. There are five color presets, warm white, cool white, daylight, dmx red and dmx green with a professional yellow that delivers total control and flexibility.
Small and compact, it can be placed on top of a keyboard. Two DMX cables run from the control panel to the ballasts. Cables are thin and flexible, fitting easily in the included socks. The color control panel is readable and intuitive.
Light Boogie Key features:
– Capacity to control up to 48 channels with the optional DMX controller.
– Sliders for the faders can be left to default to the factory setting.
– Gives quick access to a master channel, which allows adjustment of all FX.
– Sends DMX commands to an optional DMX controller
– Runs Lutron dimmer system with built in variable speed dimming.
– 8 W variable speed dimmers for all channels.
– Powerful enough to drive 1,000 Watts of WED lamps
– Includes dimmer system for all channels
– Separate fade control for every channel is possible (bubble or grid)
– Separate hold control is possible (bubble or grid)
– 5 programmable color buttons
– Preecessible preset banks
– DMX outputs for any controller
Light Boogie is stable, easy to program, is ready to work right out of the box, and the 5 pre-programmed color buttons are great for quickly running presets when the controller is first turned on, leaving the option to assign any of the DMX colors to a button in the future if needed. Light Boogie can provide the ideal combination of DMX controls and precision multi-color output – providing control and versatility for any electronic music artist looking for a new lighting controller.

Ultimate Control Lighting Controller by Lutron


Light The World is a wireless control and monitoring system that allows you to easily control and monitor light distribution from your home or small business. The wireless DMX controls operate in true wireless mode, eliminating the need for wired control. The controls transmit data up to two miles between up to seven Lutron Arclite receivers and illuminate more than fifty Lutron Light The World receivers in

System Requirements For Light Boogie:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 CPU: Dual-core AMD or Intel x64
Dual-core AMD or Intel x64 RAM: 2GB
2GB Graphics: AMD: Radeon HD 6000 series, Intel: Intel HD 5000 series
AMD: Radeon HD 6000 series, Intel: Intel HD 5000 series DirectX: Version 11
Version 11 Storage: 1GB available space
OS: Windows