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Find yourself in a mysterious and scary place with the help of our Free Castle Screensaver. Watch an old castle standing on a desolated hill and the lightning tearing the dark sky. Really a terrifying scene! Do you want to tickle your nerves? What are you waiting for? Put this screensaver on your computer then try to figure out who (or what) is living in this mysterious building…
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How to use OpenGL material for accurate lighting?

I’m having problem with the lighting as the output of my material is very bright. Even when the environment map is not enabled, the object is still glowing.
Is there anyway to correct the issue?
I have tested both the OBJECT and MATERIAL configuration.


Not sure what version of Blender you are using, but I am working with version 2.79b and I have this problem as well.
What I have been doing is this:

Invert the Color, X, Y, Z channels of the object and set the ambient to black or something, to get it dark.
Create a new image and paste the color of the object into it.
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Mix the Ambient with the background color.
Apply the rendered image as the materials output.

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Free 3D Castle Screensaver

Welcome to the most detailed model of a 3D Castle yet. In “Free 3D Castle Screensaver” you will enjoy the beauty of this mysterious building. It is located in the middle of a mysterious valley. There are two towers in this castle. The west tower and the east tower. Up the stairs you can see the doors that are locked. Now you will be able to play around with them and figure out what happens inside this ominous castle. Put your mouse over the lock and listen to the sounds in the background. Try to open the door then click on the nearby lock again to lock it and open. You can also click on the other doors to open them. There is a ladder in the west tower and a building in the East tower. In the basement of this building you will find some mysterious carvings in the wall. In the East tower room there is a spiraling staircase. Use the mouse to climb up the stairs. If you reach the top you will see some 2D pictures. Clicking on the nearest picture will play a sound. Put the same picture on the left and right side of this screen and watch the sprites move around. Click on the left or right button on your mouse to turn this direction. The applet has a variety of settings for music and you can tune it to your favourite song. Here you can also define if you want all the sounds or only the music. Did you figure out what happens inside this mysterious castle? Watch for the end. There you will see 3D cave walls. Now it is time to move to the next level and explore the rest of this mysterious castle.Fishing, hunting, and conservation in the Woods of Pavlice (Павлице)


How long have I been busy? I have been engaged in some serious work on the remaining pages of my “History of Nature and People in the Woods of Pavlice”, so, probably since last autumn. It is a huge project with 50 missing pages and over 20,000 words left to finish, but this is it – the dedication.

I was very surprised to see that by this time I have more than half of it written (one-third with graphics, photographs, and all sorts of pictures, the other two-thirds with just text), so I thought I’d publish the early chapters to the internet. I worked on the early chapters some three years ago and had to stop somewhere, for some reasons

What’s New In?

Stop and see what happens to you when you look behind the 3D walls of the castle, which has become the background of your monitor. See what you will see and who (or what) will be in your way.
This Castle Screensaver has the following features:
■ Automatic update
■ Anti-spam filter
■ Easy to use interface

This really is a great screensaver. So far I haven’t experienced any bugs, but I’d better not try testing it with my display scaling up to 2560×1600 (Amd HD6600 GT). Silly me. I’ll make sure I use a display scaling of 100%.

Content (c) 2007-2010 Carbonite Internet Services, Inc. All rights reserved.
Every effort was made to keep the free versions compatible with the paid versions, but it’s good to see that they’re now independent.Image copyright PDP Image caption The views are a reminder of why people are divided over the border issue

It’s hard for people in Northern Ireland to fully appreciate the views of those in the Republic about the UK leaving the EU because of the border.

The Republic’s most pro-Brexit party Sinn Féin is a member of the UK parliament. And the only UK politicians who can legally comment are Labour’s Owen Smith and the DUP’s Jo Swinson, whose party is part of the UK government.

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And in their calm and measured answers, you can hear the anger and frustration of those who have been fighting to keep the UK together.

“If there is no border, what can we have?” Sinn Féin’s Ms McDonald said.

“The only border is the Irish border, and that’s why we have to have a hard border. We want people to come in and out of Ireland without a visa.”

Mr Donaldson said: “The EU has deliberately taken a strong position on no border. They have said it with their mouth. They have said it with the Geneva Convention.”

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson says Northern Ireland can “no longer be regarded as part of the EU” after Brexit

And it was clear that Sinn

System Requirements:

– Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
– OpenGL 2.0
– 512MB RAM
– Windows 7 / 8 / 10
– 1280×720 resolution
– Radeon HD 30xx / Nvidia Geforce 8xx / Geforce GTX 200x series or AMD Radeon HD 2000-6000 series or Geforce GTX 580 / Geforce GTX 760 series / Geforce GTX 980 / Geforce GTX Titan X series or GeForce RTX 20 series /