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KMSpico V5.2.1 ( Portable)

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Kmspico Version 5.2.1 Portable. The aim of this software is to protect and improve the compatibility of Windows .
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What is the difference between “fortify” and “strengthen”?

I got this sentence:

If you fortify your body, you
will be able to face many physical
challenges in life.

And I need to write the corresponding exact opposite (flip it over!) (the opposite meaning is to increase something or put a stop to something)
If I’m not mistaken “strengthen” can mean to reduce or remove something but I don’t think that is the case with “fortify”.
So to reinforce is not the opposite of fortify, right?


Fortify has many definitions. I think the one you’re looking for is the first meaning:

Add strength or fortitude, or fill with strength or fortitude:
{to fortify himself against the cold}

So in your example, it implies that the speaker wants to bring up their physical strength. But you can also fortify a person psychologically, and even use the word to strengthen the word physically:

That was a courageous decision to make.

That implies the “strength” is not physical. So it’s possible to strengthen your physical strength and fortify your mental strength at the same time.
And yes, the word strengthen does have some negative connotations. It implies that the time you’ve been spending on physical training is taking away from other important parts of your life.


python string split while keeping parentheses

I have the following text:

user@server-host:~$ rake test (5.1.0, 5.1.1, 5.1.2) ( )
rake aborted!