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According to the CDC, there are all sorts of reasons why casual sex is bad for you — and here are three reasons it’s a terrible idea for everyone.
1. Casual sex causes anxiety
Although it’s hard to say what exactly causes anxiety, it’s generally thought to be the fear that one will experience something — or become someone — they’re not.
This applies to casual sex in particular, which creates the type of anxiety people don’t want to admit to feeling. It’s this type of anxiety that causes people to feel like they need to “be themselves” and “not act like a slut,” says sexologist and Dr. Ruth Westheimer. (source)
The best way to not do this is to just be yourself — which, as Dr. Ruth aptly puts it, is the height of all the advantages of being “just me” (and also a great way to avoid STDs).
2. Casual sex hurts sexual health
In a study of over 6,000 women, casual sex was directly linked with decreased sex drive, sexual pleasure, and lower levels of sexual satisfaction ( While sexual health is certainly affected by engaging in multiple sexual relationships, most other health problems also need to be addressed.
3. Sex may make you get sick
Like casual sex itself, hooking up can lead to sexual activity that doesn’t necessarily have a purpose and could even be dangerous. There is a risk of spreading disease through sex that can have all sorts of devastating consequences.
The CDC describes sexual activity as risky if it isn’t protected with a condom. Condoms, however, are not fail safe. In the last few years, the CDC has reported that the number of people in the U.S. diagnosed with an HIV has risen to 50,000.
This is not to say that casual sex causes people to get HIV/AIDS, but that casual sex raises the risk. There’s also a risk that, if the person wants more than just sex, they may try to use a condom.
These are just three of the many reasons why casual sex is, well, not so casual. And as long as you’re making a conscious decision to get busy with a random stranger (or not), you should be able to stay safe.

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If you’re out to find casual sex, do you need to take precautions? Hell no! All the more reason to jump in. Though we can’t promise that your random hookup will lead to a relationship, we do know that, when done the right way, it can lead to amazing experiences! (Alright, we know you were hoping for “love.”)
The goal here is simple: Get in a fuck or nothing at all. Yes, that means you do need a hookup app. Some are better than others, but essentially, the two goals are the same: 1) Find casual sex (or if you’re bold, local sex partners) and 2) Fuck right now. However, many people aren’t aware of the hoops that they may need to jump through when trying to meet local sex partners.

Some may say that there are many ways to communicate on a dating app or website, but people not utilizing that are overlooking a major reason that you should be on. So why the need for dating apps?
We all have different reasons for creating a dating profile, and some are easier than others. It depends on what your goal is and what your habits are. While some people sign up for a dating app because they’re hopeful for a relationship, for others, it’s just a way to satisfy a sexual urge.
It really depends on your intention. You could have a couple of things in mind. Here’s what the options could be.
If you are looking for a sexual partner, you may have one or two intentions in mind. The first step will be to know where you’ll be meeting your sex partner at first. You may want to organize the meet to get to know one another first.
Communication is key. If you want to get to know each other and don’t want any confusion, consider setting up a chat.
Whatever your reason for looking for sex partners, it’s important that you know what you want before you join a dating app. You can end up in a mess if you don’t know how to use these apps. There are many apps to choose from, but for women, one top app is Tinder.
Then, start using Tinder! It’s very simple to use and to meet your next sex partner. The best part is that it’s free and easy. If you’re looking for local sex partners in your area, this app is a must-try.
You never know what could happen if you use this app. You could find the perfect date with