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Paladin is a player character with a strong sense of justice and a merciless persona.
Character will be gained when the Hero wins the fight on the stage.
Matched against a wide variety of opponents, including weapons with various special effects, and a variety of attacks and skills, the Heroic age, the challenge to continue in.Challenge and regular match from 0 to 5, the balance comes into play.
A battle to the death with you against enemies that are strong in battle!
Paladin’s mode of attack is Action-based, and it is a sort of a character with the ability to defeat as many enemies as possible.There are a variety of attacks, including sword, spear, bow, and axe.
Paladin’s assault abilities!
1. Draw a sword to start the battle.
2. Spear attack
3. Bow attack
4. Machine Gun attack
It will raise the number of times of each attack depending on the number of the weapon.
You can also freely set the attack direction and distance of the weapon without having to deal with the attack.
The actual spell is the ability to defeat the entire game!!
Kill everything, whenever you wish to!
In addition, Paladin’s combat skills can be customized freely.
The basic attack and defense are available.
There are additional skills that can be unlocked.
Each skill is different from fighting game!
Who says you can’t customize your match style?
On top of that, Paladin is a player character.
There will be a variety of other materials to customize.
When you fill up the trophy information menu, you can access Paladin’s status, skills, costume, and many more.
* Stamina is the power of your attack and battle movements, and gives you the opportunity to release the various aspects of Paladin.
Thus, it increases Stamina consumption and reduces when using special skills.Stamina can be obtained through the Stamina Orb, Hero’s daily life account, and is also included in the various levels of the Hero’s daily life.
With the increase of Stamina, you are allowed to gain opportunities to obtain special items during the game.
You can freely switch up your Omni Tool in your backpack.
As the Omni Tool falls into use, you can improve your performance as you wish.
You can freely switch up your helmet equipment in your backpack.
The helmet is equipped with a variety of equipment that allows you to enjoy the combat scene through a different perspective.
Customize your equipment,


Kisaragi No Hougyoku Features Key:

  • Aggressive SOB party game (School of Bosses type of game), where each player chooses their character, or unique special move, and attempts to survive against other teams of players.
  • To maximize the tension of survival, the game can be played in a short intense format (Boss=Kisaragi), or longer for greater game play (Boss=Nemuro Gonin).
  • The 2-character line-up Minagawa Kisaragi, completed with a SUI (universally-known-substance) move<sup>∧</sup>, is guaranteed to get you in trouble.
  • Getting on a ono from a detective like Mendou can be interesting, but many other characters to choose from, with their own moves and special techniques.
  • During your life as a Kisaragi, you have to find the hidden stick to reveal the path your spirit will take you when you’re dead.
  • The game has many references to Hollywood movies, like Fatal Attraction, Mission Impossible, Die Hard, The Shawshank Redemption. For further details (copyright & trademark), the game FAQ can be found on our website.
  • Your players can be made to listen to a dying voice.
  • The quantity of available characters gives the opportunity to be able to play 2 different lines of characters in the same game

Versus One

  • Your team can be composed of another team of 5 players
  • A small selection of characters and SUI moves are available
  • A popular or stand-alone game can be played with only one person, without his/her rival


Kisaragi No Hougyoku Download PC/Windows

You play Kyokugen Kusanagi – a happy young man with no past, no friends and a knack for getting out of trouble. The only thing standing between you and the police are your supernatural abilities. Kyokugen seems to accidentally absorb the powers of monsters from all over the world and, in the process, forms his very own weapons and armor. His newest venture is to find the other legendary weapons, dubbed ‘Devil’s Armors’, to complete his training to become the greatest hero who ever lived.
Just Kick Your World!Factions
The Federation
The Federation of the New Era is the official branch of the New Era, the government of Kyokugen. Their main goal is to safeguard the peaceful preservation of the era and to promote the progress of mankind through resource gathering and development.
The Order of the Stars
The Order of the Stars is a minor faction whose members wish to experience and protect the reality of the era. They reside on the frontier of the space colony Ariahigara, and consist of many observant people and paranormal investigators. Their symbols are ‘Observation’ and ‘Protection’.
The Patriots of the New Era
The Patriots of the New Era are a group of people who pray for peace, prosperity and happiness in the New Era. They consist of normal citizens and pacifists.
The rebels of the New Era
The rebels of the New Era consist of people who wish to overthrow the Federation and expose the truth about the New Era.
The rebels have their own symbol, which is the Devil’s Armors of the left eye, while the Patriots and the Federation have the right eye.
The People
The People is a group of people who are against any kind of Fictional element. They are against the government and the power of the New Era.
Multiplayer is a network of different players who compete against one another. You can play any role, friend or enemy, coward or hero.
Let’s Go!
Let’s Go! is a newly-developed feature in Kyokugen no Houshitsu. Let’s Go! is meant to provide you with a quick gameplay experience that will make you want to keep playing the game. It will also allow you to discover more about the story and make new friends with other players.
Let’s Go! consists of four different stages. You can choose to play through them on your own, via a download game mode, or in a multiplayer arena which includes


Kisaragi No Hougyoku

There are no rules and your character can use any combo and attack in any order, just like you can in Street Fighter.The amount of characters makes it hard to keep up with so the developers are releasing free updates regularly.Kisaragi no Hougyoku-Do You Remember?11 IGN6/10

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