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FxStyleExplorer targets Adobe Flex developers who want to visualize the way changing various user interface components reflects in their own application.
FxStyleExplorer was designed to match the specifications of Adobe Flex 3 and is a little bit outdated, considering that Adobe’s product has now reached higher versions. However, there still might be adepts of Flex 3 and for them, FxStyleExplorer could be a valuable asset.
FxStyleExplorer allows programmers to actually see how changing a style related parameter may affect the appearance of a custom developed application. It can also serve as a learning platform for less experienced developers, as it also returns the CSS code of every element.
It is an Air-based application, but this is its only requirement. Installation ends in under a minute, following which you can start exploring its perks bit by bit.
The program sports a very intuitive and user-friendly design, presenting a list of the elements which you can experiment with in a neat sidebar. Buttons, containers, form elements, lists, navigators, rules, scroll bars and sliders are the categories populating the aforementioned list, which you can explore endlessly.
Each of the elements are characterized by various style properties that can be previewed in the so-called sandbox, with the adjacent code displayed in a CSS panel for future reference.
Alternatively, you can also hit the ‘Export All CSS’ button in order to automatically export the code to the clipboard.
All in all, FxStyleExplorer impresses through the richness of the elements put at your disposal. Any customization is immediately reflected in the Preview box, which gives you an idea on how your application will look like.







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Developers interested in the changes made to the Visual Style of their application using the Style Builder. Shows the developer how a change to the style affects the Visual Style of the application.Divalent cation requirements of DNA polymerase III holoenzyme from Escherichia coli.
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The aim of this program is to be an informative and user-friendly tool for Adobe Flex developers and other professionals looking to analyze the impact of elements styles or borders on their own developed applications. It allows to preview custom UI components with varying CSS properties, by using different colors, borders, and padding, and in several widths and positions.
FxStyleExplorer features a sidebar with a list of elements, which can be browsed and explored independently. The layout is based on 5 main elements, whose attributes can be modified and previewed simultaneously with the corresponding CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) code, which can be exported to a clipboard (for accessibility purposes) or opened in a new tab.
A couple of sample applications are also included.
Written in Adobe AIR, FxStyleExplorer doesn’t require any further setup or running. All you have to do is press the ‘Export All CSS’ button to download all available properties of each element, that can be later opened in other text editors.
Main Features:
1) The project is entirely contained in one file and contains no reference to external files or libraries.
2) Auto-generated code for each element, with the corresponding CSS source code and an easy to follow tutorial that can be used for debugging in realtime.
3) Can be viewed and opened in the sandbox, and changes to these elements will be instantly visible.
4) Sandbox and CSS controls.
5) Clean, minimalist, intuitive design.
6) Fast.
7) Help tutorial for beginners.
• Install from compressed archive: To install:
– Put the Zip file on your desktop.
– Drag it into the AIR applications folder.
– Go to the “FxStyleExplorer” AIR application properties window (file menu, then click Properties) > to change the value of the “Copy to Local” property.
• Run:
– Launch FxStyleExplorer.
– Press “Export All CSS”.
Usage Tips:
• Elements are displayed with three styles: pressed, hover, and selected.
• By default, the border and padding are not shown. Only the final formatting is visible.
• For comparison, you can add the borders and padding to see the final effect.
• You can always delete selected properties in your properties panel.
• You can find the properties list at the top of the window.
• You

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FxStyleExplorer lets you explore and visualize how changing style related parameters may affect the appearance of a custom developed application. It can also serve as a learning platform for less experienced developers, as it also returns the CSS code of every element.
FxStyleExplorer allows programmers to actually see how changing a style related parameter may affect the appearance of a custom developed application. It can also serve as a learning platform for less experienced developers, as it also returns the CSS code of every element.
“FxStyleExplorer”, a leading application for Adobe Flex Developers, will solve all style related problems. It allows developers to see and preview the new elements of their applications on their actual application. It allows developers to easily select any style element, and apply a great number of style related effects.
FxStyleExplorer is designed to correspond to the 3-rd version of Adobe Flex. FxStyleExplorer won’t work if your application was written for Flex 2.
In order to install this AIR Application, and all the components, you need Adobe Flash Player version 10.0 or later, AIR SDK version 3.9 or later, and a compatible version of the Adobe Flex SDK.
FxStyleExplorer is an Adobe AIR AIR 3.9 application, and Adobe AIR AIR 3.9 supported operating system Windows, Mac OS X.
When you reach the step “Deployment Target”, if you do not check the “Deploy on the web” button, you can manage the deployment of FxStyleExplorer on your own server.
If you are still in the development phase, it is recommended to create a Local Development Application, which allows you to modify the source code of FxStyleExplorer and continue to use the application and debug it without having to deploy it first.

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What’s New In FxStyleExplorer?

FxStyleExplorer is a free application that enables you to play around with the appearance of your Flex app.
FxStyleExplorer installs in a minute, and you can start exploring it without any prior knowledge.
FxStyleExplorer has a very intuitive and user-friendly design, and can be used at any moment to access the properties of any element. FxStyleExplorer provides a sandbox, which displays in real time the visual changes that you make on the actual CSS of your application.
FxStyleExplorer also allows you to learn and visualize how changing a style related parameter may affect the appearance of the custom developed application. FxStyleExplorer provides the ability to automatically export the CSS code of every element.
FxStyleExplorer features:
• Export all CSS code in the sandbox to the system clipboard
• Export CSS code in live-mode to the system clipboard
• All CSS values are preselected
• No installation required
FxStyleExplorer Licensing:
FxStyleExplorer is free, it’s freeware and open source.
What is new in this release:

FxStyleExplorer now opens a folder for each project. Now each project gets a.fxs style explorer folder in the same location as the project.

You have to set 2 properties now in the project properties to open the project style explorer

New experimental code properties are available. Users can now also modify the active/inactive colors, the file name for the.fxs file, the number of stylesheets for each project, etc.

We made an AIR version of the.fxs reader for the AIR users.

Bug fixes

FxStyleExplorer (beta) now opens the navigation panel if this panel is located above the viewport.Guy Rogers

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System Requirements For FxStyleExplorer:

– PC, Mac or Linux (v6.x or later)
– Internet connection
– Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer
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– This game supports the latest version of Google Chrome.
This browser version is required to play this game.
– Google Chrome on Android is not supported.
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