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Sharing created documents is an important task within any team, as it encourages colleagues to exchange ideas and come up with a great project. And since it is best to keep apps as simple and intuitive as possible, Joxi can prove a great addition to all teams, especially due to its user-friendly interface.
Capture and share snapshots
Once the installation process has completed, you will need to create a dedicated account so you can effortlessly upload your documents in the cloud. Alternatively, you can login using one of your previously-created Facebook, Twitter or VKontakte accounts.
Once you have logged in, you can start taking snapshots of your entire desktop or only of a certain area, depending on your necessities. After you are done tweaking it, you can upload it your account with a single click, preview it so as to make sure the output matches your expectations, then share the link with other users.
Enhance and edit screenshots
Even though Joxi does not initially offer you the possibility to capture a freehand desktop region, you do get the chance to modify the grabbed snapshot to your liking, remove unwanted areas or insert new shapes, such as arrows, ellipses or rectangles.
Additionally, you can also type text strings and adjust the stroke width or color according to your preferences. Moreover, you can blur confidential data or unimportant areas so that those looking at the image can focus on the essential information.
When all the changes are completed, you can share the snapshot directly on Twitter, Facebook or VKontakte by using dedicated hotkeys (you can customize them if the default ones trigger conflicts with other apps).
All in all, Joxi can come in handy to all those looking to quickly share snapshots or post them on Facebook and Twitter. Also, due to the wide range of editing functions it features, users can make sure their screenshots will look exactly as they want them to.







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Capture and share snapshots of what you’re doing across your desktop, mobile or tablet. Share with friends and family in an instant. Easily copy/paste, blur or remove areas, types or text.
Capture and share screenshots of what you’re doing across your desktop, mobile or tablet. With the touch of a button and a quick share via email, your friends will be able to see the results of your work in no time.
Simple, easy and fast – how often have you hit “paste” and wanted to add a link to what you have just copied? or have you wanted to blur sensitive information just to make sure you don’t get shot down? Joxi For Windows 10 Crack will let you copy/paste or blur with the touch of a finger.
Use your Windows password to automatically login to Joxi For Windows 10 Crack once you install the app so you don’t have to worry about remembering your login details.
Joxi will make creating screenshots effortless, whether it be on your PC, tablet or phone. Preview each screenshot before sharing, then share the desktop or just the area of interest.
Capture a screenshot of anything, even in areas where you can’t see the taskbar and no touchpad, just type in a shortcut.
Fit text anywhere: Joxi offers many common shapes to easily fit text of any size. You can even edit the text directly or the stroke width.
Over 20 million downloads and a 5-star rating on the App Store shows that Joxi is a well-loved app that everyone can benefit from.
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Captures screenshots of any part of the screen and lets you share them in a flash, with just a single tap. Use the edit menu to resize the captured area, remove, or blur any part of the screenshot.

Capture a screenshot of the current window and use the edit menu to resize the captured area, remove, or blur any part of the screenshot.

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Supported languages
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Free of charge
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Supported platforms
Free download
The latest version of this app is available for free.
Only iOS devices are currently compatible with this app.
Joxi Version History

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Joxi Torrent (Activation Code)

Joxi is an all-in-one image capture & editing app for Windows 8. It helps you with things like capturing a screenshot or live streaming video, and manipulating your images in easy-to-use tools.
Key Features:
– Capture a screenshot of your entire desktop screen or just a part of it.
– Add text, arrows, rectangles, ellipses, etc.
– Adjust the text size, color, spacing, transparency, etc.
– Crop the original image into a square.
– Rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise.
– Shrink the image.
– Burn it into the background of another picture.
– Share your images on Facebook or Twitter.
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Visual Mockup of Microsoft Project 2016 – Mocsijava

Visual Mockup of Microsoft Project 2016 – Mocsijava

Visual Mockup of Microsoft Project 2016 – Mocsijava

Visual Mockup of Microsoft Project 2016 – Mocsijava
Visual Mockup of Microsoft Project 2016
The software suite is easy to use regardless of any experience or knowledge of project management. Microsoft Project offers countless customization options. Users have the freedom to create innovative diagrams like work breakdown structure, phasing diagrams, resource utilization, value stream mapping, process flow and much more. As

What’s New In Joxi?

Joxi is a simple and intuitive desktop image editor which enables you to capture and share your screens on social networks.

Quickly and easily create professional images from your home or office computer with Joxi Photo Editor. It’s simple to use; just drag and drop a picture or choose from various templates to create a high-quality, professional image. You can also crop, rotate, resize and blur your image before saving it to disk. Joxi Photo Editor also has various features to assist you in creating amazing images.
Joxi Photo Editor includes tools to capture a perfect image from your computer. It makes it easy to snap a photo and capture any type of picture on your computer. Joxi photo editor allows you to capture any picture in the most precise way. Using the free web-service, you can quickly capture an image from your webcam, live TV or a YouTube video.
Joxi photo editor includes many useful image editing tools to make your pictures professional looking. From crop, rotate, resize and blur, you can easily create amazing images. Joxi photo editor can be used to create perfect pictures of your dog, your kid, a friend or even your significant other. Using the built-in templates, you can quickly create a great picture.
With the built-in crop tool, you can easily crop a portion of an image. You can adjust the percentage of the image to be cropped by simply dragging the crop slider. You can rotate an image by dragging it up or down using the rotate tool. You can also adjust the effect by using the color, vibrance and blur tools.
Use the rotate tool to rotate any object in the selected area. You can use the built-in crop tool to crop out a portion of the image. Use the additional tools to adjust the color, vibrance and blur. Crop an image and resize it for quick upload to social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and VKontakte.
Joxi photo editor has the built-in blur tool to add a soft filter to your images. You can use the color settings and blur settings to apply a soft or a hard filter to your image. Use the color, color vibrancy and blur tools to create your own custom filter.
Crop an image with the built-in crop tool or use the customizable crop slider to use a certain portion of your image. You can use the rotate tool to rotate any object in the selected area. Use the additional tools

System Requirements For Joxi:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 (64bit)
Processor: 2GHz Dual Core or faster
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS / ATI Radeon HD 2900
Storage: 200GB available space
Processor: 2.5GHz Quad Core
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 / ATI Radeon HD 7900
Storage: 200GB available