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Try this:
Import-Module Registry
Get-ChildItem HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\@{XXXXXX}\* -Filter *.lnk -Exclude *.exe -Recurse | %{Remove-Item $_.PSPath -Force}


Here is the list of steps for people who install the original link directly:

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Download the keygen from the malware url, rename it to MZ.exe, and run it (it will ask for a path to save the keygen for later)
Download the virus from the same malware URL, rename it to HL.exe, and run it (it will ask for a path to save the virus for later)
Go to the malware folder where you saved the keygen, and open it with Notepad

You will need to read each line and replace it with a space
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replace C:\Program Files\Name\ with : (or a space)
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get coordinate of slider bar change

Hi all I’m trying to control image gallery using three.js with slider feature.
my codes are:
jQuery(function() {
var initScale = 100;
var setScale = function(y) {
var e = document.getElementById(‘scale’);
e.value = y;
initScale = y;

var slider = document.getElementById(‘scale’);
var x = slider.value;
alert(“scale = “+x);

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