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About The Game Boring Man: The Grinding Jigsaw Project
Boring Man has teamed up with Megalomaniac Gaming and our talented community of team captains to create something unique, award-winning, and beautiful. It’s the biggest and the best that Boring Man has ever done. Can you help the team complete the game? Check out the short campaign or our full campaign.
Play as the creators of the game itself, while the rest of the team works to fill in the gaps and polish the last bits of art and game design. With loads of content to play and a treasure-filled treasure map to explore, you’ll barely have enough time to sit on your tush.
Visit Boring Man on Facebook
Visit Boring Man on Twitter
Contact Boring Man
• Talk to Boring Man (a.k.a. the gang from the game) and learn more about the team and why we’re doing this.
• Find out more about the game
• Read all the updates of our progress for the game
• Subscribe for updates
• Download, install, unzip, play and enjoy.
Bored Man is a free-to-play 2D RPG with multiplayer and a theme-tuned campaign. Featuring tons of spells, monsters, and weapons, you’re sure to find something that will blow your mind!
*** Please note that some of the content and/or vehicles may look different than shown in the image(s) since the developers worked under constraints when creating the assets for this game, all rights regarding assets, text and/or their further publication are reserved by the respective owners. ***
Check out:

Thank you so much guys. It’s the thought that counts.

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Features Key:

  • An epic, 4th person sci-fi FPS with massive and deep customization and upgrade system.
  • Customize ships to any speed, size, shape or armor type to keep your ship as unique as
    your character.
  • Fly in to wreak havoc on enemy ships in an out of this world setting.
  • Fly, fight and bomb your way through hostile worlds looking for easy pickings.
  • Transform your ship’s skillset at the field to maximize your environmental expertise.
  • Slay enemies, trade with alien races or sneak through settlements with stealth to
    survive the dangerous and untamed universe.
  • Unlock power ups, mods and equipment to customize and upgrade your ship to be
    more efficient or add intelligent features to its arsenal.
  • Fly, fight and destroy in this futuristic Sci Fi space shooter FPS.


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Build your own city.

Hire, fire, and promote your workforce.

Build roads, bridges, and factories that will generate revenue.

Create guilds, build their own town hall, and run for city council.

Collect resources (wood, charcoal, iron ore), use them to buy and upgrade houses, develop districts, and compete in a vast open world.

Build on existing tools to maximize your town’s customization.

Use your mouse to select units and issue orders to workers.

Hire and promote your workers, assign them to tasks, and update their stats.

Eclipse Phase is a new, free role-playing game of discovery, invention, and evolution. Play as one of four futuristic factions vying for control of an ever-changing galaxy. Your choices create a new civilization from the ashes of your predecessors. On a journey to build a new home for your people, you will discover new technologies, new powers, and new civilizations.

The 2012 PC game Eclipse Phase: Brave New World has been updated and is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The game has been released on as well as’s Kindle storefront (for Kindle Fire users).

The game’s interface and gameplay have been completely redesigned, and you will find that the new version is more streamlined and intuitive. This version contains all the same content, but offers a new look, more streamlined interface, better gamepad support, and a streamlined rule system.

What’s new in the 2016 Eclipse Phase: Brave New World Update?

A new character creation system allows you to customize the look of your character and play style. You can also play as a character not included in the base edition, allowing you to create an entirely new person, or take one of the pre-built characters and change just a few elements.

The soundtrack has been expanded so that now the game contains almost 60 tracks.

A new Haul System (previously called the Mining system) has been added to Eclipse Phase. Hauling is the process of mining ore out of the ground and placing it in your Workshop to create industrial items.

The player status system has been replaced with a new Drop and Pick system. This allows you to drop, and only if the item is in your hand, pick up, and place it. If the item is not in your hand, you will not be able to interact with it, and any order


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– Shepherds you through the tutorial
– Plays to a set of specified criteria
– Creates a save file each time the game begins
Note on game mode:
– “Story” is a linear experience and not a direct parallel to the actual events in a single day
– “Endless” mode is not reliant on one day or game time
– Standard: Fight day and night, with day getting progressively more difficult
– Story: Play through the story
– Endless: Play until you die
– Map: A hand-crafted procedural randomly generated map with different areas every time you play
– Environment: A hand-crafted procedural randomly generated environment with different weather, blocks, and vegetation every time you play
– Villagers: A random selection of villagers with their own specific attributes, build orders, and attributes
– Items: Items from the environment, enemies, and yourself that you can use to improve your town
– Breakables: Floor boards, cracks, and bushes you can use to climb through areas
– Planets: The names of the planets in the game
– Character: What you see, character design and name
– Villager: What you hear, and names
– Monsters: The creatures that attack you and evolve
– I have a BFA in Graphic Design and an MFA in Game Design.
– I worked as a graphic designer in several advertising agencies in New Jersey and in New York, including MTV Networks and MTV.
– I worked as a systems designer in AAA gaming companies, including Radical Entertainment (Dead Space) and afternoons on AvP (Day One’s original Hellstorm expansion).
– I make custom cards to supplement the game. (
Please enjoy the full game and leave a review if you like it!

All you need is your imagination, creativity, and a little bit of madness to survive in the post-apocalyptic ruins of this amazing game!
* Control:
The game play is easy, you move around with WASD, and you can jump with the Space bar. You move your character left and right with the Arrow keys, and you can climb up and down with Z.
* Your fate is in your hands!
Choose wisely. There are ten different endings! The outcome is in your hands. What will you choose?

Been a fan of these games since they came out,


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Note:Hey guys, I do not spam my steam group but I think it is important to mention that the box is not a box of dung! It’s a box made in Italy by a very experienced and talented woodworker, with the main purpose of protecting the game from the heavy rain and bad weather. And it’s not black or grey, this box is made in beautiful cherry wood which is perfect for rainy and cold days.

These are the main features of the box:
-Genuine Cherry wood
-2 exit doors
-The game seems unbreakable because of the inner insert
-“Contains the game” written at the back with a 3D illustration of the game with the game title
-There is a foam pad on the top and a key on the back for safe play. The pad and the key are also made in cherry wood, and have an individual 3D illustration.

As always you guys if you find any bug, encounter any issue, any suggestion, any idea, write to us and we will be available to solve it.
A big thanks to our Community Manager and friend to our fan, MAGNØ, who worked so hard to make this box!

This version is already available for Brazilian Portuguese (BR) and Russian (RU) communities.

Structure in English:
We are going to have some more changes and we are really going to release the 1.3 in a few days, we are adding music, voices, a better combat system and a lot more, so be patient!

Uploaded via Android

How to install the game on your PC, Mac or Linux:
1. You should already have Steam installed and the Greenlight app that is officially supported by Steam (if you are an Alpha player, we recommend you install this app).
2. On your Steam, go to the “Library” menu, select “My Games” and click on “Game” in the left menu.
3. After you activate the game in Steam, the game should automatically select the language it belongs to (you can always go to settings and change the language).

If you encounter any bugs/issues, even if it is a minor one, write to us, tell us your system (OS and so on).
You can contact us by sending a Private Message in Steam or via Twitter, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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    System Requirements:

    Internet connection
    Keyboard and Mouse
    Supported OS: Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
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